Hand sanitizing gel: why do some hands smell?

Gel desinfectante de manos: ┬┐por qu├ę algunos huelen mal?

The use of hand sanitizing gel has two stages: before and after the sanitary pandemic unleashed by Covid-19.

Before 2020, people who used hand sanitizer were seen as pretentious or fanatical about cleaning.

From the beginning of the year to date, we have become fans of hand washing. Without a doubt, one of the measures that, along with the mask, helps put the brakes on the coronavirus.

In the midst of this frenzy to keep our hands clean, we have come across effective, fake hand sanitizing liquids and some with very unpleasant odors.

Below you will find the reasons why some presentations of hand sanitizing gel smell so bad, what are the most effective presentations and what signs we should identify to know which ones do not do anything to your hands.

Why does your hand sanitizing gel smell bad?

┬┐Por qu├ę tu gel desinfectante de manos huele mal?

On store shelves, hand gels now shine as star products, showever, not all are as effective as they promise and take advantage of the current situation to increase their sales.

The only way for a liquid hand sanitizer to be effective against Covid-19 is to contain alcohol in its formula, at a concentration of over 60%.

Many gels do not reach this concentration or “forget” to include alcohol among their ingredients. For this reason, many of these products are nothing more than a pleasant smell.

Later on we will give you some information so you won’t be cheated with this kind of practices, but now let’s see the reason of the bad smell of some of the hand sanitizers.

Well, as we’ve told you, economic decisions are private in this kind of business. That’s why the gel you used this morning has such a repulsive aroma.

Denatured, unfiltered ethanol is used to make these products. This type of ethanol is obtained from sugar cane, corn, among other products As a product with these characteristics, it is more economical to manufacture.

Denatured alcohol is a product with great poisonous power. It also has a nauseating smell, which is repugnant to even the strongest of stomachs.

Is using hand sanitizer gel efficient?

Utilizar gel desinfectante de manos ┬┐Es eficiente?

From the beginning of the pandemic, we were told that one of the preventive measures was to wash your hands with soap and water for more than 20 seconds But how do you perform that ritual if you don’t have soap or water available? That’s where liquid hand sanitizer comes in.

A good quantity of a quality gel ensures the elimination of any virus or bacteria from your hands To ensure the correct use of your hand sanitizer, we offer you the following tips for use.

More does not mean more effectiveness

We don’t really know why, but usually when we want something to look good, we use whatever product is necessary to get it there The same goes for hand sanitizing gel. We want to clean our hands and we put a lot of disinfectant on them.

The recommended amount should be proportional to the liquid soap you use to wash your hands. No more and no less.

Gel does not replace water

Keeping the fight against the coronavirus in the field of efficiency requires clear and precise measures.

You should understand that hand sanitizer should be used as a preventive measure when you do not have access to soap and water The best way to remove any danger from your hand is with soap and water. The disinfectant is only in the cases mentioned above.

Everything in excess is harmful

When we don’t know the limits, we tend to hurt ourselves By using the disinfectant gel in excess you can dry out the skin on your hands, which can lead to cracks and possible wounds.

In addition, altering the natural bacterial flora on your hands can create an unwanted imbalance.

Let it dry

When you feel the need to use your hand sanitizer gel, you should let it dryit’s all there when you’re writing on the computer or touching other items. Remember that gel, even if it seems insignificant, is a chemical that could affect some surfaces.

Until it is completely dry, do not touch other areas of your body or any object

It’s not foolproof

Hand sanitizing gel is a very effective chemical to eliminate any threat of Covid-19 That doesn’t mean it’s efficient anyway

Frequent and thorough hand washing is the action that gives you the most security.

Clean hands, are you going to touch anything again?

Some people get on public transport or touch a doorknob, take the gel out of their pocket to disinfect their hand, touch another surface and scratch their eye. That’s a total mistake.

It is best that after disinfecting your hands you do not touch another surface because you could be exposed to the virus again.

What can be done? Clean your hands on the way out. When getting off the bus or getting out of the subway, use the hand sanitizing liquid and eliminate any threat.

Apply to children

The last mistake you make when using hand sanitizer is not understanding that it is a chemical.

Minors should not self-administer the disinfectant. Each dose should be administered by an adult, who will also verify that it is applied correctly and is expected to dry.

Protect yourself from coronavirus with superior products

Prot├ęgete del coronavirus con productos de calidad superior

In Monouso we have the products you need to keep you safe until this nightmare is over The first product is a hand sanitizing gel with an alcohol concentration of 70% and pH 7. Sanitize your hands without hurting them.

Also, the disposable gloves more effective to keep your hands protected, especially when you are in high risk places, such as a market Among the products available are latex gloves, disposable polyethylene plastic, vinyl and nitrile To facilitate the use of our gloves, we have models with or without talc, so you can buy them as you like.

Finally, we invite you to visit our disposable masks of Monouso We have a wide range of protective masks: simple paper, blue or white polypropylene, with FFP2 valve, rectangular with rubber, triple layer, among other models.

All of them are made with certified materials to guarantee you the highest safety during their use.

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