Find out how to set the table for breakfast

Descubre c贸mo poner la mesa para un desayuno

Quality service within your restaurant depends not only on offering an outstanding menu, unparalleled customer service but also on providing outstanding presentation.

Join us to discover how the table is set for breakfast, get ready to surprise your guests and get an excellent presentation

Learn all about the types of tables, tablecloths and cutlery for breakfast, what are the necessary implements to give your customers an unforgettable experience and where to find the utensils for table service.

Recommended breakfast table types and layouts

Tipo de mesas y distribuci贸n recomendada para desayuno

There are three types of tables to serve breakfast, these can be round, square and rectangular . Their size and shape depend on the number of guests who are distributed to enjoy the meal.

In general, the distribution of the tables takes into account the available space of the place, so it is possible to adjust the format and put the breakfast table that best suits the needs of the event.

The most commonly used formats are rectangular and square tables , as they can be easily distributed and take up less space.

Breakfast tablecloths

Manteles en el desayuno

We have already talked about the format and the distribution of the tables to serve breakfast, now we will mention one of the most important elements that must be present when setting the breakfast table as the tablecloths are.

The tablecloths are an excellent option to give personality and style to the tables of your event

The use of the tablecloth is optional, it can be used as the only element to put the breakfast table.

How and where to place the dishes

C贸mo y d贸nde colocar los platos

When setting the breakfast table it is important to know the location of the dishes.

To do so, it is recommended to leave a separation between diners of up to 75 centimetres. This will avoid tripping over elbows between diners at the time of eating.

The dishes that we use when setting the breakfast table are placed in the centre, serving as a guide to properly place the cutlery and glassware necessary for diners to enjoy their food.

Location of the cutlery in the table for a breakfast

Ubicaci贸n de los cubiertos en mesa para un desayuno

Other utensils present when serving the table are the breakfast cutlery, these are placed in a reverse order to their use , arranged from the outside in.

The forks are placed on the left and the knives on the right, followed by the spoons.

Exceptions to this are the breakfast cutlery:

  • The small seafood or cocktail fork is placed on the right after the spoons.
  • The dessert spoon is placed in the upper area of the plate, face up and with the handle facing right, accompanied by a fork with the handle facing left.

Placing glasses and coffee cup

Colocaci贸n de copas y taza del caf茅

On the other hand, when the breakfast table is set, the glasses are placed on the right of the plates, diagonally and arranged on the knives and spoons.

The order of the glasses is easy to remember, it goes in ascending form, first the glass of white wine is placed, followed by the glass of red wine and to finish the glass or goblet for the water.

As for the coffee cup, it is placed on top of the knives and spoons, between the dishes and the glass if it is served with the food

It is different when we serve the coffee to accompany the dessert, in this case it is not necessary to place the cup at the moment of setting the breakfast table.

Where to put the bread on the breakfast table?

驴D贸nde colocar el pan en mesa para desayuno?

When setting the breakfast table, you should look at the place of the bread on the table. The bread is placed on a small plate on the left, on the forks next to the dessert spoon.

If you put a spread on the table, don’t forget to put a butter knife or spreader on the plate where the bread was served.

Napkin: Correct location

Servilleta: Ubicaci贸n correcta

As for the napkins, it is important to highlight the correct location when setting the breakfast table. They should be placed on the table with decorative folds to decorate the table.

The napkins are placed on the left side, next to the forks. Another viable option is to place the napkin on the plates with a napkin ring that will give it a distinctive touch.

Remember that napkins should not be placed inside the glasses under any circumstances

Is it necessary to decorate the table for breakfast?

驴Es necesario decorar la mesa para un desayuno?

Decoration is an essential aspect to give personality to your event when setting up the breakfast table. It must be coherent, moderate and delicate.

Choosing colours, designs and themes that suit the establishment will help you to highlight the beauty of the space and achieve a harmonious decoration.

You can also include lanterns , natural flowers or fruit bowls in the decoration .

Equipment that can help you

Equipamiento que te puede ayudar

To set the breakfast table you can help yourself using auxiliary equipment and offer more options when serving food

You can use buffet-style furniture to serve and keep the food warm, as well as drink and cereal dispensers

The decision to use auxiliary furniture will depend on the type of event being prepared, to ensure harmony and style of decoration.

Distribution of guests according to protocol

Distribuci贸n de invitados seg煤n el protocolo

The distribution of guests is the responsibility of the host, in addition to presiding over the event. The guests will be arranged alternately with men, women and children , who must be accompanied by their parents.

At the beginning of the event, the service will begin from the host to the left and that order will be maintained even until the removal of the dishes

The protocol indicates that the dishes are served from the left side, while the meal on a plate is served from the right side with only one hand

Versatile tableware for breakfast and other meals

Vajilla vers谩til para desayuno y otras comidas

On the Monouso website you will find versatile tableware for breakfast and other meals.

Our tableware is made of resistant materials of excellent quality, available in various sizes, designs and colours.

Monouso’s products are ideal for use in the restaurant and catering sector, as they allow any menu to stand out by serving the table in highly durable dishes at the best price on the market.


Should I use a tablecloth for breakfast?

The use of the tablecloth is optional, it can be used as the only element to set the breakfast table or it can be accompanied by a tablecloth cover that highlights its presence, it is preferable that it is of a dark shade or a vibrant color.

How do we place the plates for breakfast?

The plates we use when setting the breakfast table are placed in the center, they serve as a guide to properly place the cutlery and glassware necessary for diners to enjoy the food.

Where do we place the breakfast table plan?

If a spread is placed on the table, do not forget to place a butter knife or spreader on the plate where the bread was served.

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