Doubt resolved: how many grams does a spoonful have

Duda resuelta: Cuántos gramos tiene una cucharada

If you are a cook who loves to prepare pastry and baking recipes, you should know that measurements are important.

By correctly measuring the ingredients you need to add to a mixture, you will achieve the desired results from the moment you make the decision to cook the recipe.

A few grams less or grams more have a great impact on the recipe causing it to taste unpleasant, get a dry dough, not cook properly inside or burn the bottom.

In addition to using traditional measuring cups, there are usually ingredients in the recipe that are measured in tablespoons or teaspoons.

Know how many grams a spoonful has and prepare recipes with perfect precision.

First things first, use the perfect spoon

Primero lo primero, utiliza la cuchara perfecta

The grams of the food measured with spoons vary according to the density and volume of each one of them.

Another aspect that is important to take into account is that the spoons can be either shallow or full, depending on the recipe to be prepared.

Measuring spoons have four measurements: one spoon, half a spoon, one third of a spoon and a quarter of a spoon

However, when a recipe is prepared at home only two measures are considered: a spoon and a teaspoon.

One spoon has a value of approximately 15 grams, while the teaspoon contains 5 grams.

Similarly, it is recommended to use the appropriate measures for each ingredient that we will explain in the next points.

How many grams does a spoonful of sugar have

Cuántos gramos tiene una cucharada de azúcar

Sugar is one of the ingredients whose measures vary according to the type of sugar, since the granulated type will not have the same weight as impalpable sugar.

A spoonful of the traditional white sugar and the mascabado type weighs 14.6 grams, while a teaspoon weighs 4.96 grams.

On the other hand, you find the icing sugar or impalpable sugar. A spoonful of this type of sugar weighs 8 grams and a teaspoon weighs 2.67 grams

And one spoonful of brown sugar weighs 12.50 grams and one teaspoon weighs 4.17 grams.

Spoonful of salt in grams

Cucharada de sal a gramos

Salt is an important ingredient for seasoning any recipe. However, you should not exceed the consumption limits set by the World Health Organization.

Tablespoons of refined salt and sea salt contain 15 grams, one teaspoon of refined salt equals 5 grams and one teaspoon of sea salt equals 3 grams.

Spoonful of flour

Cucharada de harina

The spoonfuls of flour vary depending on its refining, texture and volume. The more refined the flour, the less it weighs

There are six types of flour: strong flour, cornstarch, wholemeal, plain flour, soft flour especially for cakes, and cornstarch.

One tablespoon of corn flour is equivalent to 10 grams and one teaspoon to 3.38 grams. On the other hand, strong flour weighs 8 grams and a teaspoon 2.5 grams.

The spoonful of common flour and wholemeal flour is 7 grams and a teaspoon is 2.5 grams.

One spoonful of the soft flour used to make biscuits weighs 6 grams, while the teaspoon weighs 2 grams.

Finally, a spoonful of cornstarch is equivalent to 15 grams and a teaspoon to 5 grams.

Weight of one tablespoon of yeast

Peso de una cucharada de levadura

As with sugar, a type of yeast does not have the same weight as any other type.

The yeast is divided into fresh yeast, dry yeast, baking powder and baking soda.

One spoonful of fresh yeast is equivalent to 3 grams and its teaspoon is equivalent to 1 gram.

The weight of a tablespoon of dry yeast is 12 grams, while a teaspoon weighs 4 grams.

The spoonful of baking powder is roughly equivalent to 15-16 grams. Also, your teaspoon weighs between 5 and 5.5 grams.

One tablespoon of baking soda is equal to 15 grams and one teaspoon is equal to 5 grams.

Butter per tablespoon

Mantequilla por cucharadas

When you get a recipe in some cookbook or internet blog, butter is an ingredient that must be melted in order to use it.

However, the measure of butter you see in the recipe is in a solid state.

One spoonful of butter is equivalent to 14.6 grams, while your teaspoon is only equivalent to 4.69 grams.

How many grams does a spoonful of cocoa weigh

Cuántos gramos tiene una cucharada de cacao

Cocoa is an outstanding product in baking and pastry recipes because it gives a different flavor to any food.

When a recipe needs a spoonful of cocoa powder, you are adding 7.81 grams. Similarly, with a teaspoon you would be adding 2.60 grams.

Spoonful of milk, how many grams does it have?

Cucharada de leche ¿Cuántos gramos tiene?

When a recipe calls for a spoonful of milk, it can be liquid or powdered. Regardless of which one is indicated, they are not the same weight.

One tablespoon of powdered milk is equivalent to 6.56 grams and adding one teaspoon is 2.19 grams.

In turn, a spoonful of liquid milk weighs 15.5 grams and a teaspoonful weighs 5 grams.

What if it’s condensed milk?

¿Y si es leche condensada?

If the recipe you are preparing includes condensed milk you must know its equivalent in spoons.

One tablespoon of condensed milk equals 20 grams, while one teaspoon equals 10 grams.

Gelatine per tablespoon

Gelatina por cucharadas

Gelatine is a dessert that requires great attention in the measurements to avoid having a different consistency than desired.

A spoonful of gelatine weighs 7.19 grams and a teaspoon of gelatine weighs 2.40 grams.

One sachet of gelatine has a net content of 7 grams, so it is equivalent to almost one and three teaspoons.

In contrast, gelatin leaves weigh 2 grams. Four gelatine leaves should be used to make up a tablespoon of gelatine.

Equivalence of one tablespoon of rice

Equivalencia de una cucharada de arroz

A teaspoon is an ineffective measure when you want to know the amount in grams of the rice you are going to use.

For this reason, the measure of the spoon is used and it is known that one spoonful of rice is equivalent to 30 grams.

With this information, you’re ready to make your sweet and savory recipes! What are you cooking today?

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