Give rhythm to the Carnival with the disposable tableware

It’s happened again… you’ve been left in charge of organizing the Carnival party/dinner and you don’t know where to start (not to mention that you lack the inspiration to find a costume). You ask yourself, “why me?” while you think about “let’s see if I can find something good, nice and cheap”. Do you feel identified? If so, don’t despair, because at Monouso we have the solution.

Cutlery, table linen, crockery and disposable accessories that, in addition to being original and quality, are unbreakable. You won’t have to worry about cleaning up after the party or having them break when they fall on the floor. And if that’s not enough, you’ll be betting on sustainable means!

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Disposable Carnival tableware

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Carnival carnival, carnival I love you! Before we get emotional by singing the mythical song of this party, we want to remind you of what is necessary to organize your dinner and/or celebration and, in advance, ask for your forgiveness. Your guests will be so delighted that they will ask you to prepare it again next year, so take note!

  • Glasses and cups. ESSENTIAL to not leave your guests thirsty. The drink, though, is up to you.
  • Dishes. The perfect and stylish complement when it comes to presenting your food.
  • Cutlery. The knives and forks of this dinner service are ergonomic, colourful and unbreakable, in case the little ones want to put them to the test.
  • Table linen. You have a whole selection of napkins and tablecloths that will guarantee the hygiene of the table and the guests.
  • Garbage bags. Another basic cleaning service. You’ll be pleased to know that they don’t generate bad smells and are very resistant.
  • Tasting miniatures. That tuna tartar or melon cream will look very attractive and professional in a miniature glass, spoon or bowl. Choose your design and you will succeed!

All these products are disposable, reusable and unbreakable, so your Carnival dinner will be elegant, easy to assemble, will save you time with cleaning and will also be sustainable.

Party-proof glasses

In a celebration such as Carnival where many people gather and a lot of drinks are handed out, it is inevitable to think about the amount of glasses that are thrown away. Aware of this, many public bodies like the one in Tenerife have joined the sustainable initiative of introducing reusable glasses in their festivities. In Monouso we are not left behind. That’s why we offer you a wide variety of reusable and unbreakable glasses and cups with which you will generate less waste and help the environment.

carnival tableware

Disposable plates: seen and unseen

Don’t let the dishes overshadow your culinary creations and move on to the disposable plates. They are suitable for liquids not to spill (in case you want to plate your favorite sauce) and are intended to be used in the microwave. You no longer have an excuse, you can prepare all kinds of recipes. You have them in a multitude of colours, sizes, shapes and materials. And if you want to surprise your guests, we recommend the palm leaf dishes, with the same properties and a very original design.

Cutlery to suit the consumer

Cutlery is usually one of the headaches when it comes to organisation, as it is common for it to end up lying under the table or breaking at the slightest effort. At Monouso you have a wide range of types, bright colours and materials to choose from, and most importantly: they are unbreakable.

Table linen: dress up your carnival table

Just as you guarantee the hygiene of your guests, why not do the same with the table? Whatever you choose, all Monouso tablecloths are waterproof. We recommend that you take a look at the Airlaid, which resemble fabric and give a touch of distinction for special occasions.

carnival cutlery

Garbage bags so the party doesn’t get in the way of cleanliness

Garbage bags are essential when preparing for any event, as waste will or will not be generated.

It is worth remembering that the party is not at odds with the subsequent waste collection tasks, not only to keep the party venue clean, but also to take care of the environment. For this reason, you have at your disposal biodegradable bags of different sizes. Will they break easily? Will they smell or allow the transfer of any liquid waste? No and no, with these bags you can rest assured that they will reach the container intact.

Tasting miniatures: size mini maxi flavor

If you come upstairs and want to impress your guests with a tasting menu we have a tempting offer: plates, glasses, bowls, cutlery or trays in mini size. Don’t be fooled by their size, because they will make your guests unable to resist their original and very eye-catching designs (as well as appreciating your skills in the kitchen, of course).

Speaking of originality, can you imagine creating your own cocktail inside a light bulb? No doubt you’ll be thrilled with this idea, take a look at our catalogue and see for yourself!

Mini tableware carnival

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