Corporate image of a restaurant, examples of success

Corporate image of a restaurant, examples of success

Let’s be clear: Many people structure the corporate image of a restaurant, but only the best manage to be examples of success.

There are several elements that make up the corporate image of restaurants, so you have to pay attention to each one of them.

Read on and learn what the corporate image of restaurants is based on, how you can strengthen it, what are the steps to create the corporate image and the fundamental elements.

Corporate image for restaurants What is it?

Corporate image for restaurants What is it?

The corporate image of restaurants is of utmost importance, as it is the first impression that customers have of the business.

Likewise, the way in which you develop the elements of a restaurant’s corporate image will influence customers in deciding whether or not to visit your business.

The corporate image of restaurants includes strategic elements such as the logo, the menu, uniforms, decoration, corporate stationery, staff handbook and the personalisation of take away packaging.

In order to have the best corporate image for a restaurant, you must first develop the branding that you want to transmit to customers

In this way, you will take advantage of the strong points of your business and you will have a striking image in front of your competition.

How to strengthen the corporate image of a restaurant

How to strengthen the corporate image of a restaurant

The key word to strengthen the corporate image of restaurants is to define. Together with the people who advise you on branding your business, you should establish the elements that define or represent your restaurant.

Within these aspects you should include the history, the objectives of the restaurant, the service offered to customers, what makes it unique and different from the competition.

Knowing these factors you should decide which details will be part of the logo, the colours that go with the personality of your brand and the overall corporate image of your restaurant.

The decisions taken on each aspect of the branding should be reflected in the corporate image manual for restaurants, so that all products are identified with the same style and the visual communication is consistent at all times

Create your image in four simple steps

Create your image in four easy steps

The corporate image of restaurants must be based on four aspects: values, style, ideal client and language.

By taking each of these steps into account, the image of your restaurant will be so strong and appealing that customers will not consider visiting the competition.


The first detail is the values that define the restaurant, those for which you opened the restaurant and specify the service you offer.

Every gastronomic business has its values and, in general, the customer chooses the option with which he/she feels identified.

An example of the values in the corporate image of a restaurant are those dedicated to fusion cuisine. These businesses have innovation, originality and avant-garde as their flagship.

On the other hand, traditional or home cooking restaurants are usually identified with a family atmosphere, healthy food and pleasant moments.

Ideal customer

Not everyone prefers to eat in just any restaurant. That is why you have to win them over with aspects that appeal to them.

Define your ideal customer with market research on the type of people who visit your business. It is important to try to identify what they like, what their motivations and fears are

This way, you will know who you are targeting and it is easier to establish the corporate image you are going to transmit.


The style of your restaurant is also a relevant aspect of the corporate image, because it complements the customer’s decision to visit the business.

Whatever style of decoration is developed in the establishment, it is necessary that every detail is in keeping with the theme. If any part of the decoration is not in line with the style, it will immediately cause confusion to the customer.


Finally, the type of language you use is fundamental to transmit and make the customer understand what your business is like

You can decide between direct, abstract, subtle, minimalist, clear, natural, impactful, simple or energetic language.

Choose it according to the personality or the voice that transmits the corporate image of your restaurant, taking into account the point of view of what it represents for the staff.

Restaurant corporate image elements

Elements of corporate image restaurant

The elements of the corporate image of restaurants have to be associated with the concept of the business and the branding of your business.

That way, customers will associate each one of them to your restaurant, as soon as they see it in an advertisement or a memory comes to mind.

The main element that distinguishes a restaurant’s corporate image from the rest is the logo

Create a logo that is easy to remember and that is associated with the name of the restaurant or the type of food you serve.

If you wish, you can have the main logo and certain variants to use on advertising pieces or corporate stationery.


Regarding typography, you have to define several fonts: one main font, and one or two secondary fonts. It is recommended that the fonts you choose have different bodies and sizes to organise the information hierarchically.

The main font is used for the name of the restaurant and the names of the dishes, while the secondary fonts are used for advertising, slogans and descriptions of the products on the menu.

Remember to choose a typography that is visible and understandable to all readers, both physical and digital.


The corporate image of the restaurant should have a colour palette, in which the main colour and the secondary tonesare defined.

The best thing to do when choosing the colours that identify the restaurant is to research the colours you want and how they influence neuromarketing.

That way, the colours you use in the corporate image in general will transmit the sensations or emotions you want in the diners.


It is more than said that images are worth a thousand words, so do not hesitate to include them in your restaurant corporate image.

Each of the images used by the restaurant should be captured professionally, to ensure that every single detail can be appreciated.

Naturalness and spontaneity within the corporate image of a restaurant are part of the examples of what attracts the customer immediately, as long as they have the highest quality and visibility possible.

That is why what most captures the attention are the photos of the dishes on the menu, the customers in full service, the staff in action, each of the areas of the establishment and the images of the events held on the premises.

Examples of a restaurant’s corporate image

Examples of a restaurant's corporate image

Depending on the type of restaurant, the corporate image of a restaurant must be related to the dishes it offers and the decoration it develops.

Corporate image of barbecue restaurants

For the corporate image of barbecue restaurants, the logo should allude to barbecues and utensils.

Likewise, meat cuts can be included that refer to the dishes offered in the menu.

In terms of colours, black or shades of red and orange are usually used. Brown tones are also added, which are associated with wood.

Example of corporate image of a seafood restaurant

As for the image of a seafood restaurant, blue tones are present in the establishment.

Striped patterns, decorations with marine species designs or a seafood concept are an excellent alternative

As for the logo, you can include figures of seafood. Anchors and rudders are also very representative in the corporate image of this type of business

Corporate image of restaurants with kitchen utensils

For buffet restaurants or restaurants that are not dedicated to a specific type of cuisine, kitchen utensils are a good reference for the logo.

The colours have to be in accordance with the decoration you plan for the restaurant, but bright and cheerful tones will always be an excellent option.

Example of a corporate image for a hamburger restaurant

Hamburgers are one of the best-selling products in restaurants, so the corporate image of a hamburger restaurant has to be as striking and innovative as the taste of its star dish.

The logo should have or evoke a hamburger, which can be accompanied by a soda or fries. As for its colours, combinations with red and yellow are the preferred ones for fast food businesses like this one.

Elements of organic restaurant corporate image

The corporate image of organic restaurants has to transmit their commitment to the environment through each element that composes it.

The colours to choose for the image of this type of business are different shades of green and brown, which emulate nature. As for its logo, plants never go out of fashion.

Complement the image with ecological tableware, which will reinforce the concept that you transmit through the logo and the general identity of the business.

Corporate image for family restaurants

The corporate image of family restaurants has to please both adults and children who visit you.

For this type of business, logos with cartoon designs are an excellent alternative. They are easy to remember and children will love them.
Use bright colours such as red, blue or orange to give a cheerful look to the logo. As for the typography, use a subtle but fun font.

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