Differences between latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves

Latex gloves 🧤 nitrile and vinyl are an important contribution to health and hygiene that industries have made over time, never before have so many disposable gloves been used, increasingly natural.

Do you want to know what the advantages of buying latex, nitrile or vinyl gloves? read on and buy safe and hygienic gloves for your daily tasks, if you are a health professional you will want to buy them, if you are a food company there is no more hygienic way than these gloves.

The latex gloves are very safe in the medical industry, for the use of health in general, operating rooms and in general, the hands of professionals are increasingly protected and their health too, as people are cared for more and more safely

Latex and nitrile gloves are becoming more and more ecological

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Latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves are currently manufactured with natural rubber material that comes from a renewable natural resource and for this reason they are usable and disposable whenever you want without harming the environment.

Thousands of professionals use many pairs of latex gloves daily 🧤, providing their patients, clients or users with the greatest safety for their health and the health of the place where the gloves are being used.

Recently, a glove manufacturer designed a biodegradable nitrile disposable glove that decomposes only when deposited in a landfill.

Since nitrile has always been considered non-biodegradable by nature, this is a major breakthrough in the production of environmentally friendly gloves, the rubber material has been incorporated into the gloves making them healthier.

Which disposable gloves to choose?

When deciding between latex, nitrile or vinyl gloves… it can be a little difficult to try to establish which type of glove is best. That’s why we at Monouso offer you the best options

☑️ It creates the feeling of a second skin.
☑️ High level of tactile sensitivity
☑️ Use for a long period of time.
☑️ Offers safety in high-risk situations with infectious material.
☑️ Has talc, so it’s easier to put on.
☑️ Are very elastic and resistant.
☑️ They are made of biodegradable material.

♻️ Advantages of latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves

The nitrile glove is made of synthetic rubber, is an ideal alternative in case of allergy to latex and is the most recommended in the food industry. Nitrile is characterized by its high resistance to perforation.

Nitrile gloves will also biodegrade in biologically active landfills, thus providing an effective solution for single-use hand protection, as well as the ability to increase a company’s ecological credentials and reduce recycling costs.

☑️ Materials are totally latex free.
☑️ They are not perforated.
☑️ Have tactile sensitivity.
☑️ Efficient for prolonged use.
☑️ Works very well in high-risk situations with infectious material.
☑️ Resists many chemicals.

Vinyl gloves are preferred for the food industry and in short-term situations and/or when handling non-hazardous material. Although this glove is less durable, it is the most economical option.

Characteristics of vinyl gloves

☑️ latex free.
☑️ Free fit.
☑️ good for short-term use and low-risk tasks.
☑️ It’s the cheapest option.
☑️ No static energy, less sticking.
☑️ Is best for handling
alimentos☑️ Has talcum powder for easier

Health and Food Benefits of Gloves

Today’s gloves are made of rubber and increasingly ecological being the difference between food hygiene and health participants, thousands of medical and dental specialists use these gloves more and more, they know the value of the planet and health.

Besides offering the desired security against infections, bacteria and microorganisms in general, they do not represent a danger to the environment either. If you buy gloves that are good for your safety and hygiene, choose a box of latex, nitrile, vinyl or plastic gloves in single use.

You can also find our disposable polyethylene plastic gloves through the link.

In this way we have provided you with the advantages in the use of the gloves that you will be able to acquire in our store and to use with greater tranquility and security.

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