How to make homemade falla ninots

March is already here, and with it one of the most eagerly awaited festivals by Valencians: the Fallas. This celebration is synonymous, among other things, with ninots, and today we will teach you how to make homemade Fallas ninots to succeed in school or in the nursery.

In addition, to facilitate your creation, we will tell you where to find the materials you need to make your ninot perfect. Are you up for it?

How to make homemade falla ninots?

The days before the celebration of the Fallas are exciting, especially for the youngest in the house, since schools usually make their own creations to be burned later at recess. Fallas for nursery and school are easy to design and encourage children’s creativity and artistic sense.

Top 3 fallas crafts for children

Ninots made with wooden sticks

wooden falla

Think about the figure you want to make and between you and your little one create it with the help of wooden sticks and glue. boy or girl, you can recycle ice cream sticks in order to stick them together and create geometric figures with them, such as cones or triangular shapes.

Once the structure has been left to dry, you and your child can make the cartapesta, which is a paste made of paper, glue and water, and cover the structure with it. You can use a spatula to distribute the paste so that it stays uniform. Once it has dried, it is time to paint it with a lot of art.

Ninots made with cork


  • Materials you will need: several pieces of white cork (the shape will depend on the figure you want to create), paint, wooden or wire sticks, ribbons or coloured paper to decorate, scissors, cellophane and glue.

First, paint the different pieces of cork that are going to form the figure. Allow to dry well.

Once all the parts are dry, join the pieces with wooden sticks or wire and paint them too to give the ninot uniformity.

In case your figure is a person or an animal you can use the wool, cardboard or fabric to make the hair. Finally, decorate the ninot with colored paper, using the glue.

Ninots made with cardboard and newspaper

cardboard falla

  • Materials you will need: kitchen paper and newspaper, cardboard for the base of the figure, balloons, white glue, white body tape, rolls of toilet paper, paint for crafts, brushes

First measure the size of the cardboard base used to support the figure. As a tip, sitting figures are easier to model than standing ones.

To make the structure of the figure, inflate the balloons you need and stick them to the cardboard base so that they do not move while you are shaping the figure. Use different balloons to model a body: arms, legs, torso and head.

Line the balloons with strips of kitchen paper. To stick it, mix the white glue with two fingers of water and stir well to have a uniform mixture. With this glue, moisten the strips of kitchen paper and stick them on the balloons to shape the figure of the fault.

The paper lining is essential to give more consistency to the ninot. You can repeat it as many times as you want. However, you must wait for it to dry well before placing a new layer.

Another option, for some simpler, is to create the arms and legs of the figure with cardboard rolls. Join the rolls to reach the desired length and cover them with paper and glue. Then use pieces of adhesive tape to stick the extremities to the base body of your ninot.

Body tape as a support point

With the help of the body tape, cover the dummy to give it more volume in some areas. This tape is ideal because you can paint over it.

You can also use some newsprint balls to give volume and cover them with the masking tape.

You make the feet and hands by folding napkins in half and covering them with tape. With this procedure you also make the ears and the tail of the doll.

When everything is assembled, we advise you to apply a new layer of paper and glue. This way the piece will be one and will have more resistance. Once the whole process is finished, you just have to paint the figure with the colors you want.

So that the figure is not flat give it some volume and shadows with black paint very diluted in water. When it dries you will have your first ninot and you will fascinate everyone who sees it. Isn’t making homemade falla ninots the most fun?

Step by step: homemade falla ninot

If you still find it difficult to make your Fallas child, don’t worry! In the following video we show you the step by step of making a figure with cork. Let your imagination run wild and start creating with the little ones of the house!

YouTube video

Paint Your Falla” contest

Speaking of crafts, what kid doesn’t have a great time painting? With this premise, the Fallas commissions hold the “Paint your Fault” contest, in which children paint the drawings of the planted ninots. Once the judges have finished, they meet to deliberate and different prizes are given out.

Monouso has what you need to make homemade falla ninots

materials fallas

Materials such as carton packs are needed to produce the faults. Some people choose to use expanded polystyrene.

In Monouso, you find the materials you want to make a homemade flaw worthy of a prize and even be the ninot indultat.

We invite you to visit our store and search for products by type of material or simply go to the categories and browse to locate the model you need to make your ninot.

These are products that will arrive at your hands 48 hours after the confirmation of your order, at the address that is most convenient for you.

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