Details that make a difference: disposable cutlery

When we have an important celebration we like to take care of all the details. In a business, or in a party, everything counts, and everything is customizable. At a table, in addition to the centrepieces, plates and tablecloths, the cutlery is a fundamental part of the experience. Do we want to stand out? Let’s take the time to choose our cutlery: just because it’s disposable doesn’t mean it has to detract from the elegance of our event. These are the types of disposable cutlery that will make our image different from other events.

Disposable plastic cutlery

If what you are looking for is elegant and different design, quality, but above all disposable, in MonoUso we have a wide range of plastic cutlery catalogue of many kinds. This material is resistant, and its only use is vital to improve assembly times, collection and hygiene, becoming an indispensable product for the catering industry.

Types of plastic cutlery

What plastic cutlery is made of

Plastic cutlery is made of polystyrene. This material is a synthetic resin obtained, like most thermoplastic polymers, from the polymerization of styrene monomer.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Stronger appearance
  • Rigidity
  • Lightness
  • Water resistant
  • Temperature Insulators
  • Transparent or opaque
  • In different colours and shapes

Biodegradable cutlery

The concern for the waste we generate and its awareness in the collective grows as we notice the changes produced by climate change. One way of fighting it and also economical to do so, but without losing the advantages of disposable products, are the biodegradable products.

Monouso’s biodegradable disposable cutlery products are very fashionable and also have an exotic design that brings elegance to the table. These are the different types of biodegradable cutlery:


Wooden cutlery

In case you want utensils for restaurants, caterings, hotels or even Take Away, in Monouso we have biodegradable wooden cutlery. Since it is a disposable item, it is very practical and hygienic, saving time and money in the cleaning and maintenance of an event

PLA ecological cutlery

If you are very used to plastic cutlery, the disposable utensils that are most similar are PLA biodegradable cutlery. What is PLA? PLA is a biodegradable polymer derived from corn starch that has a higher temperature resistance than regular plastic. Also, if you are concerned that it may cause allergies, these utensils comply with European regulations, making them safe for all consumers.

Monouso’s biodegradable PLA cutlery is of high quality and comes in a variety of colours and formats. Both individually and in sets, these cutlery products are an economical and environmentally responsible option

Bamboo cutlery

Whether you’re looking for easy to carry utensils, or want to offer a different alternative to your customers that cares for the environment, bamboo cutlery is ideal for field trips, picnics, parties, events or eating out.

Care of the bamboo cutlery

  • Hand wash with hot water and soap. Using the dishwasher will shorten its life span.
  • Do not leave to soak.
  • Do not use in the oven or microwave.

Biodegradable serving utensils

When we talk about an important event, we must take care of all kinds of details. If the cutlery is biodegradable, we are projecting a bio image, but if later the waiters do not comply with the appearance we will be throwing opinions against our guests. That is why we must also bet on biodegradable cutlery to serve.

The organic cutlery to serve is the ideal accessory to complete the service of the most demanding tables, for the waiters or for the self-service in which the guests can dispose very comfortably of any type of food, without leaving aside the care of the environment.

Disposable snack covers

Plastic skewers and forks

In the street vendors we use different types of cutlery than we do for eating. The ice cream, the fry trays like the chips at the fair… They have different plastic cutlery that is single-use.

The mini skewers and disposable plastic forks offer great strength and quality. The ice cream spoons are the ideal solution for the presentation of desserts, lids, fried food and snacks, and they are also hygienic and practical.

Biodegradable skewers and forks

When we go to brunch, or when we go to social events, it is very common to see trays with snacks. Fruit, pasta, sweet or salty, these creations are held with chopsticks, skewers or sophisticated and elegant forks. In addition, they are very useful for street food and fast food outlets. Monouso’s biodegradable snack cutlery gives you that elegance without leaving aside your concern for the environment, offering you an endless number of shapes, materials and finishes so that you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Taking care of details: Have you chosen the perfect cutlery yet?

Now that you know the types of disposable cutlery, it’s time to choose the one that best suits your business. Review the properties and compare their designs. Pay attention to this element of the table that sometimes goes unnoticed but is very important for the consumer’s experience, or that of your guests.


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