How to make homemade coffee. 5 effective and delicious recipes

If there is something pleasant in this life is to perceive the pleasant aroma of coffee while it is prepared. I think it is one of the things that coffee lovers enjoy the most. If you are reading this article it is because you are one of them.

Today we can see that coffee is prepared in different ways. It is even used in recipes for sweets, pastries, cakes and other gourmet dishes. Whatever the way it is prepared, there is no way to enjoy a good cup of coffee, alone or in pleasant company. From the traditional hot espresso to a good gourmet coffee.

Imagine meeting, learning and preparing the best coffee in different presentations, and then tasting them alone or in pleasant company.

Let’s say you have an afternoon in company, whether it’s a family reunion or a pleasant visit. Without a doubt, an excellent occasion to innovate your way of preparing coffee. Let’s get started!

How to prepare the best homemade coffee?

cómo hacer café casero

Preparing a good coffee, without a doubt is a true art, considering that there are several ways to prepare it. Although the quality of the raw material is very important, since it will determine in a great way the flavor of the final preparation.

This must be harvested in the best conditions, kept at the right temperature, processed under strict measures that guarantee the excellence of the product.

The way you prepare it is also essential to taste the best coffee. Hence, we find the coffee prepared in the traditional coffee maker, also the one made through filtering, or in infusion. Each one of them has its own way of preparation, the result of which is to taste a good coffee.

Coffee ground and prepared in a traditional French press is one of the best known and respected and applied methods. But it is also the most respected, since, although it is briefly filtered, it has been proven that the best coffee is obtained through this method. As the water is distilled, it ends up absorbing the taste, aroma and other purer properties of the coffee.

1. Homemade espresso coffee

Espresso is a type of black coffee, strong and usually served in a small cup, because it is concentrated. You can make it by boiling a cup of water. Once it is boiling, place two tablespoons of ground coffee powder in the tool you will use as a filter. This filter can be made of cloth or filter paper, which you will place like a cone.

Add the boiling water slowly and be careful not to burn yourself. In this way you will obtain a delicious espresso coffee which can be served in the small and practical glasses offered for this purpose. It also has a great cup holder to prevent you from burning yourself. Add sugar to taste and you’re done.

Homemade American coffee

American coffee is similar to espresso, only softer, and therefore is served in a larger cup. Its preparation process is similar to espresso, only you must add more water to the preparation to make it more diluted.

At Monouso we have medium sized glasses ideal for serving your delicious American. This way you can enjoy an afternoon of coffee with your friends and family.

Homemade coffee with milk

The homemade coffee with milk or “latte macchiato”, is a mixture of milk and espresso. Prepare a glass of milk to your liking and add some espresso, this alludes to “stained milk”. This is served in a large jar or glass, preferably hot.

On our website, we offer you a wide variety of all the implements you need to serve your coffee with milk. We offer you paper cup covers to avoid burns. In addition, we have lids for the glasses where you will serve the coffee, so you will avoid spills.

Homemade Cappuccino

This is a delicious blend made with 125 ml of milk and 25 ml of espresso. You must steam the milk very well to create a lot of foam, you can add a touch of vanilla. You can use the blender or electric mixer to add a touch of vanilla.

Serve it in a large glass, if it is transparent much better, so you can decorate with condensed milk, melted chocolate. It will be very provocative to the eye, add your personal touch by adding powdered cinnamon, colored rain or chocolate.

It is ideal for a cold afternoon, accompanied by some cookies or a delicious cake. At Monouso we have the necessary tools for that afternoon of cappuccino and cookies, including plates, glasses, cigarettes and napkins.

Homemade Ice Cream Coffee

Prepare this delicious presentation of coffee, it will only take a few minutes. It’s perfect for those days when you need a refreshing dose of caffeine.

To prepare it you need coffee to your liking, approximately 1 cup, half a cup of milk, both, you will place your taste and 2 cups of ice.

Place the ingredients in a blender or grinder until a smooth, creamy frappé coffee mixture is formed. Which you will serve with your greatest creativity.

You can serve it alone, with whipped cream, add chocolate, condensed milk, crushed cookies, rain of colors, etc. The limit is your imagination, and it is really delicious this drink to share with your loved ones. And as always at Monouso you will find everything you need to serve this delicious drink, from glasses, spoons, caps, etc.


There is a wide range of possibilities to prepare and serve homemade coffee. Dare to break away from even the traditional espresso and introduce other preparations that are just as delicious.

Start your day with a delicious load of caffeine to increase energy. Cheer up your afternoon with a nice company and a good cup or glass of homemade coffee.

Take advantage of all the resources that Monouso offers you to serve your delicious homemade coffee with the best presentation. Thanks to its wide variety of disposable and reusable products your family or friends meetings are more practical.

The attention is personalized and the delivery is very fast, maximum 48 hours, so do not hesitate to make tucompra online, you will not regret it.

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