Gastrobar: A profitable business model

Gastrobar: Un modelo de negocio rentable

The gastrobar is an appealing business model for a wide range of customers, from those who love good food in restaurants to those who prefer a pleasant moment in a bar.

From a business point of view, a gastrobar is an excellent option to expand the boundaries of your restaurant, giving you the opportunity to attract new customers to your premises.

Read on to discover the benefits of opening a gastrobar and the features you need to ensure you have a successful business in no time.

What is a gastrobar?

What is a gastrobar?

A gastrobar is an establishment belonging to the gastronomic world, which combines the social atmosphere of a bar with the gastronomic proposals of a restaurant.

The gastrobar has a comfortable decoration and furniture, where couples or friends spend a pleasant moment, either enjoying a specially prepared drink, while consuming some high quality tapas.

The offer of the menus in a gastrobar is focused on selling tapas cooked with haute cuisine techniques, so the quality and taste of each product leaves every customer wanting more.

Where was this trend born?

Where did this trend originate?

The gastrobar, as a trend, originated in the UK. In the beginning, its name was gastropub and they sought to combine the gastronomy of restaurants with the concept of a pub.

By unifying both business models in the same space and time, a business emerges that offers the best of both worlds to a wider range of customers.

On the other hand, the gastrobar is an affordable fine dining option for all budgets, which is why many people have become interested in this type of business.

Particularities of a gastrobar

Particularities of a gastrobar

A gastrobar has to meet certain characteristics or particularities, with which you will be on your way to being a profitable and unique business model.

The first thing is that every gastrobar must have a decoration that amazes and impresses everyone who observes or enters the establishment. It must be modern and in accordance with the style used. Attractive and tasteful.

As for the menu options, the dishes should be a compilation of tapas, raciones or pinchos.

On the other hand, the drinks you offer in a gastrobar should go hand in hand with the options you present on the menu. In other words, it is no problem for people to order food and drinks at the same time.

Each of the products on the menu are made with quality raw materials and, if possible, seasonal. This will appeal to consumers, especially when you take the rigorous aesthetics of quality plating seriously.

Finally, service in a gastrobar must be fast, your diners want to drink, eat and enjoy the moment. The worst experience will start by making them wait.

Distribute tables and counters throughout the venue to increase capacity.

Hire a kitchen staff to get orders out in the shortest possible time, without sacrificing quality.

Tips for a successful gastrobar

Tips for a successful gastrobar

If you are interested in opening a gastrobar, here is a set of tips that could help you achieve success in less time.

Specific details such as the atmosphere, the type of service or the gastronomic offer, which will make a big difference between your gastrobar and the competition.


The gastrobar is a business model that stands out for having modern and eye-catching concepts for everyone who visits it.

Seek advice for the decoration of the gastrobar, consider the style options that you consider flattering and choose the best one.

Be minimalist, but don’t be afraid of innovation. Surprise your diners and – from the first moment – you’ll steal their smiles.


The furniture of the establishment should be in line with the concept you developed and work with the layout of the premises.

The gastrobar is a business that has bars and tables for quicker customer service. Accompany them with comfortable chairs or benches, following the range of colours used.


More than making a good impression with the decoration, keep in mind that the concept is key to the ambience you want to recreate in your establishment.

The right choice of your colour palette and the materials used to make the furniture will determine whether the ambience of the venue is relaxed or elegant, attracting the attention of fun-hungry customers.


The gastronomic offer of your gastrobar is the first thing that should hook consumers.

Order the tapas or portions according to the main products of the recipe, so that customers order what they are looking for.

Each of the dishes on the menu must have excellent plating.

For its cooking, use quality products, so that the freshness of each ingredient is noticeable from the first bite.

Fast service

Speed in the gastrobar is essential.

The quicker customers are served, the quicker they will order new rounds of what they consume or you will be able to serve new customers.

Slow service is not profitable because customers will leave because of the long wait, without having consumed and you will serve few people per day.

Opening hours

The opening hours of a gastrobar should be flexible, so that you can cater for a wider range of customers.

In the morning or afternoon, it is common for customers to be couples, groups or families who have chosen your business for lunch or a snack.

On the other hand, at dinner or in the evening, people – mostly young people – are looking for a place to chat while having a drink or a snack and spend a pleasant moment.

Keeping the gastrobar open at both times will allow for a greater flow of customers and thus increase profits.

Value proposition

In terms of value proposition, your gastrobar must have an identity and offerings that differentiate you from the rest.

The value proposition of your gastrobar starts from the moment you choose the concept you will develop

Once you have defined it, make sure that every element is in harmony with it so that there is a comfortable environment for customers.

Customer loyalty

It is important to attract new customers, but it is also important that those who have already eaten at your gastrobar become loyal customers.

Offer promotions for new and old customers, this way they will be excited to visit your gastrobar.

Another factor you can develop is personalised service.

By offering the best possible treatment to the person, couple or group of people, they will be encouraged to visit the gastrobar on a regular basis.

Cheap gastrobar products

Cheap gastrobar products

Every gastrobar requires quality kitchen supplies to serve the drinks and dishes that make up its offer.

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