Getting the Size of a Tablecloth Right

Tablecloths are an essential element of any table if you are going to receive guests or if you want your living room to look nice. The truth is that tablecloths are not only used to protect the table, but they also fulfil an aesthetic function. However, choosing the right size of the tablecloth is not an easy task since you have to take into account several aspects to make the right choice. Today in Monouso We help you to choose the right size of the tablecloth so that it is neither too long nor too short

Regardless of the type of tablecloth you will be using, it is important to keep the following aspects in mind:

  1. Measure the table. First of all we must obtain the exact measurements of the table surface, since a rectangular table is not the same as a square one. Use a tape measure so that you can know exactly the length and width – the height is not really important this time as they all tend to be more or less the same. As for round tables, what you need to find out is the diameter.
  2. Calculate the right size. How to do it? The right size of the tablecloths depends on the occasion they are going to be used. That is to say, if you want to use the tablecloth casually at home or in a bar/restaurant, the most recommendable thing is to add about 15/20 centimeters to each side so that the tablecloth can fall enough. It should always be measured from the edge of the table. If you are going to carry out some important and formal event, it is advised that the tablecloth is longer, so you should add about 38 centimeters.

Width of the table + fall on one side + fall on the other side = Width of the tablecloth


Table length + drop on one side + drop on the other side = Table cloth length

At Monouso you will find a wide variety of disposable tablecloths so that you can always choose the one that best suits your needs. It is recommended that the tablecloth is always in line with the rest of the decoration and the aesthetics of the place to go in tune. These are the main categories that you will find in our web and that are thought to be adapted to all the needs. You will find different sizes and designs.

And if you want to go further, use table runners to create beautiful contrasts.

If you are looking for disposable tablecloths and table runners, we encourage you to visit our website Monouso. You’ll discover a vast collection. We’re waiting for you!

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