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qué es el food design

Food Design is one of the disciplines of Gastronomy that is currently particularly in vogue. If we needed to summarize it in just one sentence, it would be the facet of design aimed at reflecting on how we create, present and consume food. Therefore…

Food Design: Gastronomy in its purest form

Both concepts are closely related. The transformation of raw ingredients from nature into processed food forms the basis of food, of gastronomy and, therefore, of food design.

After all, we are talking about design at all times. And food design was born around 1997 in Europe. It refers not only to the creation of new foods, but also of packaging, spaces, objects and forms of presentation. In addition, it has elements of biology, genetics, sociology, nutrition… In short, a truly complex and rich field.

As one of the eminences of this field, Francesca Zampollo, says,“food design is simply the connection between food and design. Food design is the design process that leads to the innovation of products, services or systems for food: from production, procurement, preservation and transportation to preparation, presentation, consumption and disposal“.

how did this trend come about?

Although it dates back to the late 1990s, the first Food Design Manifesto was published in 2002 by the Italian Industrial Design Association. Among the main training schools we highlight the Online School of Food Design, by the amazing Dr. Zampollo.

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In addition, this discipline has evolved into different sub-disciplines, which are also worth studying:

  • Design with food: they are posed as objects, to which certain usability and ergonomics are presupposed. New flavors, textures, temperatures, colors? Also new formats, materials, naming and packaging.
  • Food product: mass design for large factories.
  • Food design: products related to food preparation: cooking, mixing, storing, preserving, presenting… Through them we can communicate both our brand and content.
  • Creation of new gastronomic experiences: the key role of food in generating new gastronomic experiences that allow us to live new sensations and unique moments.

what is its current status?

It is a trend in full swing, recognized by leading international gastronomy schools such as the Basque Culinary Center. Research continues on the relationship between design and food to formulate new creative possibilities.

What is the philosophy of Food Design based on?

The philosophy of Food Design therefore focuses on our relationship with food and how we can improve it, taking food as a key factor for human development.

Find out much more about other related terms in our Dictionary of Hospitality and Catering.

Frequently asked questions

What is food design?

Food design is a facet of design that reflects on how we create, present and consume food.

What disciplines does food design consist of?

Design with food, food product, design for food, creation of new gastronomic experiences?

What is the philosophy of Food Design based on?

The philosophy of Food Design focuses, therefore, on our relationship with food and how we can improve it, taking food as a key factor for human development.

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