How to make a good resume for hospitality

Cómo hacer un currículum para hostelería que deslumbre

When you go to a job interview, you need a resume that lists your qualities and abilities, everything that makes you worthy – as a person and as a worker – of the position.

Despite the importance of this document, many are those who do not know how to make a good resume for the hotel industry.

For a sector as demanding as the hotel and catering industry, the CV must show whether you have the experience, the capacity and the proactivity; attitudes that most companies are looking for.

Know the sections that your curriculum must have so that the employers consider you the main option to work in their establishment, in addition, some advices to obtain that valued position in the hotel and catering sector.

Catering curriculum: From A to Z

Currículum hostelería: De la A hasta a la Z

Learning how to make a resume – along with interviewing – are the main weapons for the employer to know about your education, experience and qualities.

That first contact with your offer can lead you to move forward or be left out of the process at the first signs of change.

When making a resume, you should take into account certain aspects to make it easier for the employer to introduce you and to disclose some information that qualifies you for the position.

Basic facts about a resume

The basic data of all resumes are the personal ones. They include: name, surname and means of contact, such as telephone number and e-mail.

Depending on the type of work, it is a good idea to include your social networks or web page, in case you have them.

You can also add other information to this category, such as the address of your home, and anything else you consider to be of interest to your employer.

What is your goal?

In the goal section you should focus on telling your employer what your interest in hospitality is and what jobs you would like to have, based on your interests and skills.

The information written in this space should not be more than three lines long.

The wording should be concise. Don’t embellish, get to the point.

In this way, the employer understands that you are a person who has a clear focus and the path you want to take to achieve it.

Specify your education

When mentioning the education you have received it is important to specify the type of educational background received, the name of the educational institution, the time of study and the degree obtained.

The academic training you received should be organized in descending chronological order.

Mention your experience

Experience is one of the most important sections of the hotel and catering curriculum.

In this space you must leave, with absolute clarity, the experience you have developed throughout your life.

It is recommended that it is ordered from the most recent to the oldest work experience.

When detailing your work experience, you must break down the name of the position you held, the company, and the year in which you started and ended your work. It is recommended that you include a brief description of your responsibilities.

The description of the responsibilities and tasks of the job should be contained between four and six lines.

Goals achieved

The goals or achievements section is not very relevant for business owners, but it is for recruiters in the human resources area.

The members of the human resources team are responsible for reviewing the goals achieved in detail. With this section, they manage to elucidate the type of personality the applicant has for the job.

In this area they add information about scholarships received, volunteer programs carried out or sports achievements.

Personal references to support your hotel and catering curriculum

Personal references are important data that demonstrate to employers the accuracy of the information provided in the work experience section.

These references may be issued by former employers or co-workers at each of the companies or establishments where you worked.

Depending on the type of company, some only ask for names and phone numbers of people. Of course, these people may be contacted to verify the accuracy of the information you provided.

Choose a good photo

In some companies it is allowed to present the resume without the employee’s photograph, but in most it is a requirement.

If you are going to place a photograph you must have a good image, taken in a unicolor background and that it is of the style card to detail better your physical features.

Do not use a photo cut out of the last trip you took, nor a photo with dark glasses or any garment that makes it impossible to see your face well.

Don’t forget to include important attachments

The annexes are important. Thanks to them you will be able to detail if you are proficient in languages other than your mother tongue, what they are and the certifications obtained

You can also provide information about your driving licence and what type it is, as well as mention whether you own a vehicle.

Finally, you can add whether you have certifications in courses, postgraduate studies, masters or specializations in topics related to the work offered.

Leave a few lines to introduce yourself

These lines of introduction will help you to write a short letter to your employer. There you will explain the tasks you know how to put into practice and the benefits that the restaurant would have.

Write with enthusiasm and willingness. Don’t forget to express the advantages that working in their establishment would have for your professional training.

Types of work in the hotel and catering industry

Tipos de trabajo que hay en la hostelería

The establishments dedicated to the hotel and catering sector always have vacancies. It is a sector of high demand and high rotation.

There are jobs for everyone, from those with little experience to those who have years working in the catering sector.

The first position that can be found in the job offers is that of receptionist, in which employers are more interested in people who speak languages and have experience in tourism-related businesses.

There are also vacancies for waiters and floor waiters. Waiters have several shifts. Floor waiters work part-time.

Another important job is that of maintenance staff. These vacancies include gardening, cleaning and contractor professionals.

If the hotel has a swimming pool, a team of lifeguards with proven knowledge of first aid and resuscitation is also needed.

Entertainment staff are also required to encourage guests. Singers, magicians, comedians, actors and dancers can be part of this team.

Finally, one of the positions for which great experience is required is that of hotel director. The hotel manager is the person in charge of making sure that everything works as it should within the establishment.

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