How to make a tablecloth by attaching napkins

It’s common for a tablecloth to break early. Daily use and the placement of targets on its surface are only two of the causes of this weakening.

It is also common that in our homes, we have a drawer with napkins that were orphaned from their tablecloth.

Nobody throws them away or uses them for other things. From today we will transform that situation.

Look for the unused napkins in your drawers, ask your mom, grandma, even your mother-in-law to give you the ones they have (there should be many) and give that fabric a new use.

Napkin tablecloth

The idea may sound crazy, but believe us, it’s not.

The cloth napkins, those that come to match a tablecloth, are made of a high quality thread.

However, the constant use that is given to the tablecloths, end up sentencing them to pass to better life before the napkins.

The idea is to take advantage of those napkins that have been kept in a drawer for a few years to make a tablecloth that is quick and easy.

Here we will show you three ways of making the union: sewing the edges, joining them with ribbons with designs or weaving around them.

To make it easier to understand the process, we present three videos that we found on YouTube showing how to make a tablecloth by joining napkins together.

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Video 1: STUdDY

This channel is managed by two characters who, as well as explaining it very well, will bring out some smiles in you, and leave the ground clear and ready to be worked on.

Here you will see the story of the presenter, known as MC, and how her mother took needle and thread to join several napkins to make a tablecloth.

Faced with this situation, in addition to taking fear of her mother, MC recognized the potential of the idea and decided to get to work recycling her cloth napkins.


Video 2: Needle and thread, but we’re not going to knit

The second way to make a tablecloth by attaching napkins is by using ribbons or decorative elements sold in any sewing materials store.

The video, belonging to the Decasa Channel account on YouTube, shows us a guide – step by step – to put our used napkins together into a beautiful tablecloth for

By making use of decorative elements, we will assemble our tablecloth quickly and very easily.


Video 3: Weaving to make a tablecloth by joining napkins

The third and last manual is a video shared on the Tejiendo con Viviana channel.

As you can imagine, this time we will use weaving techniques to unify the napkins into a large tablecloth.

This technique will require more time and knowledge than the previous ones, since you will have to know how to weave and it is a task that is not so fast to do.


Disposable Tablecloths by Monouso

Since you are looking to make tablecloths from the old napkins you have at home, we think you are a person who is interested in making the most of every material.

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But you also have a need for a good quality tablecloth with low – or no – investment.

That’s why we invite you to visit our online store: Monouso.es

There you will find categories of an endless number of single-use products made of various materials, at the best prices in the national market.

In the Monouso paper tablecloths section, you will discover the wide range of options we offer our customers.

Tell us or show us how your tablecloth is made of napkins, even when you are taking your first steps in cutting and sewing.

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