Catering is a highly demanded service to facilitate the good food and attention of the guests at an event, through companies specialized in providing this service.

what is catering? How does it work?

It is defined as a professional service specialized in the organization and supply of food, beverages and everything necessary for the attention of the guests at the event. Its operation is based on knowing the client’s requirements, to define the type of service and proceed to its organization.

Different types of catering companies

These companies have specialized personnel in charge of logistics and service provision. In addition, they are adapted to the needs and tastes of their diners, divided into the following types of catering companies:

  • Corporate.
  • Industrial.
  • Home delivery.
  • Door to door.
  • Mobile.
  • Special events.
  • Gourmet.
  • Sustainable.
  • Solidarity.
  • Vegan.

Catering: what consumables do you need?

Catering disappears once the event is over, so its furniture is usually easy to assemble and disassemble, with a wide variety of consumables to choose from. Join us to learn about the different miniatures available to create impressive events.

Reusable plastic miniatures

They are an excellent option for events organized in a short time and with a large number of guests, since they have several items for tasting and presentation of dishes.

Biodegradable miniatures

With these consumables, cooking professionals will be able to present their culinary creations in beautiful and varied items that respect the environment.

Durable miniatures

They are used to preserve, protect and present food in a safe way. In addition, they are reusable, heat resistant and resistant to different types of force.

Reusable metal miniatures

They have a wide range of original and elegant design, which will make the presentation of the dishes stand out from the rest.

Design miniatures

These items have a different but elegant touch to surprise guests with a wonderful presentation of culinary delights.

learn more about our Catering and Hospitality Dictionary!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is known as a catering company?

It is defined as the group of people in charge of organising and providing the catering service. This service is responsible for providing food and beverages, as well as everything necessary for the organisation of a banquet or event.

How do catering companies work?

These companies are in charge of preparing, presenting, offering and serving meals at any type of event. Their service ranges from a simple breakfast to a complete restaurant-type service with waiters, kitchen, cutlery, table linen and personalised decoration. For catering companies, the most important thing is to know their clients in order to offer the best experience adapted to their requirements.

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