Advantages of using plastic cups with a hard lid and a straw


The plastic cups with hard cover and straw will help you save money thanks to their unique quality and excellent price. Also, they will become the protagonists of your parties and events thanks to their aesthetic contribution and the possibility of personalizing them with the theme you want.

But, there are also other advantages of using plastic cups with a hard lid and a straw, and we will talk about that throughout this post.

6 advantages of using plastic cups with hard cover and straw

In the following list you will see all the benefits you will get when buying plastic cups with a hard lid and a straw. Take a look!

1. Ideal for businesses that offer drinks or desserts to go

They are highly valued in cafes and restaurants because they contribute to good customer service. This is possible, as they allow you to carry your drinks more comfortably and safely during the journey.

In addition, they are made of a resistant and totally transparent material. Therefore, they are perfect for displaying your fruit salads, colorful jellies, ice cream and other desserts.

2. They support hot drinks

They are made of a tough plastic, known as PET plastic. As a rule, they are suitable for cold drinks, but can also withstand hot drinks (please consult the model in question beforehand). In addition, the safety provided by its lids makes it the ideal container for coffee, tea, chocolates, etc

3. They come in a variety of designs

The variety of plastic cups is very wide. Each cup offers a different property that makes it ideal for a specific occasion, offering you real freedom of choice, according to your taste and need.

They come in different heights, diameters, colors and thicknesses. The lids and straws also vary, you will find them in a flat or dome-shaped version with or without a hole, straws of various materials, rigid or flexible.

4. They allow you to enjoy your drink with maximum safety

With the hard plastic cups with lid and straw you don’t have to worry about spilling your drink if you are walking or driving. That’s why they are ideal for trips, picnics, beaches, concerts or sports events.

5. They are light, unbreakable and easy to recycle

This type of plastic cups represent a good option to help the environment, since they are suitable for recycling. In this way, they reduce the excessive production of waste, generating less impact on our planet.

They are also light and very resistant, hence their reputation for being unbreakable.

6. They allow screen printing

You will be able to personalize and promote the image or personal brand of your business, printing its logo or corporate phrases. Thanks to this quality they have become the preferred ones by many companies. Without a doubt, a perfect advertising strategy at a low cost.


Why should I buy plastic cups with hard lids and straws?

Whether for use in your restaurant business or for celebrations, you should always buy hard plastic glasses with a lid and a straw.

Let’s start by mentioning their beautiful designs with a nice appearance. A nice salad or fruit smoothie will look more attractive in a high-dome glass than in a simple traditional glass.

On the other hand, their lids make them more hygienic and healthy, as they protect their contents from flies. A very convenient quality for your children’s parties. And you could also print them with the design of your child’s favourite cartoon, making their birthday even more special and unforgettable.

Because of the many advantages mentioned above, this type of glass with a lid is especially recommended for bars, cafes, hotels and restaurants. So, if this is the sector you work in, you know what kind of glasses to buy.

Finally, they are more environmentally friendly and this is a major reason to buy these products.

Where can you buy plastic cups with hard covers and straws?

If you want to buy plastic cups for your business and you don’t know where, there are different sites on the internet that specialize in this subject.

From our online store Monouso we will be happy to help you find the plastic cups you are looking for and all their accessories at affordable prices. Click and check it out!

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