18 cooking blogs to improve your cooking skills

18 cooking blogs to improve your cooking skills

Cooking blogs are a great source of informationfor implementing new or innovative recipes.

Cooking blogs explain, in detail, the quantities of ingredients, the steps to follow and some tips that facilitate the process of preparing the recipe. By simply following their advice, you can be on your way to culinary success.

Take advantage of the Internet and improve your cooking skills in less time than you expect.

To help you in the process, from Monouso, we have collected some of the most representative cooking blogs, so you can go straight to the best ones.

Best Cooking Recipe Blogs in alphabetical order

There are countless recipe websites out there, but you have to visit the best recipe blogs.

Here we have sorted the information in alphabetical order. This way, it will be easier for you to search for recipes on the blogs you think are right for what you need

7 Cannibals

“7 Cannibals” is a cooking blog with a diversity of content about the gastronomic world. Here you will find opinion articles, recipes, news and interviews with world-renowned chefs.

It also has sections focused on the culinary trends that are in vogue, a ranking of the best restaurants and the most influential chefs in the culinary world.

Address: https://www.7canibales.com/

A Fuego Lento

A Fuego Lento” is a cooking blog that has been available to the public since 1996, offering a section with the latest news from the culinary world

It is among the best home cooking blogs offering different recipes, classified according to their level of difficulty, ingredients and cost of preparation.

Address: https://www.afuegolento.com/

Cooking with little

“Cooking on a shoestring is the perfectcooking blog for those who don’t have time or a big budget.

That is why the recipes have ingredients that do not represent a great expense and that can be found in any supermarket.

This blog also has articles with recipes for people who cannot include gluten in their diets.

Address: https://www.cocinaconpoco.com/

Cooking for two

Managed by Belén Otero, the recipe blog “Cocinar para 2” is a perfectsite if you are looking for recipes for couples.

In the entry of each recipe you have the step-by-step of the dishes, together with images and videos that complement the explanation.

Address: http://www.cocinarpara2.com/

Eating Japanese

Japanese cuisine is constantly innovating and never goes out of fashion.

So “Comer Japonés”, Roger Ortuño Flamerich’s cooking blog, aims to raise awareness of Japanese gastronomy.

In this blog there are various recipes that are part of Japanese cuisine, the ingredients that are frequently used and cooking techniques.

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Address: https://comerjapones.com/


“Deliciosadas” is a recipe blog dedicated to fusion cuisine. Within its articles there is a strong presence of Italian, French and Spanish cuisine, as well as influences from Latin American gastronomy.

Each of the recipes is complemented with incredible photographs, which highlight each of the elements that make up the dish.

Address: http://deliciosadas.com/

Direct to the palate

“Directo al paladar” is listed as one of the best cooking blogs, as it is a great source of gastronomic content for beginners and professionals.

This blog publishes recipes, cooking techniques, tips on how to use kitchen utensils and other information that helps you to have control in the kitchen.

Address: https://www.directoalpaladar.com/

The dressing

The cooking blog “El aderezo” stands out for being recommended by influential media outlets, such as the magazine Hello.

The content of this blog includes recipes, culinary tips, a ranking of the best chefs, gastronomic events, recommendations of the best restaurants of the moment and innovations in gastronomy.

If you want to be a connoisseur of the gastronomic world, this is a source of fresh and high quality information.

Address: https://www.eladerezo.com/

The foodie

Managed by Mikel López Iturriaga, “El comidista” is the cookery blog belonging to the newspaper El País.

Within their repository of information you will find a vast diversity of articles with recipes, weekly menus, tips for buying and preserving ingredients and information.

They also have a section dedicated to the correct use of new or traditional kitchen tools.

Address: https://elcomidista.elpais.com/

Biscuit Monster

“The Cookie Monster is a cooking school, with a blog where they share each of the recipes they put into practice.

In the recipe book there are options for preparing breads, rolls, desserts, cakes or savoury alternatives, with or without gluten

Due to their educational profile, the recipes published in this blog have a high didactic component, with explanations that are very easy to understand.

Address: https://www.elmonstruodelasgalletas.com


Another of the pages in the ranking of the best cookery blogs is “Gastronomiaycia”, as well as being among the most visited. This is due to the fact that it is a blog that has an innumerable amount of articles referring to the gastronomic world.

The blog entries refer to recipes, cooking techniques, the ideal furniture for kitchens, types of utensils, events in the gastronomic world, recommendations and tips for cooking.

Address: https://gastronomiaycia.republica.com/

Hiulit’s Cuisine

We can’t leave out “Hiulit’s Cuisine”, one of the best home cooking blogs for vegans, being awarded with the first places in contests.

Within the content of this blog you will find recipes that exclude meat, dairy and eggs, and include substitutes for these products

That is why they are ideal recipes for those who are new to the world of veganism or who wish to delve deeper into this lifestyle.

More than just recipes, “Hiulit’s Cuisine” is a platform where vegan food courses and related news are promoted.

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Address: http://www.hiulitscuisine.com/es/

Javi Recipes

On the other hand, you can find “Javi Recetas”, a cooking blog that has been running since 2008.

It is an ideal site for those looking to learn new recipes, with detailed step-by-step instructions. In the case of “Javi Recetas”, it does so through photographs of the preparation of each of the dishes.

Another advantage of visiting this blog is that it offers the best tips and tricks so that the preparation of the dish is easier or each recipe turns out better than you expect.

Address: https://www.javirecetas.com/

Lechuza’s Kitchen

“La Cocina de la Lechuza” is a home cooking blog, managed by Pilar Martínez. It is a blog for all audiences, especially those who always take the traditional way of cooking.

In her entries you will find recipes that are part of the Galician cuisine, but without leaving aside dishes from the gastronomy of the world.

Address: http://www.lacocinadelechuza.com/

Healthy cooking

Created by Paola Procell, “La cocina sana” is a blog that was created with the aim of helping people to have a healthy diet.

This page has a menu where you can find recipes, cooking tips and advice on how to apply these healthy recipes in your daily life.

They are simple, healthy recipes , explained step by step and with tips to make them easier to prepare. You can’t ask for more

Address: https://www.lacocinasana.com/


This blog, created by Lola Bernabe, combines tourism with gastronomy in the best way.

The menu of “Loleta” includes sweet and savoury recipes, prepared with different cooking techniques such as baked, fried or steamed.

Most of the recipes she publishes are inspired by what she eats on her travels around the world, giving details of the ingredients and the steps to follow.

Address: https://www.loleta.es/

Spoon speed

There is also a recipe blog for those who have a Thermomix food processor, created by Rosa Ardá.

This is “Velocidad Cuchara”, a page that offers traditional, gluten-free, vegetarian, low-calorie, egg-free, vegan and lactose-free recipes for those who have this famous food processor.

It also has recipes for those who do not have this tool, but cooked with traditional cooking utensils.

These recipes include meat, poultry, pasta, pastries, pastries, salads, fish, drinks, soups, breads, desserts, preserves, cocktails, seafood, rice and creams.

Address: https://www.velocidadcuchara.com/

Webos Fritos

“Webos Fritos” is a cooking blog created by Susana Pérez and Jesús Cerezo, available to the public since 1 December 2007.

This couple joined Susana’s passion for cooking and Jesús’ passion for photography to create this home cooking blog project.

Ranked as one of the best cooking blogs, it aims to inspire people to prepare simple recipes like a chef.

Also, the photographs of the dishes show you how to make five-star plating at home.

Address: https://webosfritos.es/

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