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The bakery world has undergone several transformations in its management and business model to meet the needs of consumers.

The increase in the consumption of food by people away from home has developed the theme of bakery coffee, which has a greater variety of products than you can find in a bakery.

And in addition to serving traditional sweet and savoury products, you can enjoy menus with drinks and pastries.

Bakery coffee is a concept that is currently in full swing. It is also a business opportunity to which several entrepreneurs have decided to bet on the benefits it offers, the profits it generates and the comfort it provides to customers.

Follow us to learn more about bakery coffee and what steps you should take if you want to open one.

What is the Bakery café?

The bakery café is a business model that includes aspects of the world of bakery, coffee and hospitality.

The premises where the bakery cafés are located are spaces with a modern and quiet atmosphere, where customers feel comfortable to have a good time while tasting the dishes on the menu and offer a service so good that it invites them to return frequently to your premises.

Customers who visit this type of establishment bet on the warm atmosphere of the cafeterias and the quality of enjoying a handmade product, while offering them a service worthy of a five-star restaurant.

Characteristics of bakery coffee

The bakery café is a type of establishment that has great benefits for the people who invest in it.

However, they must comply with a series of characteristics that make the concept perfect and to the liking of the people who visit it. Among the characteristics of the bakery coffee we have:

  • Allow people to taste the product they have purchased within the establishment’s facilities or ask for it to be taken away. You can even find stores that offer delivery service through order platforms.
  • The recipes that are made in these places use quality ingredients and artisan methods that do not contain preservatives.
  • They offer menus with various options of dishes, which allows customers to attend the bakery café at any time of day.
  • They have a first class service, comfortable furniture and a relaxing decoration, which guarantees that customers can enjoy a pleasant moment.

Steps to get started in the world of bakery coffee

Before you start investing in any business, it is important to define what it is about, and bakery coffee is no exception.

That’s why it’s necessary to follow each of the steps below so that the bakery coffee you open is a success and generates the income you expect.

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Define the type of sales in the bakery coffee

Bakery café customers order the dish on the menu they want to eat according to the ordering method you offer in your restaurant and which is convenient for them.

You should evaluate selling through ordering platforms and offer take-out service from the restaurant.

The more methods of ordering dishes you apply to your bakery coffee, the more people will order your dishes and you will generate more profits.

Research your competition

To open a bakery café in the province where you live, it is important to know how many similar businesses exist and to draw up a list of aspects that are deficient.

That way, you will know what elements your restaurant should have in order to be different from the rest and be part of the first places in the competition.

If you have an area where you want to set up your bakery café, it is important that there are no other establishments located on the same street or in the block where your business is located.

Create a business plan

A business plan can be done in a book or on a blackboard, the important thing is that you know what the steps are and what to do in case you have a problem.

Within your business plan you must include the theme of your bakery café, the dishes that will be part of your menu, the prices, the initial budget at the time of opening the bakery café and your target audience, among other aspects.

Taking stock of the capital you need to invest

To set up a bakery café it is important to do the calculations to determine how much money from the budget is going to be used for the rental of the establishment, the purchase of the furniture, the equipment and the decoration.

In addition, you must make an estimate of the consumption of services such as electricity, gas and water.

Similarly, it is important to consider the costs of ingredients, payments for health permits and the salaries of individual staff members.

And as a final recommendation, save a considerable amount of money to keep your business running while it starts generating the desired profits.

Choosing a location for your bakery cafe

After contemplating the competition and its location within the province where you live, it is time to choose an ideal place for your bakery coffee.

You should make sure that it is a busy area with a lot of buildings around it.

Once you have chosen the perfect location for your bakery café, it is advisable to rent the establishment while you start observing the evolution of your business.

The moment you see that your business is succeeding, buy the premises to save the rent money and invest it in improvements.

Research the permits you need to open your bakery café

Every food business needs the respective sanitary permits and special licenses to start working.

You should contact the Town Hall and the Department of Health Services to ask about the requirements you need to issue, the documents you need to complete and to clarify any doubts about the process of visits that will be made to evaluate the conditions of your establishment.

It is necessary to obtain all these permits before starting work. Otherwise, you could be fined and even have your bakery closed down.

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Prepare a list with the equipment you need

The establishment needs various tools to prepare and serve the dishes you offer within the menu.

Some of the equipment needed to open your bakery café are

  • Baking trays.
  • Ovens.
  • Mixers.
  • Dough mixers.
  • Scales.
  • Tools for decorating dishes.
  • Fermentation chambers.
  • Work tables.
  • Sinks.
  • Refrigerators.

You will also need to buy plates, glasses, trays, cutlery sets, shelves, film paper, display cases to showcase the products, counters, tables, chairs, tablecloths and a cash register to check in your purchases.

When you finish the list, you should get to work to contact various suppliers and make a price comparison to choose quality equipment at the best price.

In addition, you can compare their return and exchange policies and see if your suppliers offer discounts when purchasing various products.

Choosing your trusted supplier

To prepare the dishes you will offer on the menu, you will need a large amount of ingredients that must be of quality for the dishes to be perfect.

Some of the products you need to prepare your menus can be bought in any store, however, there are others that, due to the cost, are better bought in bulk from your suppliers.

In addition to having companies that sell the ingredients you need, it is necessary to contact small businesses, to compare prices and choose those that best fit your budget.

Decide on the prices of the products you will sell

After having a reliable supplier and knowing the prices of each ingredient, it is necessary to make a scale of each dish to define its price.

Scaling is a simple method to calculate the costs of products, however, it is important to add the costs of services to obtain a realistic profit.

Hire the staff to take over the positions in your bakery café

In order to keep your bakery café in order, it is important to hire staff to carry out different tasks within the establishment.

Write job advertisements and publish them in newspapers and on the Internet, to have a greater reach of people who might be interested in the position.

Within the ad you must clearly express what you are looking for in the staff, if they must have experience in the area and the values that are handled in the business.

As a final advice, it is recommended that before signing a fixed contract with a person it is important that they go through a training phase to see if they do the job correctly.

Now all you have to do is choose an ideal date for the opening of the bakery café and start advertising your business so that customers are encouraged to taste the products you have to offer.

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