11 ideas to decorate the tables of your restaurant

Nowadays, decorating the tables of your restaurant not only allows you to give personality to your business but also to provide your clients and visitors with a pleasant and pleasant space with a neat design.

Having a harmonious space and an impeccable decoration will make your clients live special moments, framed in the experience and the details present at the moment of their visit.

Reinvent the concept of decorating the tables of your restaurant by highlighting simple, innovative and attractive designs that provide that special touch that your customers expect.

In order to create an ideal space to achieve a charming decoration, we leave you some recommendations:

First: keep the harmony

It is very important to maintain the aesthetics and decoration of your business, as well as to take care of the harmony in the use of tablecloths, napkins and centerpieces.

Remember that every detail in the decoration of your restaurant table is a complement that will achieve the perfect combination of style and distinction.

To highlight the personality and character of your business, it is ideal to choose materials that convey elegance such as wood, glass or marble

If you want your restaurant to be more informal, you can choose a decoration that harmonizes with materials such as plastic or stainless steel.

Second: lighting as a decorative element

Lighting is another interesting aspect that should be incorporated into your restaurant鈥檚 d茅cor.

Complementing the atmosphere with appropriate lighting will highlight the romantic character of the place by using warm light tones that include few lamps in the ceiling, as well as other warm lighting on the tables.

Another safe option when decorating your restaurant table are candles, available in all sizes and colours, which will add subtlety to the decoration.

If you want to stand out with an innovative detail you can include a lantern as a centerpiece to achieve a different lighting.

Three: table cloths in your decoration

The table napkins are used to place the cutlery without spoiling the decoration of your restaurant鈥檚 table.

Breaking the uniformity of the decoration giving it a special and different touch achieving the perfect aesthetics.

It is important to emphasize that each of the pieces used for the design of your restaurant鈥檚 tables must be adapted to the design of your establishment.

Four: placemats to decorate your restaurant tables

An option that will allow you to give a little more prominence to the decoration of your restaurant table is the use of placemats.

They are less extensive in terms of size than table cloths, guaranteeing the care of the tables by avoiding stains, bottle marks and glasses.

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The placemats are ideal for all types of restaurants, they have the perfect size to place the plates, cutlery, napkins and glasses leaving the table visible.

Five: complete tablecloths

If the model of your restaurant tables is not attractive or they are worn out, complete tablecloths offer an excellent alternative for decoration.

You can choose the material that best suits the design of your restaurant achieving an impeccable decoration.

The use of complete tablecloths will also allow you to regularly change the decoration of your restaurant鈥檚 table and thus surprise your guests at the moment of enjoying their favourite dish.

Six: flowers and plants

Flowers are a natural element that adds a touch of colour to your restaurant table decoration without the need to paint a space or cover a wall.

The ideal is to use natural flowers as centerpieces, becoming a natural air freshener.

However, the use of natural flowers represents a continuous investment, so another viable option is the use of artificial flowers that will highlight the table of your restaurant for longer.

Seven: the cutlery also decorates

Offering excellent service is not only about serving a delicious menu and providing impeccable service, the cutlery also represents an important detail to achieve customer satisfaction.

Using quality cutlery appropriate to each type of food will ensure that your customers enjoy memorable service and neatly styled cutlery.

Eight: Kangaroo napkins, an innovative element

An innovative option to present the cutlery on your restaurant table is the kangaroo napkin, which becomes an elegant and distinctive form of decoration.

This complement is ideal for covering the cutlery without losing any of the other decorative elements present on the table.

With the use of Kangaroo napkins it is possible to minimize the time to leave the tables ready to receive your customers, in addition to providing protection and cleanliness in each of the pieces of cutlery, maintaining the order and protocol of the service.

Nine: each element must provide

As far as decoration is concerned, every detail is relevant. Choosing products that respond to the characteristics of the business counts if the satisfaction of a good service and the preference of your customers depend on it.

Using quality materials represents an added value for the service. Offering products such as napkins, tablecloths, centerpieces and lighting will establish the type of business you run and its benefits in the restaurant industry.

Ten: offer details no one expects

Having an ace up your sleeve represents a special detail for the decoration of your restaurant鈥檚 table.

Napkins can be that innovative element you鈥檙e needing.

Elements such as non-woven fabrics have great similarity to the fabric, impress to the touch and stand out for their quality. They leave no one indifferent and are much cheaper than cloth napkins.

You can also use materials similar to fabric, characterized by their weight and softness as the novel.

Airlaid made with an affordable, modern and versatile material is used in all types of restaurants.

Another economical and functional option available is newtex which protects the table from unexpected conditions.

Eleven: candles for decoration

Using candles to decorate the tables of your restaurant provides a delicate and romantic touch.

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Providing a sophisticated atmosphere full of magic and color that illuminates with its subdued flame the sharing of a special occasion.

The candles can be used at any time of the year and as required you can add elements that enhance the decoration such as stones, ribbons and glass bases.

What governs the decoration in a restaurant?

There is a great variety of elements that, correctly combined, bring personality and character to our spaces, offering clients and visitors an ideal place to enjoy memorable moments.

Therefore, it is necessary to bear in mind a series of characteristics that will allow you to define the style of the restaurant and the value proposal that will impact your customers. Among them we have:


It is based on the harmony and visual aesthetics of the restaurant, keeping a decoration in tune with the concept of the place.

In this sense, the coherence of your business concept will allow you to choose the elements that best suit the design of the decoration, captivating those present by showing harmonious and delicate spaces.

Do not affect the service

One of the main purposes of our service is that it is uninterrupted and adequate, favouring the experience of the clients.

Another point of interest is that the decorative elements present on your restaurant table do not cause any inconvenience at the moment of serving and that the diners can enjoy their dish without limitations of space at the table.

Table sizes

In this section it is essential to consider the space available, taking as a reference the size of the table, to include from there the elements that will form part of the decoration: such as tablecloths, cutlery, napkins, glasses, centrepieces or candles.

Crockery, glasses and cutlery

The design of the tableware, glasses and cutlery will depend on the style and aesthetics of the restaurant. The idea is that the decorative elements converge in harmony, highlighting their presence on any occasion.

Table linen

The use of this element is aesthetic and basic for the decoration of the table of your restaurant contributing a fresh and current image that could be personalized for special occasions.

Its versatility has allowed it to be present in all types of restaurants guaranteeing the satisfaction of good service by the diners.

Products to decorate tables and your entire restaurant

The tables in your restaurant, as well as all the spaces, need the best products to highlight their qualities and build a positive atmosphere that everyone wants to enjoy.

To achieve this, you will need top quality products with the functionality you need.

We invite you to visit our Monouso online store, where you will find products that will help you to highlight the personality of your restaurant.

Here you will find tableware, glasses, cutlery, cups, tablecloths, table runners, napkins, among other products.

Each product is available in an important variety of manufacturing materials, sizes, styles and colors.

We assure you that you will find a style for you and there will be a thread that connects all the products you select.

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