Carnival decorations with recyclable material

Recyclable material decorations

The floats are already being assembled and that means only one thing: Carnival has arrived, one of the most eagerly awaited annual celebrations for young and old, where everyone is carried away by the joy and color that characterizes it.

No matter how old you are, carnival is a party for you. It’s the perfect excuse for everyone, no matter how old, to dress up and have memorable experiences around the festivity.

You are surely organizing a party and you want to make carnival decorations with recyclable material. You are in the ideal place.

Stay with us and discover the collection of videos from YouTube with crafts, easy and fast, that you can do to set the mood of your carnival party.

Garlands: carnival decorations that cannot be missed

Garlands are decorations made with different types of paper and go very well with carnival, fancy dress and children’s themes.

Here we will introduce you to several ways of making garlands. Each one of them can be made with paper from recycled magazines with the theme of your celebration.

For example, if the costume party evokes the cinema, get hold of some magazines with this theme, cut them out and set everything up with garlands that are perfect for the occasion.

As we always say, the idea is to let your imagination run wild and find the best way to make your carnival decorations with recyclable material.

Fan garlands: functional carnival decorations

A very original way to decorate your walls is with fan garlands. A very simple and easy to make decoration that, in a few minutes, will change the atmosphere of the room where you will have the party.

You can make it with colored recyclable material, theme, recycled newspaper or whatever you want. We assure you that the results will be impressive.

YouTube video

Recycle your straws with this garland

If you want to put your straws to a new use, the answer could be in this garland.

By simply attaching thread, colored straws and paper, you can make beautiful garlands that will dress up the walls of your party.

If you are going to make a garland for a children’s party, you can make it with the little ones, so they can tell their friends that they made it.

YouTube video

Star Garlands

Among the advantages of the carnival party is the versatility and possibility of adapting any theme to its joyful spirit. That’s why we bring you a garland of stars. An easy and simple way to make carnival decorations with recyclable material.

These arrangements stand out as an original form of decoration, which can give the special touch you are looking for for your celebration.

YouTube video

Carnival decorations: paper lamp

Ideal for leaving guests speechless, but with a very simple way to achieve the desired result.

With just two sheets of recycled paper, which can be a colorful advertisement sheet from an old magazine, some glue sticks and some scissors you can make an amazing garland.

If you make several of them, you can place them in the most emblematic places of your party, for example, in the Candy bar.

YouTube video

Pirate Party Wreath

If you decided to have a pirate-themed costume party, this is your garland. With a small skull mold, made from recycled cardboard, you will make a great carnival decoration in no time.

If you prefer, you can make molds of various sizes and combine different types of skulls in different areas of your party.

YouTube video

Recycled plastic containers as carnival decorations

At carnival parties, especially if they are for children, it is customary to have a candy table or Candy Bar. This space concentrates the world of sweets in various containers.

With this craft, we help you stop worrying about children and glass containers. It is a decoration for carnival tables that will allow you to provide security to your guests and recycle the soda bottles you have at home.

To make this craft you only need a few plastic bottles, decorative ribbons, a silicone gun and a pair of scissors.

YouTube video

Recycle your CDs and let the party begin!

If you’re planning a disco-themed celebration you should have a ball. Why? Disco balls are synonymous with the 70’s, even the 80’s.

So take your old CDs and get them ready to make a very colourful craft. Give a distinctive element to your party, with these carnival decorations made of recyclable material.

YouTube video

Live a summer night in carnival

This craft is good for a summer night, but in reality they are recycled ornaments that can be used, without major inconvenience, in a carnival party.

YouTube video

The decorations are ready, and now?

Materials for original costumes

The decoration of tables and walls is essential to set the mood of your carnival celebration, but there is something that goes beyond carnival decorations with recyclable material.

What could it be? Carnival tableware!

carnival gif

As we have told you from the beginning, carnival is a party full of bright and very striking colours so you can’t afford to have a carnival party with the typical white, transparent or grey plates and glasses. That’s why at Monouso we have created a special section of Carnival Tableware.

In that space you will find a set of colourful, functional and resistant products so that you can have your carnival party without worrying about glass or losing your crockery.

The first products you should consider are the Carnival dishes, products made of different materials with the ideal durability for you to serve your meals without problems.

You will also find glasses of different capacities, colours and models, made from various materials such as bioplastic PLA, a durable and compostable glass that does not harm the environment.

The main trio is completed with the coloured cutlery from Monouso. Beautiful pieces that will match your carnival party theme.

Breaking with tradition, you’ll find tasting dishes in the shape of hats, where your guests can try out your recipes and appetizers.

Whether it’s to use in your drinks or to make the garland we saw above, we have the largest variety of colored straws, both in plastic and in ecological materials.

With the intention that every aspect is in tune with your celebration, we have a wide variety of colored pitchers so you can serve your drinks in tune with the theme of your party.

And you, do you have everything for the carnival?

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