How to improve warehouse logistics


At Monouso we are aware of how important it is to have a good strategy in the storage and distribution of products in a warehouse.

That is why today we bring you 9 tips that will help you improve your warehouse logistics so that your organization is optimized. If you are interested, pay close attention!

1. Choose the ideal logistics strategy

Depending on the number of orders per day that you send from your warehouse, you must implement a certain logistics strategy. If you ship less than 50 delivery orders per day you will not need a special technique, but if you ship more than 1000 you will have to be very organized.

The more deliveries you make, the more difficult it can get, so it is better to use automation if you have a lot of orders.

In addition, the use of WMS (Warehouse Management System) software is recommended in these cases. This will allow you to register the stock as well as the location, entry and exit of your products.

On the other hand, you should know that it is also possible to resort to logistics outsourcing, that is, you can hire third parties to take care of storing your goods.

2. Organize your products strategically

Classifying your goods according to certain specifications is one of the logistical improvements in the warehouse that you can implement. Consider the following aspects to order them:

  • Level of rotation. The greater the demand for products, the closer they should be placed to the receiving and shipping areas.
  • Size. Heavier and more voluminous goods require technical handling, so it is better to separate them from the rest.

You can also classify them according to whether they are fresh and customizable products that go through a manufacturing process before being shipped.

3. Prevents and manages breakage of stock

To avoid breakage of stock you can implement some measures, such as

  • Consider the level of turnover. You will have to supply each product according to the demand of your customers.
  • Have a document or platform with updated data about the goods received, dispatched and stored.

On the other hand, it is always appropriate to have a strategy in case there is a break in stock.

Ideally, you should notify your customers in some way, warning them about the shortage of the corresponding products and informing them of the next availability of these.

4. Putting cross-docking into practice

Cross-docking is a logistics technique whose main objective is to keep products in the warehouse as short as possible. It is a comprehensive distribution system in which, as the goods arrive, they are prepared for shipment instead of being stored.

This reduces the chances of your products decreasing in value, being lost, damaged, or stolen, among others.


5. Make the job easier

It is important to invest in the equipment and technology necessary to facilitate the work of your employees. In transport it is essential that you have enough carts, forklifts, pallet trucks, among others.

Bar code readers, wrapping machines, sealers and so on will also be required.

6. Manage the space

It is vital to organize the shelves and the various work areas efficiently. It delimits storage spaces, overstock, picking, reception, exit, among others.

You can also implement a product numbering system and create the best access routes, avoiding unnecessary time and energy consumption.

7. Delegate a task to each employee

In most cases, the ideal is for each worker to be assigned a specific task. This way, your employees can improve their work, which leads to greater quality and efficiency.

Some will have to deal with transport, others with reception, others with order preparation, and so on.

8. Saves time in picking

If you have several orders for the same product, it is advisable to prepare them simultaneously. This way, it will not be necessary to go to the same place again and again to pick the same batch of goods, saving a lot of time as a result.

9. Quality control

If you want to avoid mistakes while meeting your customers’ requirements, you must have adequate quality control. Through this, the good condition of the goods will be inspected at every step from their arrival to their departure from the warehouse.

After knowing these 9 tips to improve the logistics of a warehouse, you are more prepared to face the challenges that come with storing goods. Follow these tips to the letter and you will see how your productivity and efficiency will increase.

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