How to create a boutique hotel

The boutique hotel is a type of lodging that is increasingly sought after by tourists and local clients who are looking for exclusivity and personalized attention. These characteristics have allowed it to stand out as one of the most profitable businesses of the moment. It is therefore possible that you are considering opening one or giving a 180º turn to your hotel to turn it into one of these boutique hotels.

What is a boutique hotel?

A boutique hotel is a type of four or five-star hotel complex that usually has less than 100 rooms. They are designed using old mansions or abandoned buildings with an interesting history behind them.

They are elegant hotels designed for sophisticated clients who want to escape from the typical traditional hotels. They are picturesque and serve as engines to boost local culture.

Today, boutique accommodation has managed to spread all over the world, from big cities to the smallest villages. Therefore, its demand and popularity make it a profitable type of business for visionary entrepreneurs.

what are the characteristics of a boutique hotel?

Before teaching you how to create a boutiquehotel, you should know that it is not only distinguished by offering a high quality service. It also presents other particularities that make it a very profitable business.

Characteristics of a boutique hotel

do you want to know what are its main characteristics? Keep reading!

Exclusive design

We are talking about a type of hotel that enjoys an exclusive design, especially to cater to the most elegant customers. Some opt for a picturesque and historical style, while others prefer to opt for something more modern and contemporary.

Individualized decoration

Generally, boutique hotels feature individualized interior decoration to give the space a more welcoming personality of its own. However, it is also valid to go out of the routine and bet on other types of concepts for the decor.

Premium restaurants and bars

Premium restaurants and bars are key elements in this type of hotel. This is because their guests are usually looking for new gastronomic experiences and are interested in tasting the best dishes. Therefore, they adapt to these demands and offer quality service.

Personalized service

Like the hotel, customer service is also five-star. This is the most relevant way to mark a distinctive point that helps you stand out from the competition. In addition, if customers feel well taken care of they will be more satisfied with the overall service.

Local culture

Another aspect of boutique hotels is that they are engines that serve to boost local culture. Some of the actions they can take to do so are: including artwork in their decoration, offering free bikes for guests to tour the area or promoting activities to do.

How to create a boutique hotel: 5 strategies

It’s time to learn how to create a boutique hotel boutique hotel that will ensure maximum profitability in the sector. To do so, we present 5 essential strategies.

How to create a boutique hotel: 5 strategies

1. Define the concept of your boutique hotel

The first thing you have to do is to define the concept of the boutique hotel in which you want to start. Analyze aspects such as the size of the establishment, number of rooms, what services you want to offer, etc.

It is about thinking about all the elements that will give personality to your accommodation and make it different from the rest. Therefore, it is important that you take all the time you need to define the key points that will lead you to success.

2. Identify your target audience

In order to know how to create a boutique hotel and establish an appropriate concept it is important that you identify what type of audience it will target. This is a way to ensure that each element matches the real needs of the guests.

The work consists of defining if you will target tourists according to their age or if you will differentiate depending on their affinity for a specific theme. This information will help you to better define the style of the infrastructure: whether it will be modern, pet-friendly, themed, etc.

3. Take advantage of the resources of its location

When establishing the location of your boutique hotel, be sure to look for a suitable area so that guests have easy access to the most attractive sites of the place. This will give relevance to your venture and enhance the user experience.

Keep in mind that this type of hotels are more profitable on the beach, in the countryside and in cities with relevant tourism. Therefore, be sure to choose a location that allows guests to easily visit the surrounding areas, as well as move to other tourist destinations.

4. Take care of every detail

To understand how to create a boutique hotel you have to know that its added value consists in taking care of even the smallest details. In this case we are talking specifically about the property, an element that can make the guest feel comfortable, unique and special.

For this we recommend you to go for an old house, an old palace, a mansion or a building with history. The main objective is to make all the necessary renovations until the space acquires the appropriate comfort.

5. Offer personalized attention

Personalized service is a characteristic that defines this type of business. You must make sure to attend to the needs of the clients in a fast, friendly and professional way. This way you will make them feel as comfortable as possible during their stay.

To do this it is important, as previously mentioned, to know the profile of your guests. This way you will ensure a great experience for each of them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a boutique hotel?

A boutique hotel is a type of four- or five-star hotel complex that usually has fewer than 100 rooms. Old mansions or abandoned buildings with an interesting history behind them are used for its conception.

What are the characteristics of a boutique hotel?

It has an exclusive design and individual decoration. It has a personalised service and first-class restaurants and bars.

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