Best mops according to the type of floor

Mejores fregonas seg煤n el tipo de suelo

Several mop models have been manufactured according to the type of floor to be cleaned, since using any mop on the wrong floor could damage it.

Although the characteristics of each one of them are not known by heart, you can find a wide variety of mops made of different materials in hardware stores and supermarkets.

On the other hand, there are people who think that there are only two types of mops, however, we can find other types that have a relevant role in the care of the floor due to their ease of use.

Learn about the types of mops that exist and how to choose the right one to care for the different types of floors in your home.

How to select the best mop?

If you think that buying a mop is simple just because you can choose the first one that is within your reach, there are a series of criteria that you should consider so that this purchase is functional in your home.

The mops are made with various materials, in different sizes and some are added accessories that increase the quality of the product. Here are some tips for you to choose the best one:

  • Material: among the materials available in the market for the elaboration of mops we have rayon, polyester, nylon, cotton, microfiber, latex and foam rubber. Each type of floor is functional and if the wrong mop is purchased it can leave stains on the floor or water will accumulate in the joints allowing mold particles to form.
  • Size of the mop: Depending on the size of your house and the areas to be cleaned, you can choose between a small, medium or large mop.
  • Bucket: the functionality of the mop is highlighted here. If you include a bucket, it is better for your economy, since you will not have to pay more when buying the mop and bucket separately.
  • Squeezer: often comes with the bucket, can be manual or automatic.

Types of mops and where to use them

Although many people think that there are only two types of mops, here we will clarify that not only cotton and microfiber mops are available on the market.

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There are five types of mops available for cleaning floors, with different characteristics and properties that will help us to maintain the hygiene of the spaces in our home or business.

Read on and find out which type of mop is ideal for making your home floor brighter and cleaner like the first time.

Cotton mop

These mops are made from raw cotton or white cotton strands, which give the mop greater resistance, absorption and quality.

Cotton tolerates chemicals, so this type of mop is used to clean rough surfaces or areas that need to be disinfected. They are also used in kitchens or on terraces to absorb any liquids that cannot be wiped off.

The only disadvantage of using this mop is that it leaves traces or water marks if it does not drain well.

Microfiber mop

These are mops made of polyamide and polyester strips. They are resistant and absorb large amounts of water.

They are usually used for routine cleaning in smooth areas such as marble, parquet, porcelain or ceramics because they do not leave water marks on the floor and remove dirt easily.

Sponge mop

These mops have a mop made of sponge and a wringer

They are ideal for cleaning tiles and other surfaces where moisture can accumulate. With these mops you can keep the surfaces in your home shiny and looking new.

As it is a sponge, it absorbs a lot of liquid, so it is necessary to squeeze it at the end of the cleaning to avoid the appearance of mould and bacteria.

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Rotating round mop

Also known as professional mops, they are shaped like a circle. This feature makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach surfaces and to rub out dirt stuck to the floor.

You need a squeezer that adapts the shape of the mop to drain the liquid and continue with the cleaning. Generally, this type of mop is used in companies and industries to clean corners that are difficult to reach, located on furniture or industrial machinery.


This is a flat mop that can be made of microfiber, polyester or cotton.

This type of mop can be replaced by another one when it gets stained or stops working, the spare parts can be bought in any supermarket. To use the mop you only have to wet it a little and pass it over the surfaces to remove any dirt on the floor.

It is a widely used implement in offices, schools and laboratories, as it allows a quick cleaning of the spaces, leaving them impeccable.

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