Benefits of using wooden spoons

Almost as old as man himself, this utensil was forged in wood from its origins. Its use in the kitchen has been very versatile and there are many who still proclaim the benefits of using wooden spoons, instead of other types of utensils.

Why mix with wooden spoons?

When preparing a sweet recipe, the wooden spoon is the best protagonist for mixing. The reasons for using it are:

  • It retains the flavor of the ingredients because it does not react negatively to other chemicals.
  • Prevent damage to the Teflon containers.
  • Since it does not transmit heat like metal, you do not run the risk of burning your hands.
  • They are anti-slip even if they are wet.
  • They are hygienic and anti-bacterial.

Why use wooden spoons in the kitchen?

Wooden spoons are still preferred as cooking tools, because of tradition and practicality. The virtues of this tool are:

Wood does not cause scratches

The wood is smooth with the delicate surfaces of the non-stick containers. Stainless steel or cast iron pans are better preserved. They are also pleasant and quiet.

They do not transmit heat

You can take the handle of the spoon without risk even if it has been inside a hot pot for a long time. A great advantage compared to plastic material that gets damaged or metal, which burns you.

Wood is inert

Wood as a material does not leach out harmful chemicals and does not react with acidic foods, so it does not change the taste of the food as metal spoons do.

Easy to handle

They allow a better grip, are lighter, not slippery. Generally, their rounded handle design provides more comfort.

Traditional elegance

A metal, plastic, melanin or ceramic ladle will never surpass the beauty of a wooden spoon. This material offers many possibilities for decorating and adorning your kitchen. As you can see in the following video


Basically, these pallets are available in different sizes or measurements. Some are true works of art, ideal as gifts.


They are more durable and harder to break if you give them proper care. Also, they serve to remove heavy mixes or large amounts of food. They can withstand intense heat.

Free of germs

Contrary to popular belief, research shows that the natural properties of wood prevent germs and bacteria. Whereas, metal and plastic spoons are more susceptible to contamination.

Environmentally friendly material

Wooden spoons as a kitchen utensil generate confidence, as it is a product made from a renewable, biodegradable and non-toxic material.

How to cure wooden spoons

It is convenient to make a treatment to cure wooden spoons, especially when they have not been used for the first time. Similarly, the curing process serves to seal the porous parts of the wood and prevent them from absorbing the odors and flavors of the food. For this you need:

  • Vegetable Butter
  • A pan for the oven

The procedure is simple: Cover the wooden spoon completely with the butter, especially the part that comes into contact with the food. Then, place the utensil in the pan and take it to the oven at 200 ºC for 15 minutes. It is also natural for the wood to release some resin. This process is like a kind of waterproofing.

cucharas de madera

How to preserve wooden spoons

This basic utensil is widely used for whipping, mixing and stirring a variety of preparations. Because wood is porous, it can crack over time. Therefore, to prevent the wooden spoon from harboring microorganisms and moisture, it should be washed or cleaned as follows:

  • Clean the spoon immediately after use.
  • It should be hand washed, avoid dishwashing.
  • Use warm water and non-abrasive liquid soap.
  • Do not leave them to soak, because wood absorbs water and deteriorates.
  • Dry it with a cloth. It is preferable to leave it in the air and not to store it in cabinets.
  • Occasionally you can rub olive oil on them to improve their appearance.

The wooden spoon is an ancient utensil that is still used in today’s kitchen. Moreover, its properties when cooking are above its peers made with other raw materials. On the other hand, the benefits of using wooden spoons make the task of cooking easier and more pleasant.

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