Catering and hospitality What is what?

Catering and hospitality are disciplines that have many aspects in common. So many that they are divided by a very thin line, which lends itself to confusion.

A confusion that takes its toll sooner or later sooner or later, especially when it comes to projecting new stages within our enterprise.

For this reason, in the following article we will see the concepts of each one, we will study the services they offer to their clients and their differences.

The idea is that you come away with more clarity and know what each sector deals with.

Restoration concept

Restoration concept

I’m sure you’re struck by where the use of this word comes from, and it can be traced back to a historical moment: the French Revolution.

Chefs who were unemployed came together to to create a house of meals to offer dishes to the bourgeoisie with the motto of “come all you empty stomachs the motto “come all you empty stomachs and I will restore you”.

Catering is the business in which all food and beverage all companies engaged in the preparation of food and beverages, which are consumed within their establishment consumed within their establishment.

It is for this reason that premises such as restaurants, restaurants, beach bars, bars, wine bars, wine cellars, caf├ęs and wine shops, belong to this wine bars, belong to this sector.

How far does the catering sector go?

How far restoration goes

As they are gastronomic businesses, with the objective of selling food, they are divided into two categories:

Bars and cafes

These are establishments in which alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, which are drunk by diners while seated at the bar or at tables while seated at the bar or at tables.

In addition to serving drinks, they tend to have a menu of tapas and snacks – sweet or savoury – to accompany them.


These are places where customers customers sit down to order what they want to eat, consume it and then pay for it pay for it.

In these establishments, it is customary to customary to have the option of ordering to go.

Most common types of restaurants

Most common types of catering

There are different types of catering that are used in restaurants depending on the quality of theservice they offer, the service they offer, the number of diners and the dishes they will be served served.

These are the most commonly used:

English service

English service is synonymous with professionalism in the restaurant industry. Waiters and waitresses must have an excellent tongs and soup spoons.

Waiters should approach from the diner’s left of the diner, with the tray containing the food and serveit on the plates with the help of the the plates with the help of the tongs or soup spoon held in their right hand right hand.

It is the ideal service for banquets or events where several people at the table are going to taste the same dish from the menu of the menu. It isalso used when soups or stews are served todiners diners.

American style

It is the most commonly used in modern modern catering, because the cook serves the food and is in charge of making an eye-catching presentation of the dish.

When the dish is ready to be the waiter transports the dish to the diner’s table and delivers it to the right side of the and delivers it to the diner’s right side.

Ideally, in this type of service the waiter carries up to two plates on each arm so as not to spoil the presentation presentation. More than this is never carried to avoid accidents and the risk of a broken plate and a dish getting broken


Although it is a famous service, it is only only used for special occasions.

In this service, the waiter holds the tray with the food and the diners serve the portions they wish to eat they wish to eat.

It is a slow service and in some situations situations you have to help the diner to serve the food -if you wish- to avoid any of it falling on the floor to prevent any of the food from falling on the floor.

As you noticed, it is a complex service that is often used for family celebrations, events and receptions for important personalities of important personalities, such as ambassadors or consuls.

Russian service

This service takes its name from russian waiters who, fleeing from the Russian revolution, emigrated to France and began to serve dishes in this way.

It consists of transferring the food, from the kitchen to the table of the diners, with the help of a side tableand serving and plate the food in front of them.

To present the dishes, a soup spoon is used with the right hand and a fork with the right hand soup spoon in the right hand and a fork in the left hand.

Also, in this service, the following forms of cooking are used forms of cooking such as flambeados, desespinados and trinchadosare also used in this service.

It is one of the most demanding and expensive waiter assistance most demanding and expensive in the catering market. For this reason, it is often used in high-end restaurants.

Spanish style

In this service, the waiters food on trays and place it on the right side of the diners in the centre of the table the diners in the centre of the table.

In this way, the customers can serve themselves serve themselves the quantities they want and pass the trays to the other members of the table of the table.

Catering: Concept and scope

Hospitality: Concept and scope

The hospitality industry refers to all businesses businesses offering services such as accommodation and catering.

This economic activity includes hotels, rural houses, guesthouses, hostels andparadors inns.

As we are living in a technological technological era, all these businesses are starting to join the movement by creatingwebsites and social websites and social networks to connect with potential customers.

What does catering do?

And what does catering do?

Catering is a gastronomic service offered by companies for parties or events, in charge of preparing thefood and beverages that are food and drinks that are transported and served to the place of the celebration.

Other providers of this service, prepare food and drinks according to the number of people attending the event event.

Occasionally, they also offer other services services such as table linen and cutlery.

They also have waiters and cleaning staff for the organisation and development of the event.

The role of gastronomy in the catering and hotel industry

Role of gastronomy in the catering and hospitality industry

The curiosity that people develop gastronomy of some areas, has made restaurant and hotel owners expand their business restaurants and hotels to expand the market for their businesses to offer theculinary culinary experiences that customers are looking for.

In these cases, in addition to offering quality food and service, they add a new element to the formula: hospitality formula: hospitality. In other words, the aim is to produce memories and pleasant moments that will encourage them to return.

You have to be creative and surprise your customers with small but meaningful details.

For example, don’t try to impress diners with the taste of warm coffee alone.

You should decorate the coffee with some design on the coffee and even place a biscuit to go with it.

Where do catering and hospitality come together?

Where catering and hospitality come together

Hotels have opted to add catering as part of the services they offer, to make it easier for guests to eat before their for guests to eat before their activities, such as sightseeing or business meetings or business meetings.

When choosing a hotel, at least 50%of people of people confirm their choice of accommodation because of the catering service offered they offer.

Therefore, it is very important that the dishes on your menu have the best taste and an excellent presentation.

This will help to get good reviews reviews on the booking sites and the hotel will be one of the best rated, increasing the demand demand during holiday periods.

Also, it is important to take into account that guests do not have a lot of time to spend researching restaurants restaurants. So ideally you should offer all three meals of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If the catering service you offer is one of the service you offer is one of the best, you will have additional points for customers to return to to come back to your establishment at another opportunity.

Monouso, an ally of the sector

Monouso, an ally of the sector

Monouso is an online shop specialised in the sale of disposable and reusable productsideal for reusable products ideal for catering, restaurant and hotel businesses.

All products are organised into categories, making it easy to find the utensils you need easy.

You will also notice that we have different sizes, colours and materials for each materials for each type of merchandise.

Among the wide range of products plastic and cardboard plates, paper and non-woven napkins, plastic and bamboo trays, and plastic and aluminium non-woven napkins, plastic and bamboo trays, and plastic and aluminium containers for transporting any to transport any kind of food.

On the other hand, we have an extensive variety of plastic cutlery, disposable and biodegradable cups, glasses, mugs and tablecloths.

To guarantee the hygiene of our customers customers, we offer you soap dispensers, toilet paper dispensers and even disposable towels and even disposable towels to place in the bathrooms.

These are economical and quality options to meet the needs of your customers, with a service that is as time-consuming and and attention to detail, as much and as much as your clients need clients need.

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