Green restaurants: A booming trend for 2021

Organic restaurants: A booming trend for 2021

Green restaurants are a great alternative if you are concerned about the heavy and indelible ecological footprint you leave on the planet.

Due to their concept, organic restaurants are harmless to the environment and the health of their customers.

More and more gastronomic businesses are opting for this business model, joining the change that our planet needs.

Find out what a green restaurant has to offer, what its benefits are and how you can recognise them at a glance.

What is an organic restaurant?

Green restaurants are gastronomic establishments that manage their service without harming the environment.

In every so-called organic restaurant, raw materials are used that respect nature, but at the same time are of high quality.

On the other hand, there is an intelligent management of services, such as electricity and water, and they promote ecological work by having their own vegetable gardens.

Minimum requirements for an organic restaurant

Minimum requirements for an organic restaurant

An organic restaurant has qualities that differentiate it from a normal restaurant, especially in terms of kitchen management and service.

Likewise, the commitment that organic restaurants have with the care of the environment must be remarkable.

That is why every restaurant must meet the following requirements to be classified as organic.

Own and nearby vegetable garden

An organic restaurant must have vegetable gardens close to its establishment, no matter if they are small or large.

These gardens are a great support for the cultivation and harvesting of the raw material used to prepare the dishes on the menu.

Rather than having a garden nearby, it is also an excellent option to buy a much larger one in a secluded part of the city, in order to have more cultivation for the business.

Supporting local agriculture

Don’t have your own garden? Don’t worry, you still have a chance to be considered an organic restaurant.

Organic restaurants prefer to buy vegetables and pulses from local producers.

This guarantees both the freshness of each product and respect for the environment at all times, from cultivation to harvesting.

Purified water in the business

One of the biggest problems facing the planet is the excessive use of water, and organic restaurants offer a solution to this problem.

These businesses use purified water for the preparation of recipes, the irrigation of vegetable gardens and the production of drinks.

The water undergoes a filtering process to eliminate microorganisms and bacteria, and becomes a useful resource for these restaurants.

Sustainable products

Every organic restaurant respects the survival of the species, so they only buy products from suppliers that guarantee sustainability.

In other words, products that do not cause damage to the environment, both in the short and long term

Meat without mistreatment

An organic restaurant does not only offer vegan or vegetarian options, but also dishes with red meat, poultry or fish.

However, organic restaurants distinguish themselves by purchasing meat from humane farms.

These farms are free of animal abuse, and the animals live a peaceful life without the use of chemicals.

Butchered? Better!

There are products that contain a lot of chemicals and preservatives, so organic restaurants prefer to take care of their preparation.

Foods such as cheese, jam, vinegar or sausages are often made on their own, in order to serve a healthy and quality product.

Compost your organic waste

Organic waste is great for you to reuse to make compost for your garden.

This reduces the amount of waste going to landfill. In addition, you help the environment with a natural, nutrient-packed fertiliser without collateral damage.

Be careful with oil!

Cooking oil is often thrown away once it is no longer used for frying, but it has great uses outside the kitchen.

Green restaurants put the old oil in glass jars and take them to green points. There they are collected for use in the production of new products.

For example, cooking oil is used to make soaps, car oil, paints, baking oil or candles. So instead of ending up polluting the environment, it is given a second chance.

Less bottled wine

Serving bottled wine leaves hundreds of empty bottles a week that take years to decompose and cause terrible damage to the ecosystem.

That’s why – in every eco-friendly restaurant – wine from the bottle has been replaced by wine served straight from the barrel.

Also, as well as helping the environment, it is a cheaper alternative to buying wine and does not pollute because the barrels are reused.

Biodegradable is preferred

Instead of using glass or plastic tableware, a green restaurant advocates the use of biodegradable tableware.

These products are made from natural raw materials and can be used as compostable or disintegrate within weeks or months.

Why choose an organic restaurant to eat at?

Why choose an organic restaurant to eat at?

Organic restaurants offer multiple advantages in terms of health, costs and quality of service.

They are also establishments that provide the best experience while caring for the environment.

Healthy eating

The first quality for which you should choose an organic restaurant is that the raw materials they use are healthier.

This is because they have organic suppliers from whom they buy produce that has not been subjected to chemicals and is from the most recent harvests.

Moreover, some products may be from the restaurant’s own organically cultivatedgardens.

In the case of meats, they come from animal-friendly farms and are not mistreated during their care.

Less fat consumption

Organic restaurants stand out for offering a healthy menu, which does not include fried options.

This is a great advantage because you can eat whatever you want in the restaurant, without worrying about fat-related health problems.

Pleasant d├ęcor

Green restaurants have a d├ęcor that focuses on green and brown tones, whichreflect nature.

This colour scheme and the furnishings create a relaxed atmosphere in which everyone enjoys a pleasant moment.

Unlimited variety

Unlike traditional restaurants, an organic restaurant has a varied menu

The variety of organic restaurants comes from the desire to create new recipes and from the vegetables or legumes that are harvested according to the season.

Eat better for less

When you eat in an organic restaurant you find better prices than in a regular restaurant. So you can eat much more than anywhere else, at the same price.

The prices are low because the raw material is organic and does not need more investment, unlike products that require chemicals.

The best thing is that all the dishes on the menu are affordable, delicious, quality and healthy.

Perfect products for organic restaurants

Productos perfectos para restaurante ecol├│gico

If you own an organic restaurant, having biodegradable tableware, cutlery and glasses is a detail that can’t slip through your fingers.

At Monouso, our online shop, we offer you products with ecological characteristics, together with what you need for your gastronomic business.

In our catalogue you will find plates, cutlery, trays, bowls, food containers, glasses, biodegradable miniatures and other products that can never be missing in your ecological restaurant.

These are made from sugar cane bagasse, palm leaves, wheat pulp, bamboo, cellulose pulp and cardboard.

The most important thing is that each product is biodegradable, but they have elegant designs that always stand out in the service.


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