Biodegradable and recyclable cutlery – a friendly option!

The use of words such as “biodegradable“, “recyclable” or “degradable” has become a popular term in recent years. This is due to the constant quest to increase the collective global awareness of the impact that we humans cause on the environment.

In the next post we will talk about the use of biodegradable and recyclable cutlery as an environmentally friendly alternative. To know all the details, join me until the end.

Biodegradable and recyclable materials What are they?

They are products of natural origin, that after using them we can dispose of them in the organic garbage without fear of contaminating nature. These materials degrade naturally in medium short periods of time and the impact on the environment is almost zero.

Also, we are contributing to create more conscience in the preservation and care of the environment, since these products are friendly with the environment.

Benefits of using them

As we have already mentioned, these materials degrade, and return to nature without impacting it. In addition, they are called recyclable, since they offer you the possibility of using them again and again as new products. The most notorious advantages are:

Reducing pollution of the environment

Each year it is estimated that dozens of plastics end up in the ocean contaminating the marine habitat. It is estimated that 85% of marine debris is composed of plastic. By reducing the use of plastic products and starting to use products made from biodegradable materials, we will be significantly reducing pollution in the environment.

Coming back to the land as fertilizer

A biodegradable material decomposes naturally in a short period of time without polluting the environment or becoming a fertilizer for the soil. In this way there will be little or no impact on the landscape of beaches, mountains and rivers.

Save oil

Oil is the main material for making plastic. Reducing the manufacture and consumption of plastic saves this non-renewable resource. By using biodegradable products we are contributing to banish so much oil consumption.

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Saves money

There are already many Christmas decorations on the market made from biodegradable and recyclable materials. Another way to save money is by using your imagination to create beautiful and original product designs that you can recycle at home.

Also, we save money by recycling items such as newsprint, magazine paper, cardboard, damaged discs, glass or plastic bottles and a lot of other things.

Save water

By recycling, we shorten the consumption of this vital liquid so important for everyone’s life and at the same time we pollute the environment less. Thus, we contribute to the preservation of life on the planet and the natural resources that are so polluted today.

What products are made from biodegradable and recyclable materials?

The list of products made from biodegradable and recyclable materials is longer than you think. You can find them in hypermarkets, physical stores and many online stores specializing in this field. Some products that stand out are:

  • Bioplastic or paper bags
  • Disposable packaging
  • Complete dishes made of bamboo, wood, avocado seeds, corn
  • Bamboo keyboards and mice
  • Natural cleaning products and air fresheners
  • Bamboo toothbrushes.

However, in the following section we want to talk exclusively about cutlery made with biodegradable and recyclable products. These products are innovative and unique, made with beautiful designs that bring an original touch to your table, manufactured with very high quality standards.

By using the biodegradable and recyclable cutlery you can be very calm because they are environmentally friendly products. They perfectly fulfill the same function as traditional cutlery, butwithout causing any damage to nature and providing you with several significant savings.

I highly recommend biodegradable and recycl able cutlery because after use, you discard them and they degrade naturally without contaminating.

Europe combats the environmental problem caused by the use of plastic by encouraging the use of plates and cutlery made of biodegradable and recyclable materials. Biodegradable cutlery is here to stay because we are reducing the consumption of plastic while being friendly to nature and the environment.

What materials are used to manufacture biodegradable and recyclable cutlery?

Here are some of the materials used to make biodegradable and recyclable cutlery:

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Renewable Forests

In some countries in Asia and South America, they cultivate renewable forests. From them they extract materials to make existing products on the market. In the renewable forests, the used trees are replanted, helping nature in the renewal of life.


Wooden cutlery is exclusively natural, contains no toxins or chemical additives and is a sustainable and economical high quality alternative. They come from natural sources such as birch, which are then transformed into elegant and innovative wooden pieces that do not harm the environment.


It is a raw material that is extracted from the corn plant and is certified with the “OK Compost” mark and the European Standard EN 13432. These biodegradable cutlery products are strong and at the same time easy to handle and can withstand temperatures of up to 90°C for short periods of time.

Avocado seed

Some companies have created biopolymers from avocado seed that have beautiful designs and are single-use. These cutlery are disposed of naturally, returning to nature to be used as fertilizer or compost.


Disposable cutlery made from Bamboo fibres are intended to replace plastic cutlery, although there have long been good ladles or large forks made from this material.

Recently, life-size versions of bamboo cutlery have come on the market with unique designs that are ideal for any meal. In addition, they are 100% natural as they do not contain hazardous compounds such as BPA and are fully degradable.

Where can I buy biodegradable and recyclable products?

At Monouso we offer you a wide and varied range of biodegradable and recyclable cut lery that you can use whenever you want, as well as disposable serving utensils that meet the same quality standards as traditional ones.

The serving utensils will complement the biodegradable and recyclable cut lery and plates, giving that unique, innovative and elegant touch that every occasion requires. The best thing is that we provide you with products that contribute to the conservation of our environment.

Finally, we advise you to think carefully about the original designs that we offer you in our stock of biodegradable and recycl able cutlery and choose the ideal ones for you. Take into account all the offers and benefits that we offer you on our website. What are you waiting for?

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