What do the 100 folds of the chef’s hat represent?

100 pliegues del gorro cocinero y su relación con los huevos

When we think of a chef the first thing that comes to mind is a person dressed in a white suit and a very, very high chef’s hat on his head.

Where does the height of the chef’s hat come from? How many folds does a chef’s hat have? And how do those folds relate to eggs?

Stay with us and you will discover all the history behind the 100 folds of the chef’s hat.

Chef’s hat: the story behind the myth

The birth of the chef’s hat is full of stories and tales that date back a long time.

It is estimated that during the 7th century, it was common for kings to be poisoned by the food prepared for them by their royal chefs or cooks. In view of this, the kings decided to gain the trust and loyalty of their kitchen staff. For this reason, they were offered to wear a chef’s hat resembling a king’s crown, giving distinction and class to their cooks.

Legend has it that following the coronation of the chefs, with their new chef’s hat, the kings no longer feared for their lives, as the mortality rate from food poisoning was reduced.

However, there is another story a little more lurid. Ready to hear why chef’s hats have folds?

This second version of the birth of the chef’s hat takes us to the England of King Henry VII. The story goes that during a great banquet, the King found hair in the food.

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Mad with anger, he asked that the chef be beheaded immediately. When the news broke, the chefs began to use a kind of chef’s hat to prevent their hair from ending up on a plate and their head from being cut off.

The only thing that is certain is that nowadays, the hats in the kitchen are of obligatory use because they are elements that keep the chef’s hair and the drops of sweat the farthest away from the dishes they serve.

100 folds of the chef’s hat and eggs

The chef’s hat is a status symbol in the kitchen and each fold is a representation of the experience the chef has, each of the recipes he is able to cook.

Consequently, the 100 folds of the chef’s hat are due to the 100 ways a chef can cook an egg. 100 ways! How many do you know?

Although height is related to the higher hierarchy in the kitchen area, the chef’s hat has another characteristic that makes it unique. The chef’s hat has a long shape, beyond the normal, and ends with a hole at its end, therefore, it is a kind of tube with 100 folds (originally called 100 pieghe cappello chef).

This peculiar shape seeks to keep the heat of the kitchen from cooking the chef’s head, keeping it cool.

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