Disposable gowns for dentists Why are they necessary?

Disposable gowns for dentists Why are they necessary?

Disposable gowns for dentists are as necessary as any of the other utensils used by dentists to ensure the oral health of patients. Avoid giving a bad image to your patients by using disposable dentist gowns that are always in optimal condition.

In this article you will find some tips on how to use disposable dentist gowns correctly, providing a more reliable and less stressful environment for patients

Disposable gowns for dentists, an indispensable item

Disposable gowns for dentists are part of your uniform as a dentist, this issue can be approached from two points of view

It promotes your safety

As a dentist, you handle substances and chemicals that could harm you. In addition, you are in frequent contact with human fluids, such as blood and saliva. It is very dangerous to work without adequate protection in these circumstances, especially in view of the Covid-19 medical emergency situation taking place around the world

That is the main reason why you should use disposable gowns for dentists.

For the sake of your patients.

Going to a dentist is a situation that generates anxiety in some people, who are even afraid to do this activity

Imagine what would happen if you arrive at a doctor’s office and you are greeted by a doctor with a dirty gown, full of blood from the previous patient

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Terror! You will lose that patient.

Reasons to use disposable gowns for dentists

Let’s see what the main benefits of using disposable dentist gownsare:

  • You will offer a clean image for your patient.
  • Forget about frequent expenses on reusable gown replacement and laundry to keep your clothes as clean as when they were new.
  • Disposable linens don’t take up much space in your facility’s cabinets, so you could store large quantities of disposable dentist gowns in a small amount of space.
  • Disposable dentist gowns will also help you in comfort . You will feel comfortable, just as comfortable as you would with a reusable gown.
  • You will take better care of your clothes, as these gowns are waterproof and will not allow any liquid to damage that shirt you love so much.

Other safety gear for your day-to-day life

In addition to disposable gowns for dentists, you need other implements to keep you and your patients safe


Your hands are one of the most important tools you have. Taking care of them should be a priority. For that reason, you should use the best quality disposable gloves possible.

Dentists use equipment that is very precise, very small and pose a level of danger to your hands

Disposable aprons

Many times it is not necessary for an entire clinic to use disposable dentist gowns, but they would need to take care of their clothing as well

A good option is to use disposable aprons, as this is a cheap alternative and also all workers will have the same uniform, which gives seriousness to the clinic

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Shoe covers

It is no secret that in any health activity there is a possibility of spilling fluids or liquids, and the truth is that if a liquid falls on your shoes they could suffer irreversible damage.

In that case, the best option is to use disposable shoe covers, a protection that you can use to give your shoes the care they need.


The use of face masks is now mandatory in Spain as well as in many other parts of the world. It is a safety equipment for you and your patients.

Use masks at all times during the care of your patients. Because of the type of care you provide, you are exposed to all kinds of viruses and bacteria

Disposable gowns for dentists and other products

If you need to buy any kind of disposable gowns for dentists or disposable clothing, we have a recommendation for you.

Visit our Monouso page, where you will find a section of disposable clothing with everything you need to protect yourself.

Here you can buy disposable dental gowns, mouth covers, shoe covers or aprons, among other disposable products that will help you preserve your health.

Don’t forget that when you buy an order over 59€, shipping is free

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