Disposable vs. traditional cutlery for your restaurant


Disposable cutlery is becoming increasingly important in the professional hotel and catering sector. They started out as a great support for take-away or buffet services, but today we can often find them on the tables of bars and restaurants. Their many advantages make disposable cutlery one of the most convenient options for professionals in the Horeca sector, especially now that they are reopening their doors since the Covid-19 was declared in alarm

Although until recently traditional cutlery was considered to provide design and user experience, the truth is that today there is a wide range of versatile, resistant and modern disposable cutlery sets on the market, capable of meeting the needs of any restaurant, bar or event.

In this article we will try to offer you a comparison between disposable cutlery and traditional cutlery so that you can determine which option is more convenient for you.

Advantages of disposable cutlery compared to traditional cutlery


  • The disposable cutlery is totally hygienic. This type of cutlery is brand new, used and discarded after its first use. In this way, you will be offering your customers a service with maximum health guarantees. As they do not need to be washed, this cutlery prevents the proliferation of unwanted bacteriological remains or chemical cleaning products.
  • Disposable cutlery helps to save water. With this type of piece you can significantly reduce your energy and water consumption, since you will completely eliminate the tasks of washing and washing, typical of traditional cutlery.
  • Efficiency. Disposable cutlery will not only bring you significant economic savings, but will also save you time. While traditional cutlery requires you to spend part of your day washing, drying and storing the pieces, disposable cutlery allows you to work more quickly. You will simply have to discard the cutlery after use and replace it with new pieces in the next service.
  • Profitability. Disposable cutlery costs much less than traditional tableware. Choosing a disposable tableware will allow you to reduce the initial investment to pay for the services and, in addition, as we have mentioned, it will provide you with significant savings in water consumption. Needless to say, the replacement costs will also be much lower than the relative costs of traditional cutlery.
  • The disposable cutlery is customizable and can become a great branding tool. It is possible to customize this type of cutlery with the company鈥檚 logo or with other designs linked to the values of the brand. In this way, the disposable cutlery can become a differential element, capable of reinforcing the customer鈥檚 experience.

Types of disposable cutlery

  • Plastic cutlery: The most classic option, plastic cutlery is one of the most practical and economical options on the market. Nowadays there are many options on the market: from the traditional plastic cutlery up to smarter gameswith silver or gold finishes.
  • Wooden cutlery and bamboo cutlery: The wooden cutlery become one of the most sustainable options in the field of disposable cutlery. This type of piece will allow your clients to enjoy their menu in total comfort, but it will also give your restaurant an excellent decorative touch. Wood is a natural raw material that is inevitably associated with nature and sustainability. Including this type of cutlery in your establishment will position you as a conscious and environmentally friendly brand.
  • Biodegradable disposable cutlery: Disposable tableware from PLAThe corn cutlery is an ecological, practical and aesthetic solution, which is also available on the market compostable cutlery which, despite their plastic appearance, have been manufactured from natural and easily biodegradable materials. This type of material is later transformed into organic fertilizer.

Monouso, your supplier of disposable cutlery

If you need a supplier of disposable cutlery that suits your business needs, do not hesitate to visit Monouso鈥榮 online store. We have an extensive catalogue of disposable cutlery, among other products, designed to offer you convenience, efficiency and profitability.

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