How many glasses come out of a bottle

When organizing a party or event, we must calculate everything: appetizers, entrees, desserts, drinks, ice, amount of utensils (plates, glasses, napkins)…. Everything is measured to avoid missing or surplus. We tend to have many things under control, calculated, millimetered and well structured, but does it also happen with the drink?

The best thing to do is to calculate how much you need to drink and buy the bottles of alcohol respecting that idea.

How many glasses come out of a 750 ml bottle of alcohol

The most common drinks during a celebration contain one of these three liquors: rum, vodka and whiskey, which also become the basis for the best “cubatas”.

In the case of rum and vodka bottles, the measures used to make the shots are similar, so we will analyze them together. From a 750 ml bottle, both of vodka and rum, up to 10 glasses can be served.

On the other hand, if we talk about how many glasses come out of a bottle of whiskey , the number rises to 15 glasses, due to the way this type of liquor is served and consumed.

How many glasses come out of a 1-liter bottle of alcohol

For this new calculation, we consider vodka and rum in the same way. As we told you, they are drinks that are consumed in a similar way. Moreover, they are included among the 27 refreshing summer drinks.

In the case of 1 liter bottles of rum and vodka , we can serve up to 15 glasses. If we are serving whiskey, we will have the opportunity to take a maximum of 18 glasses from each 1-liter bottle.

How many bottles per person

The most widely accepted formula is to calculate one glass per hour per guest. Not everyone will drink at the same rate. Some may not even drink alcohol at all, but this average will cover any shortcomings.

For example, if your event lasts 6 hours and you have 30 guests, you will need to buy liquor to prepare 180 drinks during the evening. Following this example, if we opt for one-liter presentations, 12 bottles of rum or vodka would be necessary. In the case of whiskey, we should buy 18.

How many glasses come out of a bottle of wine

In order to calculate how many glasses come out of a bottle of wine, we must take into account that we will not always be able to get the same amount of services. It depends on the liquid and the glass we are going to use, as well as some protocol issues.

Dry wine bottle glasses

Cuántas copas salen de una botella de vino seco

As you know, each wine is served in a different type of glass. This is done so that, once served, the drink does not lose any of its characteristics during the time it takes to be consumed. In the case of dry wines, such as whites and reds, large-bodied glasses are used.

It is estimated that a good serving of white or red wine should occupy 33% of the capacity of the body of the glass. It is estimated that this third part of the glass has, on average, 150 ml.

Therefore, from a standard bottle of wine, with a capacity of 750 ml, about 5 or 6 glasses can be served.

Glasses for sparkling wine bottles

Sparkling wines are ideal for a toast at the beginning of an event or celebration. Therefore, it is important to know how to calculate the amount of drink you need to meet the demand.

Some of the most famous sparkling wines are cava and champagne. They are served in glasses known as flutes, because of their elongated and thin body.

The standard serving of a sparkling wine reaches 90% of the capacity of the glass, i.e. about 150 ml. Thus, from a 750 ml bottle of sparkling wine we can take a maximum of 5 glasses .

Table-summary: How many glasses come out of a bottle?

Type of alcohol75 centiliter bottle1 liter bottle
Vodka and rum10 glasses15 glasses
Whisky15 glasses18 glasses
Dry wine5-6 glasses
Sparkling wine5 glasses
Number of glasses that can be served depending on alcohol type

How many glasses come out of a one liter bottle?

Of the most common alcoholic liquids (vodka, rum and whiskey), we will have the opportunity to extract 15 to 18 glasses.

How many glasses can be extracted from a bottle of wine?

In the case of dry wines, large-bodied glasses are used. If we follow this technique, we will be able to extract 5 or 6 glasses.

How many glasses can be extracted from a bottle of sparkling wine?

This type of glass is usually filled almost completely.

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