Bakery names, catchy and original

Nombres para panadería, pegadizos y originales

Knowing selections from hundreds of bakery names is as important as establishing what kind of breads we will make in our business.

For this reason, one of the most important steps when opening a new bakery is to select a catchy, original name that speaks for itself.

Today we bring you the best bakery name tips and ideas, with the intention of helping you select how you will make yourself known in your community.

Look for pencil and paper, let’s start studying the topic.

First steps in choosing bakery names

We will start with the basic rules that we advise you to know when selecting names for bakeries.

With them, you will have a clearer picture and you will be able to start outlining the style of name you will use in your business.

Clear and precise bakery name

The first tip is to make the name sound like a bakery, allowing your customers’ taste buds to be activated by hearing their name.

This is not a limitation when selecting from the bakery names you want to select, just add details that make it clear that the name is a bakery name.

Stay away from “straitjacket” names

Straitjackets are designed to reduce a person’s mobility. Do you want a name for bakery that will immobilize you? No!

Then, when selecting possible bakery names, please disregard those that speak to a specific product.

It might suit you at first, but will you never grow up? Will you always make that product? Since the answer is uncertain, then don’t use a name that bindsyou.

For example, Mary’s Cupcakes is a clear and precise name, but for the cupcakes that Mrs. Mary makes, what if she wants to sell another product?

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Avoid Recycling Names

Originality has weight when baptizing our bakery.

Following that advice, it is not advisable to use names that other bakeries have, and even less so if they are close to your location.

What might seem like a good technique to attract customers to a new business can be counterproductive.

With the name of another bakery on your marquee, you take away some of their fame: good or bad, so it’s best to avoid it.

Don’t be boring or obvious

Catchy names for bakeries are a good idea. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid going down the easiest route.

Believing that the name has no determination in the business, one often makes the mistake of putting a person’s name or the owners’ surname in the name of the bakery.

It is certainly a boring path and it shows – without even entering the bakery – that you are not very creative.

A game of words?

Don’t overstep the mark. Remember that you are establishing the name of a bakery.

Wordplay can be a resource, but never select a bakery name that is confusing or difficult to pronounce or remember.

The name of the bakery should be original, but don’t go overboard either. You are a company!

Trend names are not a good idea

How long do you expect to keep your bakery open? I’m sure the older your business is, the better.

So, when choosing a bakery name it is not advisable to use something that is fashionable or trendy at the moment.

Surely, that which everyone knows today will be a memory next year and in three years’ time no one will understand.

The best idea is to give your business a timeless name.

Names in other languages

Unless you are willing to select the language of your community, you should be very careful when selecting names in foreign languages or languages unknown to your community.

Remember that, although you may find it easy to pronounce or understand, your audience should understand your business name without the need for mediation or clarification from you.

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Some formulas for creating catchy names for bakeries

Below you will find four formulas that will help you build the name of your bakery.

Formula 1: Name + Product

Being as general as possible, you can baptize your bakery with this construction: Name + Product.

In this way, they would be: Fingers of bread, Mr. Bread, The central of the bread.

Formula 2: Geography + Business

Another highly recommended formula is to unite, in a catchy name for bakeries, the location where you are and the type of business you represent.

With this formula, you could get names like: Aldea del Pan, Panadería Los Olmos, El pan del Cantábrico.

Formula 3: Flower + Business

This formula is widely used. By using it, you get fresh and very striking names.

The following names were made using this formula: Margarita Bakery, La Rosa del Pan, Mi Cayena Bakery.

Formula 4: Term + Business

This is another good idea and gives an idea of what you will find in your shop windows.

Use a bakery term and combine it with the name you like best.

As an example, here are some bakery names of this type: Baked Flavor, Enchanted Dough, Wheat and Yeast.

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