Bar napkin holders, how to choose yours

Servilleteros para bar

When we talk about napkin holders, we think of the classic utensil that we can see on the table of any bar. For this reason, we often stop there and overlook the possibilities offered by this product when choosing a specific model. From this guide, you will take a different approach to the choice of bar napkin holders.

Before talking about typologies or materials, we have to make a first distinction: a napkin holder is not the same as a napkin dispenser. The former only contains the napkins that the customer is going to grab manually, while in the latter case, the napkin is stretched from the inside to the outside of the dispenser (typical metallic-looking box that we have always seen on the tables of a cafeteria)

Bar napkin holders

Monouso’ s napkin holders are the perfect tool for a bar to get the aesthetic benefit of a need of its customers (cleaning themselves). In addition, this option allows you to play it safe: as they only function as napkin containers, they will not get damaged. Do you want to know more about them?

Wooden Cocktail Napkin Holder

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Like all the cocktail napkin holders you are about to see, this model is designed to hold 20×20 napkins. These are characterised by their ease of use, both for the caterer and the customer. Just drop the napkins in and it’s ready to use, and the side holes make it very easy to hold.

Regarding its design, there is not much to add. Just by looking at the photo, its rustic and warm finish stands out. Are these two adjectives that define your business?

Bamboo Cocktail Napkin Ring

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The first difference with respect to the previous model is that this napkin holder is taller, so if you are interested in a tool that allows you to increase the number of napkins you can leave at the disposal of your customers, this may be your option.

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Elegance and naturalness are the main characteristics of this design, which is tailor-made for businesses that are committed to an ecological model. And if you want to go for elegance, it is also available in black. Can you imagine offering your 100% recyclable napkins in a bamboo napkin holder?

Bamboo napkin holder

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We didn’t change the material but we totally changed the style. As you can see, this elegant option can be adapted to different styles. It can even be adapted to different sizes: The one you see in the picture is 21x21x10cm, but there is also the 13,5×13,5×10.

Yes, this model designed for 40x40cm napkins is also available in natural colour. Whether you need a napkin ring or a napkin holder, you will find the style that best suits the aesthetics of your restaurant.

Methacrylate Cocktail Napkin Holder

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Another option is to give all the attention to the napkins, and for this, the best alternative is to buy a methacrylate napkin holder like this one. Protected enough to keep the napkins safe, and open enough for your customers to have access to their napkins at their leisure.

Wire Cocktail Napkin Ring

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These metal wire cocktail napkin rings are a twist on the clear ones we have presented before. They are just as practical, just as simple and give the same prominence to your 20×20 cm napkins. However, their originality makes these utensils tailor-made for caterings and events that require extra elegance.

Bar napkin dispensers

Let’s move on to the other option, the utensils that allow the napkins to be stored until the customer takes them. You are probably thinking of a very specific model, and now you are going to see it together with another series of options.

Wooden napkin dispenser

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I’m sure you associate this photo with one you’ve just seen. This wooden napkin dispenser proves that you can still convey a modern image in line with your business through dispensers. If you are sure that this is the aesthetic that best suits your business, you just have to decide whether you prefer your customer to stretch out their napkin or grab it by hand.

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Plastic napkin dispenser

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Black, red, blue, white… having a napkin dispenser in the colour that the public identifies with your hospitality business is a very important advantage. In addition, these articles include the Miniservis dispenser model, so you can also choose the size that best suits you.

Steel napkin dispenser

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We have arrived at the bar dispenser that you probably had in mind when you read the title of this article. But as you will have seen in this photo, it has a slight variation. Although at Monouso you have at your disposal the typical stainless steel napkin dispensers that are not coloured, you can also buy these products in red and blue.

Doesn’t this napkin holder remind you of the “thank you for your visit” napkins? The technical name for these is “one-sided satin-finish sulphite paper napkins”, although you’ll probably know them as the name of the napkin ring itself: “miniservis”.

MaxiServis Dispenser

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And if there are miniservis, how can there not be maxiservis? These stainless steel table dispensers extend their range of use: in addition to being used on restaurant tables, they are ideal for the bar of any business. Normally, we associate this way of holding napkins with a small size, but this utensil proves that the practicality of a large napkin can go hand in hand with the practicality of holding it.

Ships within 48 hours

If you have already decided on the customised model for your business, now all that’s missing is the easiest part: knowing how you are going to receive the product. And for this, Monouso is also a guarantee.

The package will arrive at the address of your choice within a maximum of 48 hours. In addition, the cost of this shipping service will be totally free if the purchase exceeds 59 euros.

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