Find out how to start a home delivery business

Descubre c贸mo iniciar un negocio de entrega a domicilio

It is normal to have doubts about how to start a home delivery business, but in this article you will find a guide to get you on the road to a successful business.

Before considering opening a home delivery service, you should know the options to have the business documentation in order and some practical tips to achieve the goals you set.

Learn what customers expect from home delivery business, the profitability of the different types of home delivery services and the keys to a successful business.

Opening a home delivery company

Opening a home delivery company

When opening a home delivery company, certain legal requirements must be met in order to begin operations.

The first step is to go to the Central Mercantile Registry to reserve the name that your home delivery company will have. You should choose an option that is not registered, in order to avoid fines or legal problems in the future.

Once you have completed the process of registering your company name, it is time to open the company’s bank account. In that account you must deposit the capital of the business and the income for the services rendered.

It is also necessary to obtain the public deed of the business, which indicates the activity to which the company is dedicated, the capital it has, the domicile where the activity will be developed and the method of administration used by the company.

The public deed is a process carried out by notaries, so it may take a few days and you must pay a fee of up to 60 euros.

Another important step is to comply with the registration in the Mercantile Register. That registration indicates the incorporation of your company and must be done at the Mercantile Register closest to the address of your business.

Finally, the issuance of the Tax Identification Number is required. Hacienda will grant you a provisional NIF and in the course of the days, they will communicate to give you the definitive document.

Don’t forget that you also need to register with the Tax on Economic Activities, with the Inland Revenue and with the VAT census declaration in order to invoice.

What no one tells you about home delivery companies

What no one tells you about home delivery companies

Home delivery companies have been booming for a few years now.

With the purpose of making shopping easier for customers so that they don’t have to go to a physical store, these companies save the time diners spend on other activities.

The keys to creating home delivery companies lie in innovation, customer service and the way the service is executed. Dig into each of these.

Trending business

Home delivery service companies, as well as stores that offer it when purchasing their products, are increasingly in the market.

Home delivery means that people do not have to visit stores to buy what they need. All they have to do is shop over the phone or Internet and wait for the delivery person to arrive and deliver it to them.

These home delivery companies are a booming business opportunity because of the high demand they meet on a daily basis and because they do not require a large investment to get started.

Listen to your customers

When opening any type of business the main goal should be to offer the best service to customers. Home delivery service is not the exception to this rule….

In order to offer the efficient and quality service that the customer deserves, it is important to study the competition and how viable it is to open the home delivery service company at the moment.

Make your business focus on a different proposition, one that is convenient for the customer and offers home delivery of any product.

As for the competition, make a SWOT matrix and attack all those weaknesses they have to provide a complete service.

Focus on action

Don’t wait for customers to find your home service company, make your company reach them.

Use conventional advertising or go for social media marketing

Both strategies will allow your company to be recognized by people and they will think of you as the option for home delivery service.

You can also offer promotions through social networks. Ideal space to interact with potential customers you attract.

In addition, social networks will help you gain the trust of your audience and they will not doubt that your service is the best for what they are looking for.

Go to the future, not the past

Home service companies must be constantly innovating and not remain stuck in the same concept with which they started offering the service.

Expand the range of products and areas to which you offer home delivery

Each delivery driver should know the best routes and shortcuts in the city to make faster deliveries.

Is home delivery profitable?

Is home delivery profitable?

Home delivery, during the height of the pandemic, became the way to keep a large number of businesses afloat.

On the other hand, many companies are teleworking or workers, from home, complain that they don’t have time to go out and buy the products they need, and home delivery comes in to rescue the day.

By just taking a few minutes to shop and confirm payment, the delivery driver will be on his way to your address to deliver your order.

Learn about the qualities that make home delivery profitable and start your own home delivery business.

Mature market

People who are part of a mature market, who know the type of service they want to find in companies, willing to pay the cost of home care.

These customers expect to have a personalized service according to the products they are buying and the urgency of the order.

They also expect to have a flexible schedule to order when they have free time or need your products.

It works without a store or with a store

Home delivery companies can operate with or without a premises, and this is a great advantage.

Some companies only pick up orders from other establishments and deliver them to their customers’ doorsteps.

Sometimes it is advantageous to only offer home delivery, but physical stores have double revenue: on-premise sales and home delivery sales.

Nobody wants to leave home

The first advantage seen with home delivery is that customers don’t have to go to stores to shop. That makes their routines more convenient and saves time.

In addition, people can – in advance – indicate where they will receive the order and the exact time they will need it.

In this way, you will provide the option for them to plan much better for their purchases.

Attention to costs

Pricing is a blessing and a curse when talking about home delivery companies.

Customers choose the delivery companies that best suit their economy. They usually compare the prices of each company until they choose the one that favors them.

The best way to establish the costs of delivery services is to take into account two factors: distance to be traveled and the products to be delivered.

Types of delivery services

Types of home delivery service

There are a variety of types of home delivery services that your home delivery company can’t afford to miss out on.

Each of these services can generate direct or commission income, it all depends on the deal that is agreed upon with each business that the home delivery service is offered to.

Next, we mention some of the most profitable areas to offer the home delivery service, the idea is that you analyze the possibility of integrating it to your services.


Restaurant delivery is one of the most invested businesses in the world. However, there is always room for innovation and home delivery with better strategies than the competition.

Gastronomic establishments are betting on having their own home delivery service or joining platforms that offer home deliveries of your restaurant’s products, in exchange for a commission.

To differentiate themselves from other brands, they seek to make deliveries in a short time, use a system that preserves the cooking temperature of the food and have affordable costs for any customer.

Food purchasing

Another important area covered by home delivery companies is grocery shopping.

Doing this shopping online and having it delivered to the comfort of each customer’s home saves them hours of waiting in line to pay and return home.

Since not every supermarket has home delivery service, your company can arrange this service for them and receive a commission for each purchase made.


If someone is at home or in a hospital and requires any medication or first aid items, home delivery is a great alternative.

However, delivery companies in Spain dedicated to home delivery of medicines must comply with regulations stating that only over-the-counter deliveries of prescription-free products can be made.

Night deliveries

Overnight deliveries are also an area of delivery service worth exploring.

It is common for people to need some food or hygiene product that they forgot to buy during the day and it is tedious to have to go out and buy them.

The home delivery service saves having to change clothes and go out of the house to any store in the evening or early morning, in exchange for only having to wait for the delivery person to pick up the products.

Meals for workers

In the evening hours, it is common to find workers in different areas of the city.

The service of home delivery of meals for workers consists of preparing tapas or snacks that can be offered to people who cover the night hours and, for obvious reasons, do not have the possibility of going out to shop.

Each tapa or snack has an affordable price, so that everyone who did not bring dinner, can buy them.

Products for home delivery companies

Products for home delivery companies

In order for the delivery drivers of home delivery companies to carry out their journeys in comfort, our Monouso store has a catalog of products that help them do their job.

Among the variety of products you find paper and plastic bags, resistant to store any product that must be taken to the consumer.

Whether they are made of plastic or paper, the bags have different models that adapt to the amount of products you need to transport.

In addition, you find a wide variety of take away containers, ideal to prevent food from spilling before reaching your customer’s hands.

Visit us and discover everything we have to help your business.

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