Guide for a Children’s Halloween Party

Guía para una fiesta de Halloween para niños

We are just a few days away from putting up the decorations to celebrate our children’s Halloween parties.

If you don’t have a clear-cut plan yet, you’re in the right place. In a few minutes, we will guide you through the most important aspects of

organize a scary Halloween party for kids.

Among the most important aspects, you will find the invitations, the decoration and the perfect music to create a scary atmosphere.

Take note of each step in the guide and take your time to organize the best Halloween party for kids ever.

Invitations: this is where the fear begins

One of the most important aspects of organizing a Halloween party is creating the guest list and making them feel your big, scary intentionsfrom the very first moment.

After establishing the guests, you must take care of the design of the invitations that will be sent.

The cards, which can be physical or digital, should have a Halloween design that will attract children’s attention so that they will be encouraged to attend the party.

The invitations should contain the child’s name, the address of the place where the party will be held, a telephone number, the dress code and the time of arrival and departure.

It is important that the child’s parents let you know if their child has any special dietary needs or food allergies.

Ask them to confirm attendance. This way you will know how many children will be attending the party, what foods to avoid in the snacks you prepare and the right amount of food.

Decorate your children’s Halloween party

The next step in our guide is the decoration of your Halloween party.

It is necessary to have a spacious place in which you have the option of placing each of the elements you bought to decorate the party.

Before you start putting up the decorations, take a look at the space you have and the places you can put the decorations, such as tables, lamps, windows and walls.

You can hang fake spider webs on the lamps, you can put carved pumpkins on the windows, you can put monster masks on the wall, don’t forget to fill in the spaces with black and orange balloons.

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You can also design garlands with pumpkin, bat or zombie motifs to decorate tables and the ceiling.

Another decoration you can add to the party is to cover the chairs with white sheets to pretend they are ghosts.

Remember that this is a Halloween-themed party for kids, so buy or make the most eye-catching and scary decorations, but don’t make them scary for kids. The idea is to have fun.

Halloween party candy and snacks

To complement the decoration of the party, the presentation of the food you serve should also play a leading role.

Cook appetizers that are to the liking of children and adults. It also offers sweet and savoury options.

Among the salty options you can prepare zombie meatballs, that is, meatballs that are covered with strips of puff pastry to simulate the bandages of mummies and eyes made with sliced olives.

Another alternative is mushroom eyes, which are the heads of mushrooms stuffed with cheese and decorated with small strips of red pepper to simulate the veins and slices of black olives.

The recipe for the eyes can also be tried with boiled eggs stuffed with guacamole, which will be just as delicious and eye-catching for children.

One food that many kids love is pizza. So you can change the recipe a bit to make bones from the dough, bake them with mozzarella cheese on top and dip them in the tomato sauce.

No matter what recipes you prepare for the scary Halloween party, always add some fun scary details.

How to Make Halloween Pumpkins

The traditional decorated pumpkins are a classic of the Halloween celebration, so they can’t be missing from your party at the end of October.

If you don’t know how to make Halloween pumpkins, take note of the simple steps you need to follow.

Buy a pumpkin that is orange and shaped like a movie.

When you get home, take a knife and remove the top of the pumpkin to remove the seeds and pulp inside.

When it is clean inside, it is time to start designing the pumpkin’s face. Draw the contour of the eyes and mouth that you prefer and cut with a knife to remove the excess.

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You can print the shape of the eyes and mouth to make incredible designs for your children’s Halloween party.

Place your scary pumpkin as part of the decoration and insert a flashlight or candle inside it to make it more scary.

Music for Halloween with kids

Music is also essential for children to dance and want such an incredible Halloween party for the next year.

You can place special children’s songs for Halloween, the soundtrack of movies or series like “Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Hotel Transylvania”, “The Adams Family” or “Ghostbusters”.

Also some funny songs like “Chumba la cachumba”, with which you can make dynamic games with the children.

A bit of history: Where does Halloween come from?

Many people organize a Halloween party, but few know what the origin of this creepy holidayis.

Halloween was a special date for the Celtic tribes, who celebrated the arrival of the new year on the first of November.

During the night of October 31st, people who were part of Celtic tribes would gather to light fires and wear the skins of sacrificed animals.

Both rituals were performed to ward off the spirits and witches who were believed to come out during that night called “the night of Samhain”.

In addition, people left food and sweets for them to prevent the spirits from casting curses on the families. From this tradition the well-known “trick-or-treating” was born.

Eventually, the tradition came to the United States in the mid-19th century through the Irish communities and spread around the world.

All you need for your Halloween party

For you to have a perfect evening, the dishes must be allusive to the theme of the party. In the Monouso virtual shop you will find a variety of products for your Halloween celebration.

In a range of black and orange colours all uding to Halloween, you have a whole catalogue of disposable tableware to choose from.

In the section Disposable Crockery for Halloween, you will find glasses, plates, cups, straws, jugs and cutlery that you can easily discard or wash for a future celebration.

The best thing is that when you place your order, the products will arrive right at the address of the party and you’ll have more time to make the decoration look amazing.

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