6 types of disposable tableware for restaurants


With the health emergency we are currently experiencing, many hoteliers are already reinventing their businesses to cope with the crisis.

As we explained in the previous post, many restaurants are changing the way they offer their products and many are implementing disposable tableware in their premises. Others, have chosen to offer only a take away service and get nice disposable tableware to differentiate themselves from their competition.

At this point, doubts begin to arise as to which disposable tableware to choose, which will be the best type, whether to choose cheap disposable tableware, biodegradable disposable tableware, hard plastic tableware or eco-friendly disposable tableware. That’s why, in view of the many doubts that arise, we wanted to give you some guidelines on the types of disposable tableware we can find and which one is most suitable for your business.

6 types of disposable tableware for your restaurant

Once you have decided that disposable tableware is the best option for your restaurant, it is important to know which type will meet your needs. That’s why we bring you some types of kitchenware you can find and some tips to help you decide.

1. Economical disposable tableware

This is the most common type of disposable plastic tableware due to the characteristics it offers. A cheap disposable tableware that combines quality and comfort with a low price. You can find them in all kinds of shapes and in all possible colours.

If your budget is not too high and you need a quality product, this is the type of disposable tableware you are looking for. Besides, you can always start with this type to get started and later increase the expense with another type of disposable tableware.

2. Hard plastic tableware

If you need more consistency and rigidity in your products, hard plastic tableware is the one for you. A product that is very much in demand by catering companies and restaurants due to the advantages they offer.

Also available in many colors and shapes, to achieve a chic atmosphere according to the decoration of the restaurant, or the place where they are used.

3. Ecological disposable tableware

This is the kind of disposable tableware you need if you want comfort, quality and also care for the environment. The ecological disposable tableware is made of biodegradable materials such as: PLA, cardboard, wood, sugar cane, palm leaf, chinet pulp and bamboo.

An excellent option for those eco-friendly, vegetarian or health food restaurants that have as values to take care of people and nature.


4. Designer disposable tableware

This is a very interesting option, as it does not have to be less elegant because it is single-use crockery. In this period, events such as weddings are held in which extra sophistication is required, which this type of disposable tableware can provide.

We combine comfort and hygiene when preparing the product and eating with the design. In this section we find beautiful restaurant tableware, which offers distinction to the event.

5. Reusable plastic tableware

It is a type of unbreakable dishwasher-safe dish. A good option if you have a catering business or restaurant for events, or perform activities with children because as its name suggests, the reusable plastic tableware can be used several times and does not break.

It is more resistant and its design simulates traditional dishes, but unlike this one, it can withstand shocks and is not easily damaged.

6. X-Table disposable tableware

Just like the previous tableware, the X-Table disposable tableware is characterized by its unbreakability and the fact that it can be put in the microwave. It is a type of dish that simulates a table, because it has different separating complements where different types of food can be put. As it is unbreakable, it is very safe for children, and it also attracts their attention because of its colours.

As you can see, at Monouso we have a wide variety of kitchenware that can help your restaurant meet the necessary hygiene conditions for its reopening. And you, have you already chosen yours?



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