How to make a wine list in simple steps

Cómo hacer una carta de vinos en sencillos pasos

If your restaurant serves wines to accompany each of the dishes on the menu, it is necessary to have a wine list.

Wine menus are useful for your guests to know the wine proposals you offer, which go well with each dish or are ideal for a perfect evening.

You must be very careful to offer specific information on each drink that makes up your wine list.

In addition, the wine list must have an elegant design, to get your diner’s attention.

Take note of each one of the keys on how to make a wine list, dare to build your own and offer the best information to your customers.

Basic concept: What is a wine list?

Concepto básico: ¿Qué es una carta de vinos?

As we indicated, the wine list of the restaurants indicates to the guests the types of wines you serve, their characteristics and price.

In addition, they offer more information about the wines than any waiter will provide, so the service would stand out from the competition.

The wine list is defined by the quality of the selection, the combination with each dish on the menu, the harvest season and its storage.

You should also have a selection of bottles that respond to the natural interests of the type of guests that visit your business.

Structure of a wine list

Estructura de una carta de vinos

The structure of the wine lists is designed according to three organizational models by the type of grape, by its typology or by its denomination of origin.

The organization by type of grape is one of the most complex and rare to observe. It consists of order the types of wine according to the types of grapes with which they were made.

Within their classification according to the type of grape, the wines are ordered from the most economical to the most expensive.

The second method of organisation is by type. It is the most widely used method in restaurants, as it is the easiest to understand.

The wines in this type of menu are classified into white, rosé and red wines. Sparkling and sweet wines can also be added.

Finally, they are classified by their denomination of origin. In these charts are placed the designations of origin. On it the wines are broken down by type to facilitate their choice.

Your restaurant may also consider including a section for international wines, wines awarded in various competitions and the most special wines you have in your wine library.

Responsible for selecting the wines on the menu

Responsable de seleccionar los vinos de la carta

Before you start creating your restaurant’s wine list, it is necessary to have the advice of professionals.

Sommeliers are professionals who are in charge of tasting the wines, advising restaurants on the best drink options to serve and establishing which wine is appropriate for each dish.

If you do not have a sommelier in your staff, you can hire a sommelier for a set period of time, to support you in preparing your restaurant’s wine list.

Focus on your business objectives

Enfócate en los objetivos de tu negocio

The first thing you should analyse, when creating your first wine list, is the objectives of your restaurant They will show you the way to go.

Take note of the amount of wines you want to offer to the diners and what you want to achieve with the inclusion of this new menu.

In addition, you can consider what the characteristics that customers look for in wines, so that you can meet their demands.

Don’t forget that the wine list must serve your ideal customer

No olvides que la carta de vinos debe atender a tu cliente ideal

There’s no one who knows more about your restaurant sales than you do. That’s why you need to start building the profile of diners who frequently come to your establishment and drink wine.

Also, don’t forget to include the reasons for the events and reservations that are held at your business.

Every detail will allow you to know your clientele, their tastes and establish the wines that will get their attention.

Before choosing a wine, think about your dishes

Antes de elegir un vino, piensa en tus platos

The wines are ideal for accentuating the flavours of each of the dishes you prepare in your restaurant, from starters to desserts.

Not all foods create an excellent combination with all types of wine.

Your wine list should suggest to your guests, which drink will go best with each of the dishes. This information should be known to your waiters, in case a client requests your advice.

Seek inspiration from your surroundings

Busca inspiración en lo que te rodea

Visit the premises that are located in the same area as your restaurant and see what their wine choices are for customers.

That way, you will know in which aspects of the wine list you should differentiate yourself from the rest of the gastronomic businesses, the type of wines you should offer, the design and structure of the menu.

You are unique! Let your wine list prove it

¡Eres único! que tu carta de vinos lo demuestre

Your restaurant must be unique to capture the attention of customers and differentiate you from the rest, so that includes the wine lists.

Create a design that is in line with your restaurant, that integrates with all your offer and does not break with the relationship it should have with all its surroundings.

The wine list contains products that -although they can be consumed alone- must live with everything you offer.

Keys to pricing

Claves para establecer precios

Your average restaurant ticket will be one of the starting points to make the decision on wine prices.

You should set prices that do not represent a loss to your restaurant, but neither can they exceed the budget of an average customer of your establishment.

A good idea, to adjust to each capacity, is set prices for wine glasses and bottles, offering options depending on the number of diners

Glasses to enjoy your choice of wines

Copas para que disfruten tu elección de vinos

In order for your customers to taste the selection you offer on the wine list, it is necessary to have glasses of the best quality.

In our virtual shop, Single-useIf you want to know more about our products, you will find several products to serve your guests as they deserve.

One of the options is the reusable wine glasses. Product made of plastic equal to glass, so much so that your customers will last that they are made of polyethylene terephthalate or PET plastic.

With these reusable cups you avoid losing cups because they have been broken and you can use them after each wash. Another advantage of the material is that do not transmit odors or flavors to the drinks.

They have different designs with low feet of colors and capacities that vary according to the type of glass, to be acquired to the best prices of the market

Also, we have low-floor plastic cups or plastic cups, products that will give a different touch to your services and adapt to any style.

Visit Monouso and discover the products we have for your restaurant.

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