Advantages of self-service school lunch trays

Ventajas de las bandejas autoservicio para comedores escolares

Before thinking about the advantages of using self-service children’s lunch trays, you need to understand – first – the type of audience that will use them.

Self-service dining trays are used – in principle – by children, therefore they must be made of materials that are not dangerous.

In addition, they must be resistant to all types of use. For example, a fall shouldn’t be a life-or-death issue for self-service lunch trays for children.

We all eat with our eyes and more when we are children, so they must be eye-catching and allow the dishes, however varied, to be served correctly.

Let’s analyze self-service dining trays from two points of view: the user and the business.

Self-service trays for canteens and their users

Bandejas autoservicio para comedores y sus usuarios

We have already seen some of the basic features that should offer the self-service trays for children, now let’s expand on its main advantages.

  • Portability: The main advantage offered by children’s meal trays is portability. In a single container, they will bring their food to the table.
  • Low weight: Children have not developed the ability to carry heavy weights. For this reason, self-service trays should be as light as possible.
  • Comfortable: The tray must be portable, but also comfortable. In the end, it will be used for eating. The child who uses it must feel at ease when eating and enjoy his food without any inconvenience.
  • Keep the temperature: Generally, children do not eat quickly. They scatter, talk to each other, get up from their seats. Dining trays are ideal for keeping the temperature longer.
  • Safety: Self-service school lunch trays must be made of materials that are safe for use by children of all ages.
  • Ideal portions: The capacity of self-service canteen trays should be ideal for your target audience. Not too big, not too small. According to the portions of a balanced diet.

The restaurant and self-service dining trays

El restaurante y las bandejas autoservicio para comedores

Catering owners get a great solution in self-service trays

For everything to be ideal, they must have a minimum set of advantages that give the service an additional plus for its implementation.

Let’s see what advantages you need as a school canteen caterer.

  • Comfortable to move: Before or after each service, you will handle a significant amount of self-service trays. Ideally, they should be stackable and easily moved to the cleaning and storage areas.
  • Stability: Dining trays are a support to your service, not a limitation. Opt for trays that offer you the possibility of serving very hot or very cold food. The wider the range of accepted temperatures, the better for you.
  • Durable materials: After every service you don’t want to be faced with the need to replace bad trays. The material of the self-service catering trays must be resistant to use and abuse.
  • Dishwasher safe: The best way to clean large amounts of dishes is by automation. Therefore, opt for dishwasher-safe self-service trays.
  • Safe: The safety of your customers and employees is essential. Opt for safe trays for all processes to which they will be subjected: service, transfer, washing and storage.
  • Differentiable: In a school you can find children who have special feeding needs. To help them at mealtimes, use different coloured trays for special diets.

Self-service trays for cheap school canteens

Bandejas autoservicio para comedores escolares baratas

You already know what kind of advantages to look for in the self-service trays that you will use in your catering service, now comes the most difficult step: selecting the one that best suits your conditions, needs and budget.

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