Gastronomic Advisor: What it is and what it does

Asesor Gastron├│mico: Qu├ę es y qu├ę hace

One of the professions that has the greatest impact on the restaurant and hotelsector is that of gastronomic advisor.

This professional is able to discover the weak points of your business and establish innovative strategies, which will give your business a boost to improve and achieve success.

Stay with us and learn more about the different activities that a gastronomic advisor performs , why you should hire him to renew your business and what his fees are.

What is a gastronomic advisor?

A gastronomic advisor is a person with knowledge and experience in catering, who is responsible for determining the difficulties present in the management ofthe restaurant.

At present, the position of gastronomic advisor is one of the most sought-after in the restaurant, hotel and tourism sector.

What does a gastronomic advisor do?

The activities carried out by the gastronomic advisor are diverse, functions such as the creation and promotion of strategies that boost the business, providing the necessary resources to improve management in the administrative and human resources area.

In addition, the gastronomic advisor is responsible for resolving any type of conflict that exists within the business, which affects the staff working there and which may interfere with their good performance

Other functions carried out by a gastron omic advisor are

Support before opening

Having the support of a gastronomic advisor before opening your business is a great advantage , as he will help you to establish your business objectives, providing you not only with recommendations for the design of your premises but also for the purchase of furniture.

Searching for a market niche

Another of the functions of a gastronomic advisor is to carry out market research to find out who your potential client is, what their needs and expectations are and to define what you are going to offer them.

In addition to this, the gastronomic advisor will also be responsible for working on the marketing strategies that will drive the development of your business.

Gastronomic advisor and the menu

The gastronomic advisor is in charge of designing the right menu for your business.

To do this, he or she will use as a guide what your potential client thinks and wants, offering a menu that will awaken all his or her senses.

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Help to create your gastronomic offer

The design of a varied gastronomic offer is another of the functions carried out by the gastronomic advisor.

In this way, you can offer your customers thematic menus ideal for celebrating special dates such as MotherÔÇÖs Day, Halloween, ValentineÔÇÖs Day or Christmas

In addition, the gastronomic advisor is in charge of creating lists with gluten-free menus, special menus for children and for tasting.

Best practices when promoting your offer

The tasks of the gastronomic advisor include actions that guarantee the adequate education and training of the personnel working in the business.

Thanks to this, you will be able to improve your service, as well as offer your customers a distinctive experience.

Supplier management

The management of suppliers is one of the most important activities carried out by gastronomic advisors , it will allow to maintain the adequate management of resources.

This management aims to guarantee a saving of time and money to your business.

Attracting personnel for the restaurant

Attracting the right staff for your business is the biggest challenge for a food consultant, as this action will influence customer service satisfaction and the success of your business.

Advice for effective kitchen management

One of the functions of the gastronomic advisor is to give advice on how to improve the management of tasks in the kitchen.

  • Optimising the recipes on the menu.
  • Calculating the cost of each dish.
  • Establishing and applying quality control in the kitchen.
  • Evaluate the profitability of the business.

Paying attention to market trends

Keeping an eye on currentmarket trends is another activity that a gastronomic consultant must carry out , which means keeping up to date, being creative and innovative.

Including new dishes on the menu, expanding the wine list and offering personalised attention in your business are some of the proposals that can surprise your customers by leaving the everyday to one side.

Reasons to hire a gastronomic advisor

Among the reasons to hire a gastronomic advisor we have

  • It facilitates the process of opening a restaurant, since it has the experience and tools necessary to develop this type of project.
  • Ithelps to define the business model of your project.
  • Strengthen the management of your business.
  • It is incharge of training integral professionals , with the aim of promoting your business as the best gastronomic proposal of the moment.
  • Helps to establish a connection with customers to maintain their preference.

How do I know if I need a gastronomic advisor?

To determine whether you need to include a gastronomic advisor in your staff, you must first have a clear idea of what the reality of your business is and from there, evaluate the present strengths and weaknesses.

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To make this task a little easier, here we share some of the questions that will determine the presence of a culinary advisor in your business.

  • Do you have difficulties in making decisions that affect the development of your business?
  • Do you have problems with the profitability of your business?
  • Do you consider your teamÔÇÖs motivation a waste of time?
  • Do you find that criticism for offering a poor service in your business is recurrent?

The answers to these simple questions will show you the real need for a gastronomic advisor . DonÔÇÖt let a bad decision keep you from success.

How much does a gastronomic advisor charge?

In general, before starting any business project we take the time to look for suppliers, advisors and experienced staff to guide and support us in developing our objectives.

However, when putting the cost of any of these services into perspective, we take the time to assess the real need for a consultancy, as well as asking ourselves how much does a gastronomic consultant charge?

The fee for a consultancy that includes one or two visits per week to your business, with a dedication between 2 and 8 hours to manage everything related to your requirements ranges between 200 and 1000 euros per month.

It is estimated that the approximate hourly cost of a consultancy for your business is 23 euros . However, the cost varies greatly.

How to become a gastronomic advisor?

Training as a gastronomic advisor requires extensive preparation at the hotel management school , this learning will allow you:

  • To offer advice to clients who aspire to start in the restaurant sector.
  • Understand all the concepts related to gastronomic consultancy.
  • Select the ideal personnel to carry out functions in the kitchen.
  • Set strategies to improve the management and direction of the business.
  • Identify the ideal customers according to their needs and adapt the menus to meet them.
  • Correct the errors present in the management of the business.
  • Establish new strategies to boost profitability.
  • Offer a multidisciplinary vision of the business.

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