Biodegradable dog poop bags to collect your pet’s feces


You’ve probably heard of biodegradable bags, but did you know that you can now clean up your pet’s waste with them? That’s right, now you can help improve your ecosystem just by taking your dog for a walk – a good idea, isn’t it?

The dog poop collection bags come equipped with their own extractors; therefore, your hands will be well away from the dirt. On the other hand, although they are biodegradable, they will not be reused, so you can dispose of them in any container.

Better yet, this material has biological catalysts, so it will disappear from the earth in less than you might think. Want to know more about this product? At Monouso, we would love to point out its advantages and tell you how best to use it.

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This simple product has great benefits for all users, for example:

  • Practicality. These designs go unnoticed in bags and purses. Most are made on a small tape to remove the bags.
  • Resistance. The biodegradable bags have a high resistance against leakage, so you will avoid accidents after collecting the faeces.
  • Economy. For many, this option is economically unsustainable and excessively expensive; nothing could be further from the truth. The biodegradable bags have similar prices to the plastic ones, so your pocket will not notice the difference.
  • Fines. Nothing is more inconvenient and unpleasant than a bad time and a bill to pay because of your pet. Now you can avoid inconveniences, fines and help the environment just by carrying your biodegradable bag.
  • Availability. Some years ago, these materials were expensive and difficult to acquire. Today, you only have to enter our online store Monouso and choose the one you prefer.


How to use the biodegradable dog poo bags

Many pet owners, especially first-time owners, have trouble getting used to collecting dog poo. This task doesn’t have to be as messy as it seems, as long as you remember the following suggestions:

  • To avoid contact with the stool, wrap your hand completely around the bag to collect the stool in less time.
  • Open the bag completely and keep it within reach. At the same time, keep it well away from your body.
  • If there is no container near you, you can make a hole in the ground and bury the biodegradable bags. Don’t worry, it will have decomposed in less than you think.
  • If you use a conventional bag to dispose of it in a container, don’t forget to tie a knot in it. That way, workers won’t have to deal with dog poop scattered in the rest of the garbage.

Biodegradable dog poop bags are an excellent option for getting rid of your pets’ feces. If you are looking for other options than plastic, or if plastic is not available when you need it, this product can be your life saver.

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