Healthy school breakfasts: how to eat them safely

There are two main reasons to think about a healthy breakfast for school. The first is to offer the necessary nutritional contribution so that you can face your demanding day to day. The second is to take care of his nutritional education in order to guide him from childhood to make healthy choices.

Excuses such as lack of time and ideas are easily dismantled, because putting a fruit in the backpack takes as long as putting industrial bakery. And, as for the lack of creativity, here we are to offer you some useful ideas.


Healthy breakfast ideas for your children to take to school

To set up take-away breakfasts, you have to find the right balance. The diet must be healthy and balanced, but also varied so that the child does not get bored of always eating the same thing. Let’s look at some ideas:

The whole fruit

It is the best way to eat it because it is more satisfying and because it allows the child to come into contact with such an important food. There are hundreds of fruits that you can carry in your backpack just as they are, so some of them will suit your child: banana, apple, grapes, strawberries, etc.

If you prefer other types that do involve your peeling and cutting process, melon, watermelon, orange, mango or peach are great choices. Opt for seasonal fruit and, if you like, combine them as fruit salads to make them more fun and appetizing.

The Sandwich

It is a classic of the recreation and, probably, what more illusion will make him find. However, discard the ultraprocessed cold cuts that have little nutritional value, many additives and are very palatable, so it will cost you to stop eating them later.

What healthy options are there? Ham, cheese, tuna, salmon, tomato, avocado and all their possible combinations, plus many others.

Dairy and nuts

A very complete breakfast that you will also like is the one that combines yogurt with cereals and with nuts, or only with one of these last two.

But again, we insist that you make the right choices, not high-sugar cereals or yoghurts or fried, honey-coated nuts and other foods. The less treated the main ingredients are, the better.

The sweet

Nor should you give them up, especially at your age, just opt for what is healthy. This is the case with homemade cakes and cookies that contain little or no sugar.

Take advantage of the sweetness of fruit to prepare a healthy breakfast for children at school 10, such as fruit pies. If you want to innovate, in the summer you will love to find a smoothie freshly made that combines yogurt, fruit and liquefied nuts.

How to wrap or store breakfasts for safety

For take-away breakfasts, using the right packaging is as important as choosing the right products. Here are a few suggestions based on the breakfast ideas we’ve offered.

  • Fruit paper bag. For whole fruits and with special printing for a fun breakfast.
  • Plastic bowls with lids. For yoghurt with cereals and nuts or other similar breakfasts, and also for peeled and chopped fruit. It can have more than one use and, if you are going to discard it, remember to ask him to use the container for the containers.
  • Dairy products and plastic buckets. They’re ideal for that tasty smoothie you want to make for the summer, as well as healthy homemade smoothies at any other time of year.
  • Ecological napkins. A cleaning option that respects the environment.


Thinking about a healthy breakfast for school and the right way to store it is something you will be happy with in the long run: it will provide you with the nutritional intake you need and promote healthy habits in him or her.

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