Enjoying a picnic with environmentally friendly tableware

Picnic con vajilla no contaminante

Enjoying a good picnic, party or barbecue or barbecue in an open space surrounded by non-polluting cutlery, glasses and straws with your contaminants next to your family or friends, if possible. Regardless of the size of the plastic object, it is well known the great impact that this type of product generates on the products on the environment, especially if the object or utensil cannot be recycled cannot be recycled.

From 2021, ten plastic products will disappear from the continent, including plastic cups, cutlery, straws and plates, by agreement of the governments of the European Union. Due to the high dependence of human beings on plastic, we are in an extreme situation, and currently 85% of plastic represents marine litter.

There is no denying that today single-use plastic has a low cost. For this reason, it is is very much a part of everyday life. Despite this, we now have excellent, more environmentally friendly excellent alternatives that are more environmentally friendly, which provide us with an equally same lightness at a low price, in transport and completely recyclable recyclable.

In this sense, we invite you to take into account the following proposals to transform your next family barbecue or picnic into an eco-friendly your next family barbecue or picnic, in a comfortable, but at the same time non-polluting way but at the same time non-polluting.

Eco-friendly picnic plates

Enjoy a picnic by choosing the perfect environmentally friendly plates , here are some great options that are attractive, economical and environmentally friendly. You can choose dishes made from sugar cane fibre or palm leaves; both are excellent options.

Prefer dishes made from sugar cane fibres; both are excellent sugar cane fibres

These dishes may at first appear to be may at first appear to be made of plastic, but in reality they have become an excellent an excellent non-polluting alternative. These plates are made from waste sugar cane fibre, which is made from waste sugar cane fibre, which is a strong and biodegradable disposable product which is a durable and biodegradable disposable product.

They stand out because they are ideal for use in microwaves, they are ecological and very resistant. They are perfect for a picnic or barbecue in the open air, but above all for parties and open-air parties and events in open spaces.

Choosing sugar cane tableware is an excellent is an excellent option, nowadays you will find disposable plates in different shapes, sizes and colours to different shapes, sizes and colours so you can have a high quality service, complete and quality, complete and elegant service or you can simply enjoy a picnic this weekend this weekend

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Disposable palm leaf plates

You can add a rustic and unique unique touch to your picnic by choosing beautiful disposable, compostable and biodegradable palm leaf biodegradable palm leaf plates.

Each plate is made from a palm leaf. You are sure to have a great experience with these waterproof, sturdy, cut-resistant, form-stable and waterproof, sturdy, cut-resistant, stable in shape. Sometimes it is possible to reusable again without any complications

Cardboard or Bio plastic cups

You can have a perfect barbecue or picnic day picnic without polluting the environment, either by choosing practical cups made of cardboard or choosing practical cups made of cardboard or Bio plastic.

Cardboard cups

Cardboard cups are basically are made from environmentally friendly recyclable material. They are perfect to take on a picnic day because they are durable and resistant, they can also be used to carry hot and cold drinks.

Bio plastic cups

They appear to be transparent plastic cups transparent, but they are only recyclable cups. Generally, these cups are made of PLA, which is a made of PLA, which is a stable bioplastic based on raw materials that can be recycled which is a stable bioplastic based on raw materials that can be recycled.

PLA (polylactic acid) from the consumer pLA (polylactic acid) from the consumer area was one of the first known bioplastics. It is made from corn sugar (dextrose), which is its main source source .

PLA is arguably the most established most established bioplastic within the market sector. After the bioplastic cups are bioplastic cups can be disposed of as organic waste after use organic waste.

Paper straws

An excellent accessory for a drink at a picnic or special event, are the paper straws. Nowadays they are trendy for their designs, decoration, colours, as they bring colour and life to any event.

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You can choose straws made of made from 100% thick paper treated specifically for food, their composition makes biodegradable makes biodegradable paper straws a safe choice, and the best part is that they can stay stiff for hours best of all, they can stay stiff for hours.

Utensils made from bamboo

Another good non-polluting option for a picnic afternoon for an afternoon picnic are utensils made from bamboo, considered one of the fastest growing plants on the the fastest growing plants on the planet.

Because it requires little water for its development, bamboo has become the ideal raw material for the production of microwaveable for the production of microwaveable and grease-resistant products, which are completely biodegradable

If you are in the catering you will surely be delighted with the mini cutlery, plates or designer bowls designer bowls.

Wooden cutlery

A more economical and sustainable alternative sustainable alternative is wooden cutlery, mainly because it is more resistant to the resistant to the classic disposable utensils, they are quite useful and protect the protect the environment. In addition, they disappear and do not leave toxic residues.

You can choose from forks, spoons, teaspoons or knives, spoons, teaspoons or knives, all of which are very similar to traditional cutlery and have ample capacity for high temperatures while retaining their shape shape

Paper tablecloths

When organising a picnic day, a good tablecloth is picnic, you can’t miss a good tablecloth, it is the best way to protect the food and to food and decorate the environment in a pleasant way. You can choose placemats made of recycled KRAFT paper, a great ally to protect the environment protect the environment.

A great way to get in touch with the contact with the environment and get away from the exhausting routine, is to have a family picnic, definitely. Not only does it give children the freedom to freedom to discover, to run, to touch, to touch, to touch the earth, to play; it is also possible to teach them to also teach them to protect the environment by using non-polluting crockery tableware.

Choose non-polluting utensils, glasses and plates when you organise your next picnic day, the environment will surely thank you for it and you will have a fun and unforgettable day.

We wish you well!

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