Disposable manicure and pedicure gloves

When you talk about work, you want to have the best materials, so you can do it perfectly. As for disposable gloves for manicure and pedicure is no exception.

Specific details of disposable gloves for manicure and pedicure

Are you aware of the importance of disposing of these items once they have been used? If not, you should start worrying about it, because that’s exactly why they are gloves disposable for manicures and pedicures. That is, the use it is given is unique, it cannot be used more than once.

guantes desechables para manicura y pedicura

Even if you work with them and are very used to using the same gloves with several clients, start by changing this habit! It is important to emphasize this aspect, mainly because of the issue of hygiene and care. When you clean nails and do manicure and pedicure work, you open the door to bacteria and they become impregnated in the glove!

More hygiene and more health!

It is not a wasted investment, as far as buying a dozen or more of this material. It’s something that will help you work free of germs and in a safe and much more professional way. How do you think your clients will feel knowing that you are working hard to provide them with the best in service?

Health is something that should be looked after and thanks to disposable manicure and pedicure gloves it is much easier. Not only will you be providing safety and care when doing your manicure and pedicure, but you will be protecting yourself too! It is unhygienic to reuse them with more than one client.

Different textures, quality and disposable gloves

When selecting the type of glove, it is vital to bear in mind that it must be suitable for this type of work. Latex, vinyl and nitrile come in different presentations to choose from. For example there are some ecological latex gloves that have high sensitivity due to their thinness in thickness.

Disposable gloves are much more beneficial when they are biodegradable. This does not mean that there is any variation in their resistance or any deterioration in their manufacture. You can use them once and check the quality and difference between this and a conventional glove.

The great advantage of using gloves when doing manicures and pedicures

When you want to work flawlessly, you want to have even the tiniest material so that it can look incredible. The disposable gloves allow the manicure and pedicure to be carried out without any problem as you will see in the following series of advantages:

  • There’s no chance of getting your skin dirty from the items you’re handling
  • Disposable manicure and pedicure gloves are strong enough not to be affected by the use of harsh chemicals
  • You can handle sharp instruments, as they have a low chance of being punctured due to their quality
  • If you get them from a reliable source, you will notice that the resistance is much more noticeable than any other glove

You can get used to using the disposable gloves normally on a daily basis avoiding infectious diseases and extensive handling of different sharp items and strong chemicals that would cause damage in case of direct skin contact!

The ones who provide you with protection!

It’s true that the protection these gloves provide is incredible, hence the benefits. But, you shouldn’t see them as substitutes for hand washing or choose to use them all the time. There should always be a reasonable balance in the use you make of them.

Do you have your hypoallergenic gloves?

If you’re one of those who’s reluctant to wear disposable gloves because of an allergic reaction, that won’t be a problem or excuse anymore. Nowadays many manufacturers have taken an unexpected turn in the use of gloves, extending the characteristics of their components. For what purpose? With the purpose of having a much greater range of use for all types of people

No matter if you have suffered from allergies to the gloves you have used in the past, you can get the solution through Monouso! Because particularly as an online company, we take care of providing the best disposable items, such as gloves, on demand

Are there any changes to the glove if they are hypoallergenic?

Certainly not. The notable difference is that you can use them more freely without the possibility of having any reaction, in long hours, without having changed them. Observe the advantages and characteristics of these particular gloves:

  • No loss of elasticity
  • They are still just as resistant
  • Like conventional gloves, they have talcum powder that makes them easy to put on
  • The dust it brings is odorless and low in chemical components. It is also antiallergenic
  • If it is biodegradable, it disintegrates back into nature, once thrown in the landfill

The more advantageous variations in its composition, the better. This is important to keep in mind, since nowadays alterations are made to the gloves to use them better, providing advantages to you and the customer.

The best disease isolator

Protect yourself and those who provide manicure and pedicure services. You protect your skin from infection and get rid of unnecessary exposure to contagious diseases such as fungus

Monouso, will always help you find the solution to the problem in a professional and quality way. There may be many variations in what we offer you, but the quality of what we provide to our clientele will never change

There is no doubt that it is best to protect yourself and others by using the best quality gloves when doing your manicure and pedicure. The best? You will be able to do the job professionally without running the risk of infection. Isn’t that the most effective way out?


Is there any change in the glove if they are hypoallergenic?

Certainly not. The noticeable difference is that you can use them more freely without the possibility of having any reaction, in prolonged hours, without having changed them. See the advantages and characteristics of these particular gloves:

Can disposable manicure and pedicure gloves be reused?

It is not recommended. A different set should be used for each client.

Advantages of using disposable manicure and pedicure gloves.

You avoid the possibility of staining your skin.
They resist the use of strong chemicals.
Due to their quality, they reduce the risk of suffering any perforation.

Are hypoallergenic gloves as useful as normal gloves?

Yes, not only do they not lose their elasticity, but they are just as resistant. The only difference is the possibility of avoiding a rash from continued use.

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