Distance between tables in a restaurant

The first impression is the one that counts, so having a good distribution in your restaurant manages to capture the attention of diners.

With the distribution of the tables you will be able to obtain diverse effects, you will also have the opportunity to recreate various types of environments.

For example, to give the sensation that your restaurant is full, arrange the room in small environments. This way, the diner does not notice that he is eating in an empty area and does not have an uncomfortable experience in the restaurant.

If you need customers to eat and leave so that others can enter, organize the tables in areas of high visibility, such as in the center of the premises.

This way, the diner is uncomfortable because they are being watched and eats faster to leave the restaurant. This method is used in fast food chains.

On the other hand, so that the clients remain in the restaurant during the tablecloth, it distributes the space using separators of atmosphere.

In this article, we will help you discover which is the distribution of the tables that suits you best, according to the furniture you have in your restaurant.

This is how the tables of a restaurant should be placed

Así se deben colocar las mesas de un restaurante

The tables and chairs have a perfect place inside the establishment, so you will find an attractive and pleasant appearance.

Your furniture must be located so that it does not obstruct the passage of the waiters and diners. Then, you will surely ask yourself: How do we place the tables in the restaurant without them interrupting the flow?

A tip for achieving this is not just to focus on improving the decoration of the place. It is also important to distribute the furniture correctly to improve the performance of your business.

In order to fulfil both points, the following ideas should be followed:

The work of the waiters must be quick, so the distribution of the restaurant must be fixed according to the routes they follow to deliver the dishes.

The tables have to be located in easy access points, to give comfort and intimacy to the customers.

The measures between tables that are most recommended, especially by connoisseurs of restaurant design, are located between 38 and 45 cm away.

In case of increasing the distance you have to take into account the type of restaurant you manage.

In fast-food businesses, the distance between tables is not of great importance unlike in family restaurants, where diners are looking for an intimate atmosphere.

There are restaurants that, before adding more tables, have the well-being of the diner as a priority. In those cases, the distance between tables in a restaurant is 61 cm. Although, by tradition, a distance of between 91 cm and 1.06 meters is preferred.

The backs of the chairs, when the tables are facing each other, should be between 56 and 61 cm. However, in order to avoid collisions, benches are used more and more often, glued to the wall.

Another option is the American booths, which are widely used by restaurants around the world, as they provide comfort and intimacy between customers.

By using this type of seat, people spend more time in your establishment and tend to buy more products from the menu.

Finally, among the most important measures are the aisles through which the waiters will walk to serve the tables of your guests.

The ideal size of the service corridors should be between 71 and 91 cm. Although each restaurant is different, these measurements are the most used, as they allow for good service and make the most of the space.

Tables for two

It is the most common table format in a restaurant. You almost always choose table models that are joined together, to adapt to the number of diners in the restaurant.

In high-class restaurants there are individual tables to allow for smooth communication between diners.

The measurements of a table with two chairs are 75 centimetres wide. The rectangular or oval models measure 60 x 75 centimetres.

Space for a table of four people

In the case of having square or rectangular tables, two tables with capacity for two diners are joined. This does not happen often because restaurants have both formats to accommodate several customers.

The size of a table for four people is 90 centimetres, whether they are round or square. If they are oval or rectangular they measure 120 X 75 cm.

Six diners, distance between tables

The measurements for tables for six diners change according to the shape of each table.

If it is a round table, it will have a size of 135 cm. Rectangular tables measure 180 X 75 cm. Oval or square tables measure 90 X 180 cm.

Is the distance between tables important?

Es importante la distancia entre mesas

If you are going to open a restaurant or make some renovations, the distance between the tables is decisive for their planning and handling. It is a vital point in the management of any restaurant.

Knowing the distance between tables in a restaurant allows you to calculate:

  • How many tables enter the establishment.
  • The number of chairs you need to use the tables.
  • The maximum number of diners the restaurant has at the same time.
  • Number of waiters needed to serve the tables.
  • Size of the kitchen equipment you require for your restaurant.

Important considerations

Consideraciones importantes distancia entre mesas

When furnishing a restaurant, you must take into account some variables.

Here are the most common ones:

Available space: Before buying the restaurant furniture, it is necessary to know the dimensions and structural elements of the premises to decide how the organization will be.

Type of clientele and business: If the type of food you serve in your restaurant requires the rotation of customers, it is not conducive to the existence of intimate areas, therefore, bet on the tables placed in the center of the establishment.

On the other hand, if it is a restaurant with a family atmosphere, it is advisable to separate the tables with room dividers.

Space around the table: The space that should be left for customers to get up from the table without complications is 75 centimeters.

Harmony between furniture and decoration: The furniture and decorations you use in your restaurant must be visually consistent. That is why it is important to use similar materials and similar colour palettes.

This can happen to you if you do not calculate the correct space between your tables

Esto te puede pasar si no calculas el espacio correcto entre tus mesas

The distance between the tables in the restaurant is an important point for the proper functioning of the restaurant. If miscalculations are made, the following disadvantages occur:

  • A very wide distance will allow you to place fewer tables. As a consequence, a lot of income will be lost.
  • Making the most of the space available in the restaurant.
  • Possibility of transmitting disorder to the diners.
  • If the distance between tables in a restaurant is very small, this generates discomfort among the people present.
  • Customers and service staff will stumble upon not having enough space to move around inside your restaurant.

Round or square, which table is the best?

Redondas o cuadradas ¿Qué mesa es la mejor?

The selection of the type of table is closely linked to the style of your restaurant.

Round tables give dynamism to the dining rooms. The diameter they have is important, because a small table is intimate and those with a larger diameter give a sense of meeting.

Square tables are more common in restaurants due to their versatility in organisation and the small amount of space they take up.

In addition, an extra point for square tables is the possibility they offer us to join in the case of not having tables available for a large number of diners.

Useful articles for your restaurant tables

Artículos útiles para las mesas de tu restaurante

If you want to maintain the appearance of your tables and extend their life, the best thing to do is to use tablecloths, a protective element that prevents your tables from being scratched or splintered, while keeping them impeccable for each client.

Thanks to the variety of tablecloths that exist, it is possible to take care of the tables in your restaurant while offering a warm and pleasant appearance to your diners.

If you have no idea which tablecloths fit the image of your restaurant, here are three types of tablecloths that we have in Monouso, our online store.

Paper tablecloths

Paper tablecloths are ideal for keeping your tables clean and protected.

They are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and designs. This is why they have become one of the most widely used products in the restaurant, hotel and catering services sector.

These tablecloths prevent water and dirt from deteriorating the tables. They are also an essential part of the restaurant’s decoration, as they make diners feel at ease.

No matter what format you need, at the Monouso virtual store we have them. We assure you a good quality alternative, at the best price and with a maximum delivery time of 48 hours.

Novotex TNT Tablecloths

Now it’s time to meet the Novotex Tablecloths.

This type of tablecloths are made of polypropylene and different types of resins. Known as non-woven fabrics, these tablecloths stand out for being reusable, clean and easy to iron.

Likewise, the resins with which these tablecloths are made give them a texture that does not allow dirt to adhere to it, obtaining a very hygienic and resistant product.

On the Monouso website we offer you novotex placemats, cut-out tablecloths and the rolls of tablecloths; with an extensive list of colours and sizes to adapt to the decoration of the tables in your restaurant.

Airlaid Premium Tablecloths

We end this recommendation with the Airlaid Premium tablecloths. This type of blanket is ideal for your restaurant, since it surprises with its good quality and the elegance of its finishes.

They are manufactured with cellulose fibres and a special resin that makes them resistant and gives them an above-average absorbing power.

In Monouso’s virtual shop you will find Airlaid Placemats, Airlaid Roller Blinds and Airlaid Table Runners; a variety that -without a doubt- will allow you to find the tablecloth that best suits your restaurant.


How can I organize the tables in my restaurant?

The most popular options are to organize it in tables for two, four or six people.

Why is it important to know the distance between tables?

It is a vital point in the management of any restaurant. Thanks to it you will be able to calculate the tables that enter the restaurant, the number of chairs you need, the number of waiters and the maximum number of diners.

Do I opt for round or square tables?

Although round tables give dynamism to the dining rooms, square tables allow greater versatility in the organization.

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