Disguise your house for Halloween – Ideas 2019

Decorating your house for Halloween is one of the best activities during the Halloween celebration.

Not only is it enough to decorate a beautiful Halloween table, we must always go a little further to recreate the desired situation.

Since you’re here, we’re sure you’re one of those who want to raise the ambiance and bring it to the point where fun terror takes over every corner of your home

From pumpkins to balloons, we’ll be giving you ideas to take your 2019 Halloween decorating to a new level.

Make yourself comfortable and get ready to find more than XX ideas to dress up your house for Halloween and scare all your guests to death.

Halloween decorations for children

Halloween is a party that the little ones in our house love.

There are two things that fascinate them: Disguising themselves and going out after trick-or-treating in a house-to-house.

Prepare your home to receive your guests and offer an environment that balances terror and fun.

The idea is to place some elements, without instilling fear in the little visitors.


Pumpkins in the soup

The pumpkin is the queen of Halloween decorations, without a doubt.

The decorations are multiple, from very simple to incredible sizes.

To make them you need a very sharp knife and a lot of patience.

The most recommended is to make a template and use it to make the decoration you want.

Here are some of the ideas you can find on the Internet.

Entrance to your Halloween home

From the entrance, the Halloween decoration must be present.

Everyone who comes to your house for Halloween will be surprised by your doors.

Decorating them is simple and can be done with recycled material.

Spider webs in the corners

In any store you can find synthetic webs

You take them out of the package, you stretch them out, you fix them in their corners and that’s it, a simple scary decoration.

But you may not get them or you may remember too late. What do you do?

With a black stamen you can build your own web.

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You can also make them with cardboard and even with black garbage bags.

Do you want decoration ideas for Halloween with spider webs? Here they are.

Recycle your bedding

We all have some bedding that we can put to another use. The one that’s a little stretched out or not as white as the first day.

With a little imagination and red paint you can make a disturbing decoration.

Handprints, feet, red drops, are elements that will generate anxiety in your guests.

Just don’t let it get out of hand, remember you’re simulating a situation, it doesn’t have to be unpleasant.

You could put a funny message on it so that it doesn’t cause rejection among the more sensitive attendees.

Skeletons: Inhabitants of every Halloween home

Skeletons also take center stage in any Halloween home.

Depending on the budget you want to invest, you can buy skeletons or build your own with common materials.

The idea is that you can make a well-thought-out Halloween decoration, but without having to decapitate yourself.

Here we leave you with the best Halloween decoration ideas with skeletons.

Black cats everywhere

Black cats are seen as an element of bad luck, but nothing could be further from the truth.

However, we can use the fame of these misunderstood pets to our advantage in the decoration of Halloween.

A black cat in a corner to make your guests’ hair stand on end, especially if you place them in less expected places.

You can make cats out of different materials, easy or as complicated as you want

It’s all in the time you want to invest in your Halloween house.

Where are the witches?

We talked about the pumpkins and the skeletons. Where are the witches? This is their night!

Halloween is also known as the night of witches, so it is mandatory to have witches in your home decoration.

There are thousands of ways to incorporate witches into our decor.

Chubby and funny witches, witches with evil in their faces, even sexy witches, you can find everything to decorate your Halloween house.

Some you can make, others you must buy, all will contribute to your task: to instill fear, a fun fear.

The bathroom of a Halloween house

When we talk about decorating a Halloween house we don’t think of just a few halls.

The idea is that each space has a special touch. Bathrooms can be a place to give a very special touch during Halloween.

Generally, bathrooms are small spaces, at least smaller than any other room in the house. Decorating it will be easier and faster.

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No one wants a guest to fall, especially not in the bathroom. It can be a danger.

For safety, all decorations should be visible.

Bats fluttering around your home

Bats are nocturnal animals. This characteristic makes them perfect for the environment that is woven around Halloween night.

Making bats is a pretty simple task, actually. You can make them out of different materials.

Creating a nice swarm or flock of bats will add the perfect touch to your Halloween home decor.

Here are some decorating ideas to make your Halloween house full of flying bugs in every space.

Ghosts to scare the brave

The ones that were missing to close the group of must-haves in any Halloween decoration.

Is it possible to think of a scary night without ghosts?

Ghosts can be friendly or scary, it will depend on the public that will enjoy the celebration and all the decoration.

You can make them small, with tubes of toilet paper, sheets, cardboard, leaves, the options are infinite, as well as their uses.

Here we leave you with some of the uses that are given to the ghosts in a Halloween decoration.

Balloons of terror

To close our ideas of decoration for your Halloween home, we are going to present you some very versatile resources that will allow you to make different figures and representations.

Balloons fascinate young and old alike.

With a job well done, you can make them fly along with your guests’ greatest fears.

Let’s not wait any longer and see what the ideas of Halloween decoration with balloons are.

Do you need materials to decorate your house for Halloween?

A great number of the decorations you saw in this space can surely be made with low-cost materials.

For example, the rolls of garbage bags are used to make the legs of a chandelier hanging from the central lamp in your living room.

Napkins and colorful tablecloths will help you decorate your table at home for Halloween.

Also, the disposable tableware will help you have unique and low cost pieces for all your Halloween celebrations.

Monouso offers you the best prices on the Internet for disposable items

In addition, you can buy all the products you need from the comfort of your home, without having to leave your house.

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