How to make a good dinner for friends

Cómo hacer una buena cena para amigos

A dinner for friends is a good way to please that extended family we all have. Ideally, during the evening, your guests will feel like kings and you will prepare delicious dishes for them

We always want to surprise. It is common to run out of ideas when preparing the dishes or to want to cook new recipes to surprise them, so we will leave you with irresistible options for the occasion.

We have menu ideas for your dinner with friends for starters, main courses, drinks and desserts. Choose the ones you know your friends will love and ensure more dinners with them.

Don’t waste time, take note and let’s get to work so that your dinner with friends is a memorable moment, both for the good company and the food.

Tickets for dinner with friends

Entradas para cena con amigos

The tickets are the opening for what you have prepared for that night among friends.

Take a look at the ticket options to prepare and dare to cook more than one.

Mushroom cream

The mushroom cream is a recipe you can have prepared the day before dinner and it has a delicious taste.

To prepare it you need 100 millilitres of milk, one chopped onion, 500 grams of assorted mushrooms, 400 millilitres of water, salt and extra virgin olive oil.

Wash and cut the mushrooms into small pieces. Take the chopped onion and cook it in a frying pan until it browns

After browning the onion, add the chopped mushrooms and fry for 10 to 15 minutes. Serve the onion and sauteed mushrooms to a cooking pot, add the water and leave it for 10 minutes.

Serve the cooked mushrooms in the blender, along with the milk to whisk to a creamy consistency.

Goat cheese and caramelised onion canapés

The combination of goat cheese with caramelised onions will delight your friends.

For this simple recipe you need canapé toast, goat cheese and two large onions.

Cut the onions and caramelize them in a pan, reserve them. Now, slice the goat cheese

Take the toast for canapés and place it on a tray, to start making your dish.

Serve the caramelised onion first and then the sliced goat’s cheese.

Take the tray to the table and enjoy it with your friends.

Chistorra with eggs

To make this delicious montadito, you need canapés, chistorra, potatoes and quail’s eggs.

Wash, peel and cut the potatoes into thin slices to fry them. While you fry the potatoes, cook the chistorra on a griddle without oil.

When you finish cooking the chistorras, cut them into four pieces and put them aside in a container.

Finally, fry the quail eggs to begin assembling the montaditos.

Place a toast with canapé, three slices of potato, the quail’s egg and the chistorra . Decorate with some spices and serve on trays.

Potato and chorizo skewer

Potato and chorizo skewers are some of the easiest recipes you can get. Besides, you don’t need many ingredients to prepare them.

You need potatoes, the chorizo of your preference and bamboo skewers.

Cut thin slices of potato and chorizo with a mandolin. Take a slice of each one, roll it up and skewer it.

When you have finished making the skewers, fry them in a pan with hot oil.

Drain the excess oil from the skewers by placing them on a plate with absorbent paper and serve on a tray.

San Fermin skewers

San Fermín skewers are an appetizer served during the Sanfermines, but it is never wrong to try it at home and with friends.

To make these skewers you need a tin of tuna, two spoonfuls of mayonnaise, 10 boiled eggs, a poached spring onion, red pepper strips and olives.

Remove the shell from the boiled eggs and cut them in half. Using a spoon, remove the cooked yolk so that they can be stuffed.

In a bowl, mix the tuna, the spoonfuls of mayonnaise and the poached chives.

Serve a spoonful of the tuna mixture into the eggs, where it was yolked. To finish stuffing, place an olive and a toothpick holding the two egg halves in place.

To finish the recipe, decorate with a strip of red pepper representing the red handkerchiefs typical of the Sanfermines.

Bread with melted cheese, bacon and vegetables

This is a recipe full of intense flavors for each of the ingredients it contains, so we assure you that your guests will love it.

You need a loaf of Galician bread, two spoonfuls of butter, 50 grams of bacon, half a red pepper, half a green pepper, 500 grams of easy-to-melt cheese, half a spring onion and 50 grams of mushrooms.

Preheat the oven to 180° C. Take the Galician bread and make cuts without separating the slices, then cut slices in the opposite direction and form squares.

With the help of a kitchen brush, distribute the butter through the openings you made in the bread.

Once the butter distribution is finished, it is time to put the cheese . Cheese must be placed on the bread slices and on top.

When you have finished placing the cheese, it is time to cut the vegetables and the bacon to place on the bread.

Spread the vegetables and chopped bac on over the bread. You can also add spices such as rosemary, oregano or basil.

Cook your loaf of Galician bread for 15-20 minutes, so that the cheese melts and you can serve it.

Dinner with friends? Don’t forget the second course

¿Cena con amigos? No olvides el segundo plato

For the second course or main course of the dinner you should offer options for all your guests.

The star dish we propose is some delicious grilled pork chops, accompanied by a salad or stir-fried vegetables.

You must marinate the chops with a little oil, salt and some spices like parsley or rosemary. Place them on the embers to start cooking and let them cook evenly in circles.

But don’t just think about the meat eaters – what if you have a vegan guest?

For your vegetarian or vegan guests, prepare a vegetable lasagna that includes courgette, carrots, tomatoes, aubergine, broccoli, and other vegetables to taste.

If you are going to use cheese or milk during the recipe, remember to buy them made from natural sources such as tofu or almonds.

Dessert: A must for a good dinner with friends

Postre: Infaltable en una buena cena con amigos

The desserts are in charge of giving the sweet touch to the evening, but the sweetness must be in the right measure so as not to cloy your guests.

In addition, they are perfect to satiate each guest without being too full and not wanting to continue the meeting.

Panacotta covered with strawberries and grated chocolate

To make the pannacottas you must have three sheets of gelatine, 500 ml of whipping cream, powdered cinnamon, 60 grams of sugar, strawberries and a bar of chocolate of your choice.

The first step to make your panacottas is to soak the three gelatin leaves. Pour water over them to hydrate them for five to ten minutes.

Meanwhile, serve the sugar, cream and half a teaspoon of cinnamon in a pot . Make sure the flame is at medium-high heat.

When the mixture starts to boil, remove from the heat and add the gelatin leaves. Stir so that the gelatine integrates into the mixture and serve in individual moulds.

If you make the pannacottas in the morning, for dinner they will be perfect to decorate with the strawberries and the chocolate grating.

Yoghurt with fruits and granola

This is a dessert whose preparation will take you a few minutes , a natural yogurt, fruits and granola.

Take small bowls and serve the amount of yogurt you consider appropriate. If your guests like it, you can serve it with granola, as well as fruit such as strawberries, blueberries or peaches.

Chocolate truffles

To prepare delicious truffles that will leave your friends wanting more , you need: 80 millilitres of liquid cream, five grams of butter, 25 grams of icing sugar and 100 grams of dark chocolate.

Serve the cream together with the sugar in a pot and heat until it starts boiling. Meanwhile, cut the dark chocolate into pieces and place it in a glass bowl.

When the cream boils,remove from the heat and pour over the chocolate pieces to melt. If there are no more pieces when you stir the chocolate, add the butter and add it to the mixture.

Take the mixture of the truffles to the fridge until it sets to start moulding them. Take the amount of dough equivalent to a spoonful and form small balls.

Place them on a tray and leave them in the fridge for an hour to harden. You can decorate them with coconut, coloured sprinkles, cocoa powder or any other ingredientyou like before they are refrigerated.

Special drinks for dinner with friends

Bebidas especiales para cenar con amigos

The drinks that accompany each dish must be included in the dinner. If you have in mind to serve some cocktails, we leave you some options that are excellent with any dish.

The first cocktail is the piña colada, a refreshing drink with an incredible taste. To prepare it you need pieces of pineapple, white rum, coconut cream and ice.

Serve all the ingredients in a blender and serve in a cocktail glass, decorating with a piece of pineapple or a parasol.

You can also make some margaritas, which only require tequila, sugar, lemon juice, cointreau and ice.

If you want more ideas we have two items, one for alcoholic drinks and another for non-alcoholic cocktails.

Ideal dishes for dinner with friends

Vajillas ideales para cenar con amigos

Elegance and comfort should be present in important moments, such as a dinner with friends.

In our Monouso virtual shop, you will find the right crockery to serve each of the dishes and drinks that will be part of the evening.

Within our product catalogue, you will find tableware that ranges from plastic and reusable tableware to biodegradable tableware that – after use – can be used as compost.

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