Do PLA cups have an expiration date?

The usefulness of conventional plastic cups has come to an end. PLA cups are the ultimate choice to avoid the impact of plastic waste accumulation, which multiplies daily.

The fact is that plastic is not a material that breaks down organically, which has a huge impact on the environment. Otherwise, PLA cups are made for biodegradation. Hence the doubt: when do they expire, do they really have an expiry date?

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When PLA cups expire

It is very important to define that PLA cups are useful while you use them. Some people believe that if you buy these biodegradable elements, they suddenly disintegrate… So now! You won’t find them anymore.

But nothing could be further from the truth. These cups don’t have a specific expiration date. But what sets them apart is that as soon as you throw them away, the biodegradation process begins.

Amazing, isn’t it? The truth is, yes, these mugs are very generous with the environment, and unlike ordinary plastic mugs that take between 400 and 500 years to degrade, PLA mugs take between 20 and 60 days depending on their composition

That’s a very good reason to get some of these glasses, isn’t it?

Why do PLA glasses deteriorate faster?

The secret lies in their composition. They’re made from natural components like cellulose, starch, protein and so on:

  • Yucca.
  • Legumes.
  • Banana.
  • Soybean oil.
  • Potato starch.

Over time, techniques for making PLA cups have improved considerably. This is an advantage because it makes them more durable in use and much easier to break down when they are thrown away.

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