Fast food restaurant decorating ideas

Fast food restaurant decorating ideas

The fast food restaurant decor is the first element that captures the attention of consumers, as it is what will make them want to come in and see what you have to offer.

The decoration is one of the characteristics that will allow you to make a difference with respect to the competition, as well as making people remember you for providing an ideal space for a perfect evening.

Looking for decorating ideas for fast food restaurants? Read on for a guide to designing beautiful, comfortable décor that’s in tune with your business.

Before you think about fast food restaurant decorations

Before thinking about fast food business decoration

Before you set up your fast food restaurant decor, it is important to plan every single detail regarding the style.

For example, you need to organise the type of furniture that contrasts with the shades that will be painted on the walls of the establishment and the type of lighting that will allow you to observe every detail.

Learn a little more about each of the elements within the decoration of fast food businesses and apply them in your establishment.


The first thing is to establish what the concept or style of the fast food restaurant will be. You can try incorporating your own style into your fast food restaurant, although it may be easier to stick to one of the styles that are popular wherever you go, such as the old west style, minimalist style or contemporary style.


In fast food restaurant furnishings, functionality is more important than any other aspect and always aims to facilitate the fast flow of customers.

Fast food restaurant furnishings should offer a capacity of two to four diners per table. Choose square tables to better manage the space of the establishment, chairs with resistant materials and without cushions to avoid stains.

Type of lighting

In the case of fast-food restaurants , it is important to use bright, artificiallighting.

However, if your restaurant has large windows that allow natural light to pass through, artificial lighting should only be placed in the areas of the premises that require it or switched on at the end of the evening.

Space for children?

Installing a space for the little ones will make it a feasible option for families with children. Fast food franchises have children’s areas so that the little ones who visit your restaurant are entertained while their order comes out.

To complement this space, don’t forget to have adaptable chairs for children, a children’s menu that includes toys, colouring activities during their stay in your business and baby changing stations in the bathrooms.

Colour palette

The palette of colours that should be used in the decoration of fast food businesses is composed of strong tones, as they whet the appetite of diners and give energy to the environment.

Red, yellow, blue, fuchsia, black and lime green are some of the alternatives that will capture the attention of diners just by looking at the logo or entering the establishment.

Wall decoration

For the decoration of the walls, you must be very clear about the style of decoration to be developed.

Use pictures, photographs or props associated with the concept you have chosen for your restaurant, to give a more realistic appearance and make it easier for the customer to grasp the style.

Perfect music

Music is an element that people enjoy during their stay in the restaurant and helps to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Music that is on trend livens up the atmosphere in fast food restaurants, but it is better to play music that is associated with the style of the establishment.

Comfortable temperature

Temperature isalso an important part when talking about the ambience of a restaurant.

The temperature of the room should not be too cold or too warm. A very cold space can make customers uncomfortable and chill their food.

On the other hand, a restaurant that is too hot will make them look for ways to cool down, leave your business quickly or not even eat at all.

Other decorations

Although it is often unusual, you can use restaurant items as decorations.

If your napkin holders, sauce bags, glasses and napkins are personalised with the concept of the fast food establishment, they will have their initial function and be part of the decoration.

Spaces to take advantage of in your fast food restaurant décor

Spaces to make the most of your fast food restaurant décor

In addition to taking into account the elements to have a good fast food restaurant decoration, the spaces in which they are located are also important.

The menu, the kitchen area and the food delivery area are the three most important spaces to exploit the potential of your decoration.


The menu is one of the objects in fast food restaurants that gives a first impression to the customer.

It should not have a design that differs from that of the establishment and its content should show each of the products that you offer in your restaurant.

Kitchen area

It is advisable that the kitchen area of a fast food restaurant is visible to consumers.

In this way, they can observe each of the food preparation processes and can be sure that the food is natural and well cooked.

Delivery area

The delivery area has to be located close to the kitchen area to facilitate the handling of orders. As it is not located in different areas of the establishment, the delivery of orders is immediate as soon as the cooking is finished

Products that support your work and decorate your restaurant

Products that support your work and decorate your restaurant

The decoration of fast food premises must be made up of resistant and quality products. In our Monouso shop you will find an extensive catalogue, with products ranging from plates, glasses, napkins and even tablecloths.

Tableware comes in different shapes, sizes and colours to match the concept of your restaurant. There are also options that allow you to customise them with your restaurant’s logo or a design associated with your restaurant’s style.

Visit our online shop and find the products you need to enhance the image of your restaurant.

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