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There is no doubt that restaurateurs have to catch up with technology in order to keep their business afloat. One of the best inventions of recent years are CRMs for restaurants and other businesses in the restaurant industry.

We are talking about a technological proposal that can help you boost your monthly/annual sales margin easily. In this section we will tell you more.

What is a CRM?

Its acronym stands for Customer Relationship Management. So, a CRM is a type of application that will allow you to keep a record of the interactions between your company and your customers.

This means that with a CRM you will be able to better understand your customers’ consumption needs. This makes it easier for you to design loyalty campaigns and attract new potential customers.

Characteristics of a CRM

We are talking about a technology designed to make your life easier in your business. And for you to understand why we say this, let’s analyze its best features:

  • Adaptability: Your employees can learn to use it quickly so that it responds to the specific needs and strategies of your business.
  • Integration: Import all the information from your existing database, without requiring a lot of time or effort.
  • Capacity. It has ample capacity to record important documentation, customer data and support services.
  • Artificial Intelligence Incorporation: Designed with the latest technology to help you automate tasks in your business and offer intuitive solutions.
  • Positive impact on customer satisfaction: Satisfying customers to help you get more conversions and more sales.

CRM for restaurants

CRMs for the restaurant industry have become increasingly popular in recent years. This is because they allow you to know exactly what are the gastronomic tastes of your potential customers, how many times they visit your restaurant, how much they are willing to spend, etc.

Remember that information is a very powerful weapon that any business in the restaurant sector can take advantage of strategically. Knowing the behavior and consumption needs of your diners, you will be able to establish specific strategies so that your business runs well and has the expected income.

CRM utility for restaurants

Find out below what utility CRM will have in your restaurant:

  • Contact management: Intelligently organize the data of your potential customers, from prospecting to conversion.
  • Interaction tracking: All areas involved in the sales process will have permanent access to interactions with loyal customers.
  • Customer or lead qualification: You will know details of each customer’s profile so that you can establish more assertive marketing actions and make your sales methods more fluid.
  • Omnichannel: Integrate all customer communication channels such as e-mail, online store chat and customer service in the physical store.
  • Document management: Centralizes access to relevant documents that provide customer and company information.
  • Sales funnel management: Helps to efficiently manage all stages of the sales process to prevent potential customers from abandoning the process.
  • Workflow automation: Automates certain repetitive sales process tasks to streamline everything.
  • Social media management: Some CRMs show you the behavior of your audience on social networks to better understand their consumption needs.

Discover many more interesting concepts in our Hospitality and Catering Dictionary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CRM?

It is an application or software designed to store, analyse and manage data on a business’ potential customers. This makes it easier to understand the behaviour of customers and their consumer profile in order to establish truly effective sales strategies.

How useful is a CRM?

The usefulness will depend on the specific needs of each entrepreneur. However, the main use of a CRM is to help the company know its customers better in order to improve their experience within the business. This is how these companies can increase their productivity and profitability.

What are the best CRMs for restaurants?

The best CRM for restaurants are Hubspot (totally free and in Spanish), MultiWasap (integrates an interface for delivery, WhatsApp and a chatbot) and Zoho CRM (manages to facilitate omnichannel interaction with customers in a very professional way).

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