How to clean the mop and make it as good as new

One of the products that we use most in the cleaning of our floors is the mop.

In the market, you can find different types of mops. Innovation and technology has reached this market niche and we now see mops that are very different from the ones used before.

However, the purpose remains the same: to collect dirt from our floors.

So how to clean the mop after use is vital to cleaning rather than spreading microbes and bacteria across all surfaces.

Here are some of the best tips on how to clean your mop after use.

How to wash the dirty mop and remove all the dirt

Cómo lavar la mopa sucia y eliminar toda la suciedad

The first thing you need to know is what you need to get your mop as clean as the first day.

It’s a simple task for which you need: a bucket, bleach, ordinary detergent, gloves to protect your hands and running water.

The first step in cleaning the mop is to fill the bucket with running water until it is half full.

Add a good squirt of bleach and dip the dirty mop. You can make small movements, up and down, to make sure the dirt comes out of the bristles.

Let the bleach work for about 10 minutes. Put the gloves on your hands.

Now, by placing the stick between your hands you rub it so that the mop makes violent turns inside the bucket.

With your hands protected by the gloves, take the mop and squeeze it.

Place the mop under the water tap and make sure you remove the first part of the dirt. Squeeze it well before continuing.

Discard the water in the bucket and refill it. You will now do the same procedure, but with detergent. Soak, shake and rinse.

Repeat the operation as many times as necessary. Only you will know when you have reached the level of cleanliness you require.

Tips on how to clean the mop and keep it like new

Consejos para mantener la mopa como nueva

When it comes to sanitizing your floors, it is not only necessary to know how to clean the mop, it is also ideal to know how to keep it in good condition.

Be sure to follow these tips to keep your mops in good condition:

Wash the mop after each use

Lava la mopa después de cada uso

The mop must be washed after each use. Before the dirt dries out and becomes more difficult to remove.

Follow the procedure that we indicate and you will achieve success quickly.

Important: dry it

Importante: Sécala

Damp environments are ideal for the effective reproduction of bacteria. After cleaning it, you should make sure it dries.

The right thing to do is to place the mop upwards in a natural air stream or where the sun’s rays can reach it directly.

Mops for every use

Mopas para cada uso

In our daily cleaning we use various products, ideal for each of the tasks we want to perform.

Bleach, disinfectant, polish, among other types. The most recommended is to have several mops, even one for each use. This will allow you to make a progressive use of each unit and decrease the rapid deterioration of your mop.

Use a mop wiper

Utilizar un limpiamopas

The mop wipers, in liquid or spray, are designed to achieve optimal results in a short time.

In this way, you reduce the wear and tear of your mop, prolonging its life.

Medium size mops instead of big ones

Mopas medianas en lugar de grandes

When we are cleaning the floors, the humidity of the mop makes it brake against the floor. This resistance weakens the bristles or fibres of the mop.

If you use large mops the resistance is greater and the friction will also be greater. On the other hand, medium sized mops give you ideal floor coverage, less resistance, which translates into a longer duration.

Ideal storage

Almacenamiento ideal

As we mentioned before, damp environments are ideal for the growth of bacteria, which is true of any surface or space.

To avoid humidity, it is ideal to store mops in open, airy, dry environments.

Treat it with care

Trátala con cuidado

The mop is made of textiles and we must comply with a proper use to avoid its tearing or unnecessary deterioration. In any case, the recommendation is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

You already know how to clean the mop after use and keep it in optimal condition for a longer period of time. Follow our recommendations and you will save a lot of money on cleaning supplies.

If you have any additional advice or if you have any questions while reading our article, leave us your comment and we will be happy to answer them.

What materials do we need to clean a mop?

To clean a mop we will need: a bucket, bleach, common detergent, gloves to protect your hands and running water.

How to keep the mop clean?

We can keep our mop clean if we follow these tips:
Wash it after each use
Dry it upwards, preferably with sunlight.
Use it for a specific use.
Store in a clean, ventilated and dry place.
Treat with care, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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